Wow,The workshop for replica Patek Philippe watches

Franck Pernet is replica Patek Philippe workshop star, may be the world’s only workman. While at work to have like the buddhists, high concentration, but he described his own work, the whole people are very happy, happy, contagious.
All tabs work started in gear transmission chain, this is the basic of moving parts, which is the most easy to wear and oxidation. Before the start of industrialization, in fact every watch is unique. The standardization of the watch is only then gradually formed.

“Sometimes in order to repair or rebuild a clock, to a certain extent have to trace back to one hundred years ago, or longer clockmaker footprint.” Franck Pernet explained, then immediately return to the workbench, show bow specific usage. Skilful operation of a lathe to take a decade or longer, the lathe was founded in 1300 BC, is accurate to the precision of the width of the hair. But no matter how long history, it is never out of date. As long as the bow or the motor and the operation of can are invisible to the naked eye. These fine Ruth operation, only with the aid of artisans sensitive ears and sharp eyes (with the help of a small magnifying glass) and sensitive hands can be captured.

Master these skills now, I’m afraid I have a few? Franck Pernet thinks, 22 years ago he came to the patek philippe, there are two generations can learn these skills, he would only a generation now. At present, although he is responsible for training two young lathe worker, but also just do their work in accordance with the company discipline.
Balance set balance adjustment balance pivot pin into the tool
Gear control toothing machine manual system
One hundred and fifty years history, small spare parts also have big use

Depth positioning is known about the use of the compass, its main functions are: measuring the gear and the distance between adjacent pinion and operating spindle lathe (this lathe although looks simple, but it can enhance installation gear and small gear in three-dimensional space, and the precision of the detent); Also very few people know how to go to Angle of oblique cutting, using what kind of wooden or metal file, how to cut the plate slab hypotenuse and polishing processing, and how to make flat or round polished, there are other hao stars such as technical method, and some of them even have no trace to be found.
Here, they carefully handle with these tools and techniques, regard it as treasure in the world. And the other a treasure hidden in the cupboard, cabinet and wooden around small drawer.

Since its inception, Patek Philippe has been conscientious, adhering to the enterprise culture belief, consistent, and this is our big advantage. Company’s cupboard filled up with parts manufactured by different period, over the past few decades is specially produced more machine, now became a company used in finish machining of parts. This means that the company can meet the demand of 90% – 90% of the maintenance work, once the lack of what kind of parts and can timely supply. Be worth what carry is, Patek Philippe make each of the watches are collected in the company’s files, by serial number and movement, can trace the history of each watches. According to the “health manual” or “healthy” file. Company reserves the six to eight million parts, has 150 years of history value. Maintain the inventory level is only need a lot of cost, not to mention all the maintenance tools, but that is a priceless treasure!

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