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Main job is to watch maintenance department, but after the 1990 s brand sales, and countless people suddenly seem to realize that they are wearing old grandfather Patek Philippe watches may be some value, began to inundated with work. Therefore, when they put the split into two parts, one of the main workshop is responsible for the product series from 1839 to 1970, the other is responsible for product line since 1971. Replica Patek philippe check from parts cleaning, decomposition, retain as many components as possible, to assess what save, what to replace, the draft evaluation report at the same time.

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Once received the package, the department will reshape the gear, for parts to add to bush, and then to a watchmaker assembly, second hand polishing of steel components, lubrication, in order to prevent the balance wheel/fine spring out of order in the manufacturing process, and make adjustments. Similarly, to replace the crown, refresh or remake again dial, polishing and then all parts before into the movement before and after repeated examination, inspection work alone for up to 36 days… ”

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Hand axis manufacturing manual polishing clockwork arbor
Spring adjustment oxidation movement manual polishing
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And building, clock and watch repair view the collision, some people think that it is best to keep the trace of time on the clock, while someone want their watches can look brand-new. Patek Philippe’s objective is to minimize components replaced, to retain the original of the clock, historic and in good condition.

Twenty years ago, a lot of collectors are dismissed, the clock and then polishing is a normal thing. Nowadays, collectors seem more inclined to keep the trace of time on the clock. But no matter how change of aesthetic trend, Patek Philippe still adhere to keep watch as much as possible the original status of belief. Pinion shaft, for example, is the first element to retain. In general, with a large number of inventory, the watchmaker people in the workshop to semi-finished products made pinion shaft ware. If some parts is missing, they will redesign, and embed it in the original chain gear.

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