Patek philippe Twenty ~ 4 gentle touch of twenty-four hours

Referred to  Replica patek philippe watches, Twenty ~ 4 the name almost no one knows all. Her elegant appearance, swatches walking, the characteristics of convenient wearing, made her a woman when choosing patek philippe watch of choice. In recent years, the Ladies of complex mechanical watch more and more keen, patek appeared a series of complex function Ladies First female watches for Twenty ~ 4 series gradually fade out the line of sight of people. On the choice of lady’s wrist watch today, more and more rich, it is time to revisit Twenty ~ 4 contracted exquisite beauty.

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The company of 24 hours
Patek philippe’s history is designed for women when meter works, such as queen Elizabeth I of England in London photogenic patek philippe in the open face of the world’s fair supe; Hungary duchess Koscowicz entrust patek philippe custom first square bracelet type wrist watch; Or a 1916 time watch the women’s five points. Most of them is designed for female customers create custom work. And first designed for ms regular cheap replica Patek Philippe watches series, is introduced in 1999 from Twenty to four.

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Lady’s wrist was named this series Twenty ~ 4, are reflected the patek philippe’s high hopes to its: can adapt to the modern women in different identity, different occasions, the needs of different modelling, moment show individual character elegant demeanour, at any time convenient to gain time. In other words, she is lady’s company 24 hours a day.
Elegant thin, convenient accurate
Twenty ~ 4 shapes from patek philippe the non-circular geometric modelling of classic watch Gondolo inspiration in the series, especially small rectangle watchcase, deduce beautiful line of art deco. Soft bangle bracelet, foil those who give women fine elegant wrist. In addition, the watches mirror, platinum and replica Replica patek philippe nautilus adopt surface design, and women’s gentle wrist radian perfect echo, make Twenty ~ 4 watches with the wrist as a whole.

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In addition to the fine design, Twenty ~ four series also adopted the diamonds. Simple dial, watchcase each double row diamond Mosaic, low-key implicative, elegant and do not break is nifty and lovely, have classic black dial color, bright white, sedate color, the dark grey of contemporary feeling, the mystery of the midnight blue, with stainless steel, gold, rose gold watch chain, or all sorts of color of spun silk strap, can shape and varied style; Process more complex with drilling watches, in the dial, bracelet diamond-studded, or a snowflake Mosaic, casual romantic style, or elongated diamonds, elegant, luxurious distinguished.

Meanwhile, patek philippe also starting from the actual needs of modern women, for Twenty ~ 4 series selection Caliber E 15 quartz movement. Quartz movement of this kind of special high precision, lower power, to satisfy the modern women walking for precision and dynamic storage requirements. If ms prefer mechanical watch, can also be found in the Twenty – four series with sophisticated mechanical movement full of drill design, manual winding design, adding fun to wear.

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