Notice that patek philippe will no longer deliver packing cartons and sealing bags to guests

According to the patek philippe officials two weeks ago, the latest information to the global retailers, patek philippe will never took patek philippe watch brown plastic bag packaging cartons, and watch to buy table guests. Replica Patek philippe retailers should leave and destroy the watch box and plastic bag.

Replica Patek Philippe

Patek philippe’s brown packing paper box and plastic sealing bag commonly known as “double seal”.

Patek Philippe wrote the original mail for global retailers “ensure no Patek Philippe timepiece leaves your point of sale before it has had seems out of its brown cardboard box and had its plastic bag in the cut open. Indeed, these boxes were never meant to be given to clients. Both Please hold on to them and destroy them.” (make sure you place sales Patek Philippe watches before unpacking brown packing paper box and plastic bags, not to sell to the guest, and to ensure that in sell watches to guests at the same time, the brown packing paper box and plastic bags were destroyed.)

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Patek philippe’s brown packing paper box.
Rolex had changed the way the card was used, and rolex’s magnetic strip was activated after swiping the card. Patek philippe also destroyed the packaging box and the bag, no longer provide the way to the customer, prevent patek philippe new watch in the second-hand market circulation.

Because before this, patek philippe on watches, sold in the brown boxes and plastic bags without strict rules, lead to some patek philippe watches in the case of complete with boxes and bags for sale. The well-packed watches will be changed hands immediately, into the secondary market and in circulation. The patek philippe watches are often viewed as “investment” because of its strong storage capacity.
Patek philippe 5077 in plastic bag.

Globall unique limited edition wristwatch: Patek Philippe

Limited edition watches are not unusual, for various reasons, many wristwatch brands will launch special limited edition replica Patek Philippe. Because of the limited reason, the collection value of wrist watch is high, willing to pay a lot of. The limited edition is usually more than one, but there are also a number of brands that have launched unique, limited-edition editions of the world. Some of these watches are the name of charity, some are limited to process or raw materials, while others are products of cultural opportunities, which have special meanings.

replica Patek Philippe

For charity
Charity is one of the most obvious opportunities for watchmakers to contribute to unique timetables. The “Only Watch” was launched by Luc Pettavino to support the study of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been supported by the world’s leading watch manufacturers and Monaco’s royal family. As an auction object, it is held every two years at the yacht show in Monaco. Many top brands offer special products, including Replica patek philippe and breguet.

replica Patek Philippe

Replica patek philippe star table 5106R
Replica patek philippe has contributed more than one time to the Only Watch, and the 5106R star table in 2009 made a deep impression on everyone. Using complex technology, imitate the blue sky in addition to the basic time and date on the dial, according to include the phases of profit and loss, the moon’s orbit, planets, and the trajectory of the time the moon through the meridian complex function of astronomical science.

Breguet platinum Reveil Musical watches
The Only Watch auction in 2011, bao ji launched the same impressive list. The creation of the watch dial is very important, carving a child’s hand, turning the shell around, and the child’s hand will touch the hand of the adult depicted on the flange. The wrist watch, music, is awarded a patent for a unique melody, “city of the sky”, and can be played at preset times as needed.
Breguet platinum Reveil Musical watches

The Patrimony watch of the constantan
In addition to the complex technique, the ultra-thin hollow is also a difficult wrist watch technology. The earl and constantin have a lot of ultra-thin designs, and jiang shidan has produced one of the world’s only wristwatches: the Patrimony watch. The wristwatch, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Action Innocence, is a charity dedicated to protecting children’s rights on the Internet. This traditional Patrimony form USES Vacheroncaliber1003SQ, the thinnest of the Vacheroncaliber1003SQ of the river, which is exquisitely carved with a carved Turkish pattern.

The Patrimony watch of the constantan
In honor of
Some limited-edition watches are meant to commemorate a particular event, or a particular memory. To mark the 100th anniversary of the 1911 revolution, it is also on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the company, which has launched the Reverso large scale ultrathin wristwatch in Taiwan. The wristwatch is designed by the integrator Taiwan and Swiss general plant. The sculptor has carved the map of Taiwan into the watch case. With the reversible mechanism, the case can be moved to the left or right, the surface and the back can be interchangeable.
The company Reverso large ultrathin wristwatch
For art
It’s not surprising that the tabulation industry and the art world’s celebrity partners have come up with new design ideas that make the watches look more alive. Pooper teamed up with top jewelry designer jin zeyyu to launch the “Vileret” series of ultra-thin ladybug watches, 18K platinum and red gold. He is famous for his work as a printing and dyeing embroidery artist, and has been designing and making jewelry since 1994. In the dial of the bauble’s ultra-thin watch, a ladybug pattern made by Mr. Kanazawa is embedded in delicate and delicate gems.
Pooper teamed up with top jewelry designer jin zeyu to launch the “Vileret” series of ultra-thin ladybug watches

Due to technical
Mechanical watch making process is very complicated, if it is the women’s wear mechanical watch, and the requirement for decoration, the production cost is higher. The gafc DecorMakis advanced gem table incorporates the essence of jewelry and watch making, platinum jewellery bracelets, diamond-studded diamonds, sapphire, pink gems and onyx. White gold diamond case, pearl shell dial. Each gem used in the jewelry list conforms to the strict standard set by the brand jeweler. The shape of the flower in the center of the wristwatch can be opened or closed, and the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, with only one world.

Patek philippe launched a new super complex function time series wrist watch

Replica Patek philippe 2017 new wrist watch, super complex function time Canon. In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, including the super complicated function time series that set off the clock again. Super function of complex time series platinum watches is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, classic blue day across half the gold dial luxury honourable, blocks of solid the material for the dial, 18 k gold dial square scale grain pure handmade crocodile leather strap.

replica Patek philippe

Patek philippe is the world’s leading wrist watch brand, its table altar hegemony is unshakable. As a famous Swiss watch brand, patek philippe has a number of patents on the manufacturing process of clocks and watches, and each craftsmanship is worth more than $13,000.
Which is in patek philippe watch history, had sold a price as high as 11 million yuan HenryGraves pocket watch, this watch has up to 41 countries and regions of the world time, set the world record for the watch industry. Patek philippe has been insisting on the perfect clock, exquisite carving skill has conquered countless people, has become the immortal classics.

replica Patek philippe watches

In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, among which the super complex function time series set off the clock again. The platinum watch machine core USES is manual winding way, is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, with calendar, the date can be achieved by pointer, according to the function of complex timing is reflected in the watch to accumulate timing 60 minutes, strong internal timer function also contains the dial at the bottom of the small second hand dial.