Who is the richest man in the Swiss watchmakers industry?

The Bilanz list against the estimated net asset value when it was released 1 the Swiss franc is equivalent to $1. The following list extracted from Bilanz rich list, input stems mainly from tabulation of personal and family wealth. Swiss watchmakers industry rich list still is given priority to with familiar names, by rupert, led by the sea, and stern.

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1. John rupert 4.75 billion Swiss francs (richemont, tobacco)
South africans to John rupert, this is a commercial banker, then turned to tobacco tycoon.He is a luxury giant richemont (which owns Cartier and IWC brands) controlling shareholder. By sales of luxury goods, the influence of the group, John rupert’s personal assets from 5.5 billion Swiss francs in 2015 fell to 4.75 billion Swiss francs in 2016.

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2. The sea, family – 4.25 billion Swiss francs (swatch group)
Sea, the family controls the swatch group, the group by the sea, Nick, naira, the sea, and mark, (naira, a son of the sea, leadership. Affected by the swatch group shares fell sharply, the sea, family assets declined from 5.5 billion in 2015 to 2015 in 4.25 billion Swiss francs. Although the swatch group has just released 2016 results is not good,Nick sea, believe that 2017 group situation will actively improve.

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3. Stearns family – 3.25 billion Swiss francs (replica Patek Philippe)
Stearns family has a huge assets, thanks to control the patek philippe. According to forecasts, patek philippe annual sales (wholesale, not retail price) of up to 1.3 billion Swiss francs. In 2015, for the expansion of the Geneva tabulation workshop, patek philippe spent 500 million Swiss francs, brand special profitability. At present, patek philippe by terry stearns (who inherited his father Philip stearns) leadership.

4. Bucherer family treasure – 1.75 billion Swiss francs (retail) bao Bucherergroup, clock
Bucherer group is Europe’s biggest watch retailer, estimated annual sales of 1.5 billion Swiss francs.At present by the third generation of his family members about the erg, bao Buchererleadership. The group is still belong to the same family all in Europe has more than 30 watch shop, a dozen jewelry store, and a variety of single brand boutiques.

5. Schaffer family – 1.75 billion Swiss francs (Chopin)
Schaffer family was originally from the German city of pforzheim jeweller, took Chopin brand since 1963. Company is headquartered in Geneva, at present by Karl schaffer and child (Karl Frederick) female leader (Caroline schaffer, clocks and watches and jewellery sales of up to 570 million Swiss francs each year.

6. The Borer family – 1.75 billion Swiss francs (Replica Rolex submariner)
Nearly – led by the 89 – year – old Harry Borer Borer family, the family had to afford Geneva movement sole supplier Rolex picks. In 2004, the Rolex Geneva over Rolex picks for nearly – Borer family wealth.

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7. The Audemars Piguet and family – 950 million Swiss francs (AP)
According to forecasts, AP annual sales of up to 800 million Swiss francs. At the same time, nearly two years industry downturn, AP is also one of the few can maintain the growth of the luxury brand one of the tabs, this brought a steady stream for the offspring of the founder of the brand’s wealth. At present, AP is planning to autonomous control more distribution channels, brand profitability is expected to further enhance the next few years.

8. Schneider family – 750 million Swiss francs (one hundred) spirit
Since 1979, one hundred, spirit has been owned by the schneider family. Although in recent years, the spirit of one hundred compared with competitors growth slowed, but still with annual sales of 370 million Swiss francs. Recent reports that in one hundred, the spirit was considering selling, but still no pursuer appeared in public.

9. Jean-pierre Slavic – 325 million Swiss francs (Waterproof crown)
Jean-pierre Slavic wealth from Boninchi SA, the company is the main supplier of crown rolex history. In 2001, Slavic to sell the company to rolex. Now he is famous for car collection, including a ferrari 250’s decision.

10. Times and Weil family – 275 million Swiss francs (grey MengWei)
Now, she MengWei founder at the helm of the son of the same name. According to forecasts, bud MengWei annual sales of 210 million Swiss francs, and that number has held steady for years.

11. Vartan Sirmakes – 225 million Swiss francs (mulan)
Vartan Sirmakes is Franck Muller Watchland co-founder, own money to buy, now almost all belong to he one person company. Spent most of time, Vartan Sirmakes in Monaco and Thailand. The company every year, clocks and watches and jewellery sales of 285 million Swiss francs, mulan manufacturer brand method.

12. Jean-claude than Mr – 175 million Swiss francs (watch)
Jean-claude than the 67 – year – old, bao Po to revival swatch group, earned the first bucket of gold, then to watch table (sold to LVMH group) do the same thing. At present, jean-claude than as a department director of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) and tiger elegant and true chief executive force

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