Why the price of patek philippe is much higher than other watches

As well known, the price of the Replica patek philippe is the highest in the brand at the same level. Various models, are more expensive than brand watch at the same level of 20% to 40%. Patek philippe nautilus, for example, about 1800 USD, is the price of 5711 a Replica vacheron constantin globetrotting researchers-and price RMB 1490, AP royal oak price at around $1300.

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The wages of patek philippe timing calendar 5270 around 1.4 million, constantin timing calendar in the 1 millions. Patek philippe platinum perpetual calendar 5140 in more than 90 of nearly 1 million price, constantin platinum perpetual calendar in the 8000 s. Although there are floating up and down the price of the watch from time to time, these examples to show us a little, anyway, patek philippe are more expensive than watch at the same level.

Many people will be confused, the prices are high in where? Watch at the same level, in fact, everyone in the same configuration of the basic level, and even use the same movement. As patek philippe and vacheron constantin 5070 manual timepieces are lemania 2310, at the same level are K gold shell, size is similar. At the same level of the hour meter long his or 1815 have their own technology and decorative outstanding German movement time. It isn’t just a patek philippe logo let more than a watch out of the tens of thousands, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of? Many watch lovers like to compare different watch together at the same level, until one day, someone will be a patek philippe 5370 and a long Double Split in together, I think, this is the time to answer that question.
5370 is patek philippe latest enamel surface after needle timepieces, Double the Split is one of the most famous long after needle timepieces, in addition to the traditional second hand after the needle, and unique timing minute hand needle. Two watches patek philippe and lundgren top products, is the highest position, platinum, are all the same functionality, overseas price is $5370 and $249200, Double the Split is the price of the price is almost Double the Split 2 0 126800537 times (5370 enamel plate is one of the factors of high prices). The people to contrast the two watches for two watches has carried on the detailed comparison, the devil is in the details, I will have two watch some of the small details, like where did you show in the patek philippe?

5370 is the size of the 41 mm, 13.5 mm thick; Double Split 43 mm in diameter, 15.3 mm thick. The size and thickness of the Double Split than 5370 big circle, the difference of the two watches on the thickness with very obvious. 5370 to thin a lot. And this show? I’ll give you an example. Someone once called the rolex deepsea diving watches in the artwork, because it only waterproof depth of 3900 meters diving watches, only 44 mm in size. Rolex can condensed the powerful professional diving techniques in 44 mm watchcase, let this watch to be worn daily, is a miracle. Patek philippe was a representative wang 5002, including the perpetual calendar, 3 q, fly back, astronomical calendar and other functions, only amazing 42.8 mm size. The complex movement focused on smaller, more suiwatches for wearing thinner crust, it is just the embodiment of strength.

Then let’s take a look at the machine, we also can see some distinction. Two watches movement looks great, especially the luxurious lundgren has always been good at machine core, blue steel screw sleeve, gold, rubies, shaft eye is tie-in, make movement with luxurious colors. And what’s the basis of patek philippe has higher social status? When we watch carefully you will find, 5370 the movement of parts is more fine, more than Double the Split thin. The curve of the lever and spring more and more in front. Especially after needle second round the curve of the caliper is extremely delicate, and running after needle cylindrical wheel part of the delicate to a climax. After the needle cylindrical wheel line “enchanting” very much part of the parts. Double Split polishing decoration very seize person eyeball, but the size of the parts, thickness of 5370 is less than.

Lundgren Double Split movement has a luminous polishing decoration.
Patek philippe 5370 movement is more thin and fine.
Let’s take a look after needle structure layout. In fact about the basic structure of the general level of manual winding clutch timing movement are the same, but when increase after needle structure, different factory will use different layout. In the Double movement of the Split, us is, in fact, it is difficult to see the balance wheel, because after the structure of the needle cylindrical wheels are arranged above the balance wheel, this causes include escapement, gooseneck fine-tuning, part of the balance cock were chasing needle cylindrical wheel and the lever block beside. The other compartments, 5370 after needle structure are arranged on the meter and balance cock in a central location. The chase needle agencies not part of any movement form shade, escapement, balance cock with PP mark, with suiwatches jump hook claw spike at the wheel can be unmasked, movement is a good layout.

We can see that lundgren Double Split escapements are chasing beneath the needle cylindrical wheels, after needle parts of balance wheel, balance cock, gooseneck fine-tuning to form the block.
5370 after needle structure are arranged on the meter and balance cock in a central location. The chase needle agencies didn’t have any movement part form block.
There is also a small details on the timer to zero push rod. Usually time zero push rod is done with a screw is fixed on the machine core plywood. Only a handful of hour meter can be in the position to use gem bearing (beside the conventional timing columnar wheel). Zero leverage is one activity is very frequent parts, install gems in the zero push rod bearing, watchmaker said that is good. Including 5370, 5170, 5270, using CH29 movement of patek philippe timepieces, zero push rod are gem bearing. For the details, when you see high-end manual lacks the stopwatch, can be a little attention to.
Next to 5370 columnar pulley blocks, there is a red jewel bearing, this is zero push rod bearings.

On about patek philippe machine polishing and I’d like to share a thing. A lot of people don’t understand, some of the top brand watch, movement looks burnish is very beautiful, why do people always admire patek philippe polished very well? Patek philippe movement don’t look like lundgren movement so luxurious, patek philippe movement looks seem comparatively. Later someone told me that machine won’t be able to see the surface, to use powerful microscopes to see (ordinary inch mirror ratio is too small, can’t see what). In high power microscope, an unobstructed, patek philippe movement there is no burr, and other movement began to expose the problem.

Patek philippe’s standard 324 automatic winding machine, this machine is a lot of standard patek philippe.
Watch the value of a lot of time on the details. Pointer when the underlying material cutting, a little bit of change, the change of crust materials (such as watches circle), the area ratio of some adjustments (such as the adjustment of the early 41 mm lundgren 1), the size of a few millimeters change, will be a decisive influence on the value of watches. Patek philippe was only slightly better than many watch a little bit, but is this a little bit, determines the value of the patek philippe is the 20% higher.

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