Patek philippe: independent brand of “maverick”

Replica Patek Philippe household slogan, “no one can really have a Patek Philippe, is only for the next generation custody.” Pathfinder mission practice generation, if not, the slogan of the arbitrary confidence at best is just another kind of advertisement gimmick.

Replica Patek Philippe

To test whether the brand’s commitment to watch life exaggerated, had a delegation in person to the Patek Philippe company to visit, want to find out how the brand management of the after-sales service. Results the delegation surprised all arrived.

patek philippe Replica

“Since the brand was founded in 1839, with a Patek & Cie, Fabricants a Geneve, Philippe & Cie or Patek Philippe sign product, we have promised to you, we will bear all after-sales, you heard me, all.” In 1964 to join our company guide, Jan – Philip Senger said, “all series of after-sales maintenance work by the after-sale service department is responsible for processing, relatively long is passed on to the rest of the s reform department is responsible for”.
Professional team lineup including the watchmaker, XiuBiaoJiang, escapements technicians, timing, and pivot technicians, the clockmaker, grinder, small operation watchcase of technicians, assemblers and inspector, cooperatively in order. The products produced by each department in the work together, cooperation in teams. Here is not only a Patek Philippe manufacturing workshop, a knowledge base is watch-making industry. It is sometimes said that ye valley cemetery dusty with those who have not known watchmaking secret. Here, however, these commercial secrets up proudly. There is no nc machine tools to repair or rebuild in the brand establishment at the beginning of the gear shaft by hand cut.

Dial the old parts inventory round billet
Axis control wheel pivot manufacturing pivot balance control
A pair of ear bian time opportunely, skillful craftsman skills more

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