Why Replica patek philippe is so hot?

Today I will talk to you about why Replica patek philippe is so hot. In addition to rolex, patek philippe is known to be another king of the secondary market, with many collectors. What is the charm of patek philippe that makes these collectors so obsessed with it?

Replica patek philippe
Production is less
We all know that patek philippe is a brand that is scarce. Since 1839, patek philippe made less than 1 million pieces of watches, and rolex, omega compared to producing millions of brands, may is not as good as they are a year of production (and therefore, rolex in the secondary market performance is more like a miracle). Patek philippe is less production, in addition to control production reasons, but because of its wrist watch exquisite detail, the basic design also take nine months to complete, the precision design more takes more than two years. Production and demand less than itself, if encounter some popular new style, buyers may need to submit an application, to prove he is senior collectors, can buy treasures.

Replica patek philippe watch
Outstanding design
Patek philippe’s design stands out in every detail, such as the faceted buttons on the dial and the craft of the hand. In addition, some of the features that highlight the difference between patek philippe and others are too subtle to be perceived by the wearer. This “beauty that is seen, not seen” is also the charm of patek philippe. Not only look, the extraordinary charm of patek philippe is more in the core. Every part of the wristwatch is also made of human hands, the details are exquisite, the ability to appreciate the beauty of various kinds, and the lack of understanding will be deeply attracted to the beautiful state.

Can appreciate
A lot of collectors collect watches, but they also have a lot to invest in, and patek philippe is definitely one of the most deserving wristwatch brands. The resale price of patek philippe watches is also a force for other brands, whether it’s vintage or new designs. It is said that the patek philippe, which was completed and delivered several months ago, is now trading at high prices in the secondary market. Patek philippe was born in the millennium devil rays Ref. 5100 (pictured above) that have shut down the table, is even more precious, more limited, like the devil rays table (3000), the price also from 10 tens of thousands of price at that time to now on the second-hand market of around 500000 (on May 29th on delicate watch auction at Christie’s Hong Kong, a Ref. The price of 5100 p devil rays patted HKD 525000, about 500000 yuan). As for the classic watch, the Nautilus, which was launched in the 1970s, initially sold for less than $3, 000, now more than $50,000.

Replica patek philippe watches outlet

Record clear
Patek philippe will be compiled for each wrist and save the product summary, convenient tracking, to ensure that each published after 1839, wrist watch, can also track the production date and the original release date. No matter how many years later, when the owner of this watch will it back to the factory for maintenance or repair, can search to the corresponding historical records and inventory of replacement parts, etc. As a result, patek philippe said, “no one can really own patek philippe just for the next generation.” Patek philippe’s filing system may seem simple, but it is actually a huge project, and only patek philippe can do it all in the industry.

Patek philippe wrist watch is a combination of excellent design, extraordinary craft and artistic aesthetic, unique. It has many of its own classic features, such as the case. Patek philippe’s case structure looks simple, but is absolutely meticulous in making. Part of the watch brand will entrust other factory machinery casting and polishing casing, but most patek philippe adhere to watch case also by our own craftsmen with gold or platinum and other precious metals. More importantly, patek philippe has been using traditional shell making techniques from the 1800s, and only a handful of watchmakers now know the technology.
Although many brands are self-proclaimed king, it is believed that many of my friends and I first thought about patek philippe. It is its unique charm that has made many collectors go for it.

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