In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful replica patek philippe watch

Replica Patek philippe‘s classic list goes on and on, with a long history and brilliant achievements. Patek philippe has a good tradition and innovative thinking, and it is perfected to make a special watch. Today, it has become an inevitable choice for wristwatch collectors. A patek philippe watch is not only a good thing, but also a piece of art of the century-old process of the process.

Replica patek philippe watch

Hong Kong sotheby’s first watch online auction special “precious hour” is in progress, the following is the introduction of five beautiful patek philippe watches!
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 5396g-001

Platinum is automatically linked to the calendar and 24 hours
Estimate: 180,000 to 260,000 Hong Kong dollars
The model 5396 was launched in 2006 and paired with a 40-50-year-old dial design. The 5396 models are powered by the latest generation of auto-chain CAL. 324 series.

Patek philippe women’s fine gold, lapis and diamond-encrusted diamonds are estimated at $55,000 to 80,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3727 model with the gold stone dial is excellent, one of the antique forms of the collection value of patek philippe.

Patek philippe 5015 is a fine gold automatic bracelet with a monthly and dynamic storage display estimate: 120,000 to 160,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 5015 model was introduced in 1994. This model is the only one of the patek philippe not only showing the phases of the moon but also showing the monthly age.
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 3998P “CALATRAVA” is a beautiful platinum automatic bracelet with a date that displays the estimate: 80,000 to 140,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3998 model was produced between 1989 and 2005, and was the first automatic chain preparation date from patek philippe to display the waterproof Calatrava wristwatch. This is a collection of patek philippe’s original factory certificate and watch box, which makes the wrist watch more valuable.

Patek philippe 3881/003 type “ELLIPSE” gold oval hollow out wrist valuation: hk $195000-300000
The hollowed-out forms are extremely elaborate and have been popular with collectors in recent years. According to the research, the 3881 models produce only about 200 pieces, each of which is unique.

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