From Replica patek philippe to the rudder: the history of enamel

The flow of time, the vicissitudes of the world, a lot of  Replica patek philippe in the history of the flood and the people gradually go away from the people, only leave that unique trace in the heart reverberate!

Enamel is a unique watch design field, it was the royal nobles to value the process, but by making skill is more complex, combined with modern technology constantly, now that engages in the production of enamel design and process people less and less. Every time a watch brand launches an enamel watch, there is always a buzz, or a gorgeous color, or an amazing craft. The lack of this technique means that the enamel is becoming more and more valuable.
As early as the 18th century, the “painted enamel” was fully performed on the enamel watch. Painting directly painted enamel, just as its name implies is to use colored enamel, characters, animals, landscapes subject all can draw on the dial, match again with pearl inlaid rim, or to chisel gold craft, makes enamel table more rich flavor. Miniature painting enamel is one of the seven major Geneva tabulation process, the end of the 18th century, Geneva enamel masters created under “colorless transparent glazes in the painting”, because of its artistic creation of precise and steady charming looks amazing in all.
Enamel table is the existence of a noble and mysterious, it is because of enamel enduring, won’t fade the oxide is famous for its unique properties, even after hundreds of years, the bright color will not fade, like to escape the law of the time, stay young forever.

Because of the complexity of the process of making the silk enamel, there have been only a handful of top-tier watchmakers since the 1950s. “The blue blood aristocracy in the watch” — Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe — combines the elegance of the top watch with the artistic temperament, creating a number of enamel boutiques. Launched in 2008, Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe enamel table series of 5077 bird of paradise, exquisite silk draws the outline of the lifelike birds of paradise, the sky of blue highlights the bird of paradise Ming yan’s feathers, rich delicate color changes to surface present a noble and elegant temperament. Exquisite craftsmanship, design and colour display the elegance and the spirit fully display its deep artistic value.
The enamel form was introduced to China in the late Ming dynasty, and was popular with emperor yongzheng of the qing dynasty and emperor qianlong. At that time, the western clock manufacturer to cater to the tastes of Chinese design watches and clocks, the qing dynasty artisans began to be developed and therefore clocks and watches, figures, flowers, birds and animals on the draw some in case such as enamel paint, and with pearls and diamonds. Enameled products have reached the peak in the qing dynasty, and then the war of the republic of China and the republic of China have become less and less.
Hand-painted “map of the wide world”

Due to historical increasingly, the Chinese people for the enamel has high enthusiasm, hand in hand to the world’s top 2016 Swiss brand DUFOUR rudder peak enamel painted micro master launched Duke711 chart, with reference to the famous “wide wheel figure in xinjiang, in 40 mm in diameter of about 600 names on hand painted dial down the map, how amazing.
Duke711 design classic elegance, aka, zheng he’s voyage not only expressed the highest respect and identification of the Chinese history and culture, will also be enamel advanced skills show incisively and vividly, the launch was widely sought after by the market.
Rudder peak Duke711
In the long river of time, the enamel has become an accepted classic. It is a kind of art, and a historical witness through the circulation of the rings.

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