The inside of the Patek Philippe watches a few bargains

The patek philippe, a wrist watch brand, “river lake status” is no doubt, but this does not mean that the replica patek philippe watches “willing” self-serious, traditional classical route, in design, patek philippe bold fashion design, advancing with The Times, it is also a watches Wang Fengfan, that is why, although its price is prohibitive, but can not hold up against more and more people like it, chase it.

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Sort out below is a small make up of three patek philippe bargains, priced at about or so, the sale price maybe lower oh, if you like this brand, can consider to start:
1, patek philippe AQUANAUT series 5167 a – 001 wrist watch
This men’s watch with observatory, carrying C as precise automatic mechanical movement of the 324 S, 120 m depth of waterproof, suiwatches for more life scenes, it has 45 hours power reserve, need not worry too much about wearing a day, the problem of insufficient power, its design is Geneva seal, diamond-encrusted trainspotter, hollow out noctilucent, etc., 40 mm Swiss patek philippe watches replica mirror for more temperament men to wear, this watch is using a rubber belt, is increased in the wrist watch composed temperament somewhat younger rocks.

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Aquanaut new activity series, it USES the screw-plug crown design, there are 120 m deep waterproof function, designed for people love water activities (but not when diving watches), Aquanaut series not only with modern fashion watches the movement of the breath, also receives the patek philippe plan the product is fine tradition: is accurate, reliable and excellent craftsmanship. As a starter patek philippe watches, 5167 is a good choice.

2, patek philippe classical watches series 7119 j – 012 gold wrist watch
Patek Calatrava range 7119 j – 012 wrist watch as a elegant lady wrist watch, with its small gauge diameter and feminine appearance person eyeball, absorption on the function, it is a place for only a small second dish, but it is already elegant appearance adds a bit of classical elements, reflect culture lasting appeal. In addition, 7119 j – 012 watches have adjusted when the second hand stagnation function, reduces unnecessary friction gear. At the bottom of the movement of the fine tradition of Geneva grain, like a sparkling lake, quiet and elegant. KIF shockproof system is used, compared with the traditional recorded by gabriel shock is more swatches and reliable, can all-around protection from external shocks system replica patek-philippe

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Patek philippe are printed on the escape wheel clamp, enough to prove that the high quality and value of the movement, also said the wrist watch is higher than all the other wrist. 2.55 mm of movement than the world’s thinnest thickness movement (vacheron constantin history masterpiece series) less than 1 mm thick. 18 gem layers of Mosaic, covering the entire movement. 28800 VPH (4 hz) balance wheel frequency, walking to ensure accurate and at the same time, to avoid the high frequency loss of parts, is currently the most ideal frequency. Chain on the manual machine, power reserve can reach 44 hours, said the wearer almost every other day will be on the watch chain, to prevent the power run out and stop walking.

Movement as a wrist watch “heart”, is the core, watch of wrist of 7119 j – 012 USES a patek philippe homemade Cal. 215 PS movement, at the foot of the watches disk movement to carry on the very detailed pearl fritillaria lines by handwork, although hidden under the dial, but patek philippe is still on the very detailed manual processing, represents the “quality” and “aesthetics” unremitting pursuit, with quiet inside collect, eternal grace show the unique style of the brand value.

3, patek philippe Golden Ellipse series gold blue men’s watch
Launched in 1968, patek philippe designed by Swiss master Gerald Genta Golden Ellipse wrist watch, in a model 3548, all watch this series adopts the oval watch body design, and according to the geometry on the rule of “Golden mean” (= 1.61803399…). Carefully made, is the brand was the most creative and style characteristic of one of the hour meter series.
Patek philippe Golden Ellipse series of men’s watches, 18 k gold, Cal. 240 automatic machine core, blue sun grain surface, gold dauphine sword shape when the minute hand and the three-dimensional cylindrical time scale, the oval watch body, sapphirine crystal, Bai Jinmi bottom cover, blue lizard leather strap, even the Golden Ellipse special yellow gold clasp.

The watch body design, patek philippe to complex function to paraphrase in Golden Ellipse series, so often reflect is not too good, also led to his price is cheaper, of course, have a preference for the brand, like this design can consider oh.
Patek philippe is that many friends heart love, and now to attend important occasions, one of essential identity ornaments, fashion ornament, if you love to watch the king economic fair, considering of a famous brand watch, then you can choose these a few more “cheap” patek philippe oh.