“Inheritance” is one of the key words for patek philippe watches

As it is now one of a few independent family business, Replcia patek philippe in the management of stearns family has “heritage” in the fourth generation. But the original, stearns family is not
patek philippe’s founder, the development of early patek
philippe is not as it is now well.

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As everybody knows, patek philippe is actually the combination
of the two last names. In the 1840 s, met Mr Pictet exhibition
in France France watchmaker, Mr Fei li, and invited Mr Fei li
to join his watch company, has opened up two people’s
cooperation ever since. But before that, Mr Pictet is actually
a watchmaker and Mr Czapek some six years cooperation contract
first, in 1839 founded the patek philippe predecessor of the

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On October 29, 1929, Wall Street almost all of the stock price
fell to the bottom in one day, it has sparked a global
economic crisis. This day is also known as “black Tuesday”.
Even patek philippe has not survived the crisis, the company
encountered the unprecedented financial pressure during this
time, largely because many customers cannot afford to pay. To
avoid a buyout by rivals or destroyed, the company director
contacted Mr Charles stearns and jean Mr Stearns two brothers,
the two brothers runs a company called “Cadrans Stern Freres”

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It specialize in the production of the dial, patek philippe is
one of the preferred supplier. Relations between the two
companies are very close, deep-pocketed stearns brothers help
patek philippe life not only, also purchase the company’s
stake in 1932, and within a year to buy the whole patek
philippe company.

From then on, patek philippe began in the hands of stearns
family inheritance, and continues today.Patek philippe salon – buy it watches, anyway, is a magical place worth going
Patek philippe Geneva salon located in Geneva.

It is one of the most famous Geneva patek philippe Geneva salon is located on the Banks of the city’s most famous bank in Geneva in GenevaWhere to buy a patek philippe? Patek philippe with more than 440 outlets worldwide, including dealer stores, salon and
source. The patek philippe salon only three, located in
Geneva, London and Paris, are all in the most of the local
gold section or the historical and cultural center; Source
mansion two and exclusive to China, Shanghai and Beijing have
their own family. If you want to enjoy the most complete patek
philippe watch series, salon in Geneva is a place where have
to go to.

Patek philippe in Geneva salon can see big fountain of
Geneva’s most famous patek philippe Geneva salon you can see
in Geneva’s most famous big fountain
Patek philippe Geneva salon is located in the side of the
city’s most famous Geneva, Geneva is a 6 floor building, its
history can be traced back to the 19th century, experienced
many times during the renovation and decoration. Recently a
massive renovation project in 2004 to 2006, and in 2006
officially unveiled to November. Salon layer 1 and layer 2 for
patek philippe wrist watch display and sales areas,
respectively, showing a patek philippe watch of wrist of
paragraphs based and complex, guests can also see here at
ordinary times see complicated series or limited works; Layer
2 and at the same time the customer service center,
maintenance division after transparent glass into the guest’s
wrist watch for repair or maintenance; 3 layer for office
area; 4 and 5 layer usually there will be some thematic
exhibition; Is 6 layer a VIP salon, a patek philippe VIP
dinner and other activities.

The first layer of the patek philippe Geneva salon sales areas
recovered the adornment style of “napoleon iii salon”, whole
space 300 square meters. The first layer of the patek philippe
Geneva salon sales areas recovered the adornment style of
“napoleon iii salon”, whole space 300 square meters.
To look at the first floor of patek philippe Geneva salon
sales areas, this area is recovered the adornment style of
“napoleon iii salon”, whole space 300 square meters, the
cortex of metope adornment from a French leather workshop,
these leather decorative sheet is covered with metope spent
six months. Patek philippe salon in design team, another who
participated in the Versailles crystalline light repair work
of cultural relics restoration experts, and salon we can see a
few natural crystal droplight, also made crystal chandelier
manufacturer for Versailles Bagues for special order patek
philippe. Visible, in patek philippe salon, and are well by

Patek philippe in Geneva in the salon, whether visible or
invisible, well, very exquisite. Patek philippe in Geneva in
the salon, whether visible or invisible, well, very exquisite.
But do you really think only can see? Little imagine, patek
philippe was even invited to graduate from college
professional perfume of famous perfume masters in Geneva for
the building system of incense! I heard that, are you
surprised to, isn’t it just to smell the fragrance of the
special salon would also like to see?
In addition to the three in the world, patek philippe salon in
China, the display and sale patek philippe watch where is
known as the “source mansion”, in Shanghai and Beijing
respectively. Don’t think “source mansion” less than “salon”,
in China’s two patek philippe source mansion but than patek
philippe salon in Paris and London area is big! The two source
also continued the interior of the house decorate and decorate
the patek philippe Geneva salon style and good taste, is
exquisite, the display of wrist watch is also the most can
reflect the style of Chinese or Asian preferences. The
establishment of source mansion is undoubtedly patek philippe
watch aficionados to China to bring the greatest benefits.
Patek philippe museum, clocks and watches of the most
important history museum

Patek philippe patek philippe museum building museum building
Patek philippe museum interior patek philippe museum interior
In Geneva, equally important for patek philippe in addition to
the salon, and patek philippe museum. Patek philippe museum is
located in a thoroughly repaired, full of art deco building.
Clocks and watches say it is one of the most important history
museum, the reason is exhibited at the museum exhibits more
than 2000 clocks and watches, these exhibits on the time span
of more than 500 years, mainly divides into two parts, part
includes a variety of 16th century classic special antique
clocks and mechanical device, which has the world’s first
clocks meter; The other part is patek philippe since its
creation in 1839 meter works, including the most complex ever
hour meter Caliber 89.

8900 da feili Caliber Caliber 89
Since mentioned patek philippe the most complex Caliber 89, it
is simple also said the “sacred”. In 1989, to celebrate the
150th birthday and patek philippe’s Caliber has 33 89 complex
functions, including rare astronomical, according to the
stars, the jet lag, sunrise and sunset time, season, half 2 to
display, the zodiac and rotating sphere figure; Any song
indicator functions include size and asked three time, four
spring time song and spring unfretted alarm; And a number of
unique institutions, including patented Easter indicator
system, and several hundred year calendar. Saying this complex
pocket watch run to 28 centuries without any adjustments. This
pocket watch auction for 2004 antiquorum has sold for $5.12
million. For countless to patek philippe watch the friends of
the museum, Caliber 89 is undoubtedly one of the biggest
attraction for them, and even embrace the heart of the
“pilgrimage” to see it as everybody hardcore clock “pilgrims”.
Patek philippe museum of a layer of a small workshop for
watchmaker, this workshop is great in the head the patek
philippe museum of a layer of a small workshop for the
watchmaker, the workshop but I highly recommend it
Museum on the first floor is patek philippe again early
tabulation workshop scene museum on the first floor again
patek philippe early tabulation workshop

In addition, a layer of a museum for watchmaker work of small
workshop, the workshop is the head, however, it also and
Geneva local history are inseparable. In the 16th and 17th
centuries, the rest of Europe because of the protestant
reformation, many “refugees” have to grasp the excellent arts
and crafts with their stunts flight to Geneva. This period due
to a large number of the arrival of the “refugees”, let the
Geneva local housing also nervous, each in its own housing
top-level build attic cabin, the existence of the attic to the
downstairs space is not very good illumination, and the attic
itself became light, suiwatches for craftsmen work space. So,
these craftsmen here life and creation, the loft mate is the
patek philippe museum the prototype of the small workshop.
When we saw the watchmaker work in this workshop, seem to also
can feel the story took place in Geneva.