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Swiss watches are able to dominate the altar watches. In addition to the quality of the Swiss watch making, another reason is that they provide the clock very rich category. Dozens of function, technology and design watches, readily available, including a very interesting category – Travel Time to Watch. Replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch just as its name implies is Travel clock.

Replica patek philippe

In the first half of the last century, Travel or Travel clock is very popular. The clock has a characteristic. It is very porwatches, and generally has a protective shell. Some of the shell design is very interesting, flip. It also has the “slide”, the pocket watch it and still prevalent at the Time and is completely different. Becoming popular as the watch and across time zones of the world business increasingly prosperous. Time zone watches became a kind of new demand.

replica Patek philippe watches
In the 1930 s, the Swiss watchmaker, Louis Cottier, invented a kind of structure can make the world all the time appear within one clock, later, patek philippe and cooperation, the development of the first world wrist watch, but it’s a bit complicated, a lot of people don’t need to really know each time zones, 1958, patek philippe has developed brand first dual time zone wrist Ref. 2597, specially designed for travelers. Thanks to Louis Cottier for time zone clocks seminal design of mechanical structure, 2597 has a very good time zone time performance, its characteristic lies in the design of the casing on the left side of the two shoulder buttons, can in hours, independent advance or retreat clockwise on the dial, when the main watches go beyond the city, just according to the time difference easy set-up. The original design, founded in 1959 by Louis Cottier representative patek philippe patented. Today, a lot of dual time zone wrist watch, still use this convenient set-up time zone design.

Replica Patek Philippe watches

Ref. 2597
The first generation of 2597 look today still have a lot of features, though as a replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch have the function of the Time watches, but only three hands – clockwise dial small second hand, minute hand and 6 o ‘clock position, and appears to have two versions, one is the dial of the scale are all solid gold standard, one kind is 3/6/9/12 o ‘clock position to the gold standard, the rest of the position for a black act the role of scale (say for enamel material). Internal carry manual movement 12-400, using bimetallic screw temperature compensation balance wheel, 5 azimuth calibration, double Geneva seal, gooseneck fine-tuning, configuration is very high.

As previously mentioned, the first generation of 2597 only a clockwise, unable to display home time and local time at the same time, there would be an inconvenience, is whether to go to any time zone (even if only to return), all want to manually adjust time, and frequently use the button to substantially increase the watch failure rate. Based on the shortcomings, soon (around 1960), patek philippe introduced the second generation 2597 wrist watch, on the basis of original increased by a blue pointer, disk into four hands, watchcase lateral button, can separate calibration for the unit with the hour the blue pointer, and keep the original hour hand did not move. The changes, great convenience for the practicability of time watches. Carry the same total of 12-400 HS machine core, the HS is French Heures Sautantes abbreviations, meaning “jump”, namely wrist clockwise can be regulated by the hour as the unit.

Ref. 3619
However, the classic of the time zone production only a decade or so of time, after 1970 s patek philippe trip watchess, in 3619 as the leading factor, the same is 12-3619 carrying 400 HS machine core, but in view of shell mold is different, use the hidden adjustment knob, this wrist watch and 2597 is completely different, it carry woven style metal chains, fangyuan syncretic watchcase, apparently adornment feels a strong ability to watch.

Ref. 5134
The emergence of the modern watches patek philippe dual time zone, launched in 5034 led by the 1990 s, compared with 2597 different is that change with the 215 movement, the dial increase for 24 hours, according to still continue to use single pointer, the second time zone and the set-up of 8, 10 point button. 5034, however, soon there will be a replacement – 5134513 4 have Calatrava range is very classic gentleman type design style, use and 5034 different shell mold, become a patek philippe modern replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch the main models. 5134 5034 functions and disk design completely, but more symmetrical and elegant watch case to make it more popular, fin, the second time zone adjustment knob and the integration of crust arc, very natural, at the same time and the crown shoulder photograph echo, shell mold more symmetrical, the gold standard when polishing the Arabic numeral is very beautiful, also carry 215/156 movement.
In the auction market, as a patek philippe watches the first generation product, dual time zone has high value in 2597 has been, the purchase price to hk $500000 or more, and patek philippe double the most valuable model travel time zones in the watches, the second is the latest generation of 5134, basic can get ten Hong Kong dollars, the overall value of the model 5034, lower than the two models. It is obvious that a is the first generation product, historical value, and only a limited, price high quality good nature, and 5134 is to be able to buy the latest Calatrava travel watches model, the quality will be good, nature is more popular than in 5034.
Travel today, patek Calatrava range of watches, has been launched in Basel flight by a 2015 home replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch Ref. 5524 relay, was dubbed “patek philippe out when a real force”. 5524 is a homage to flying pioneer wrist watch, its design inspiration comes from the 1930 s, patek philippe for pilots when a corner watches, its characteristic is with introduction of the patek philippe Angle plate, can help the pilot for navigation. The concept of Angle of the system, is by a U.S. navy officer at that time, Philip van Horn Weems (Philip van Horn Weems), proposed by Charles Lindbergh after on the basis of the transformation, introduced the sextant and the way of the combination of radio signals, can be used to determine the longitude, thus to locate. Use 5524 C 5524 FUS automatic chain machine, using 1996 patek philippe in the original structure of dual time zone on improving the structure of new patented dual time zone when the set-up in the second time zones, isolated drive system structure, system will be the time zone and thus does not affect the normal walking. At the same time, the time zone with patent adjusting button to safety switch, need to unscrew a quarter circle before operation, adjusted to reverse screw up again.

Ref. 5990
Besides Calatrava pilots travel wrist, patek philippe in the nautilus and Aquanaut series also introduced a traveler wrist watch, of which 2014 Basel show during the launch of the representative models for 5990, is a double time zone and time together the complex function of wrist watch, is also a nautilus series is very popular in the time zone watches model. Same with local time and home, according to the time of day and night and patent time zone structure and calibration device.
Ref. 5650
In addition, the Basel show 2017, patek philippe tribute Aquanaut the 20th anniversary of the series, to launch a replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch of wrist of 5650 g. This watch has two new technology, and a very important meaning, can also be interpreted as “one center, two basic points”. Two technologies: use Silinvar ® is qualitative, the end use of flange Spiromax ® balance wheel balance spring, another is to switch to cross spring replacing the original rod type fast adjuswatches structure, number of parts from 37 down to 12 pieces. A sense: the precision of 1 + 2 seconds/every day, is unprecedented.

Obviously, dual time zone is more and more become a kind of practical function, patek philippe will this function gradually shifted to instrumental watch money, even in the most classic Calatrava range, also chose the pilot watches as carrier, and at the beginning of 2597 and 5134 the typical design, now has no inheritance model, say that because this model already has more than ten years, 5134 have already shut down, but the patek philippe the original dual time zone, is in here, so there will be in the future? Next year’s travel patek philippe watches available 60 years, plus 5650 two new technologies, Calatrava series 5134 relay may be on the road.

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