Replica Patek Philippe was used for 40 years, with a detailed solution of the Replica Patek Philippe 240

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the 240-core 240. So I’d like to share with you some stories about 240 cores.Replica Patek Philippe in the mainstream models at present, using the movement of species actually not much.

Replica Patek Philippe

mainly is the following kinds: 324 automatic winding machine, 240 automatic winding machine, 215 manual winding machine, automatic CH28 timing stopwatch, CH29 manual timing. Most watches and complex functions are based on these cores. 240 is one of the more special automatic machine core, because 240 machine core is a “pearl tuo” automatic winding machine core, which is also one of the few pearl tuo cores in the world of watches.

Replica Patek Philippe

Amazingly, 240 was launched in 1977.
Brothers familiar with the world of watches know that the 1970s and 1980s were in the midst of a “quartz crisis”. The precise quartz movement captured the watch market at a low price. Many brands and factories that do mechanical watches, machinery and machinery have failed. In this environment, Replica Patek Philippe decided to invest in a new type of machine (I don’t know what Replica Patek Philippe was thinking), which is today’s 240 pearl tuo machine.

Replica Patek Philippe
The 240 machine core is designed to be a super thin automatic winding machine using the pearl tuo. Replica Patek Philippe’s positioning for the core is a classic, elegant style of watch. From this watch, we can also see the positioning of Replica Patek Philippe for 240 cores in 1977, when the first 240-piece wristwatch was 3738 (which is the Ellipse series pillow). 240 movement away from the environment, and quartz movement precision than walking, as the price is low, Replica Patek Philippe instead to highlight the 240 movement of exquisite, burnish, intrinsic value as well as the mechanical movement eternal, for a long time, because as long as in good maintenance, the mechanical movement can always fresh).
Replica Patek Philippe 240 the place is very strong is, although is an automatic upper string machine core, but very thin. Replica Patek Philippe 215 ultra thin manual upper chord with a thickness of 2.55mm, 240mm thickness is only 2.53mm, and the automatic 240 is thinner than the manual 215. The same is automatic, the rolex 3135 is 6 mm thick, and two 240 piles are thinner than 3135.
Because Replica Patek Philippe, 240 by the small size, not the center of automatic tuo, 240 design team is clear that the benefits of this design is thin, but the problem is that the automatic small tuo, low efficiency of top chord (240 by Gerard Berret design). An actual example, often said that one of my brothers he Cartier is easy to stop, because some types of Cartier with small size ETA2671 automatic winding machine, 2671 can be regarded as a small version of the 2824, though it is a full-sized central automatic tuo, but because the automatic is small, light weight, so the string efficiency is not enough, if one day sit office activity is not enough, motivation can only support 1 day. So for this problem, the 240 core USES a 22K gold mini automatic tuo to add weight. Bent at the same time, using 240 one-way, on the one hand, in order to reduce the thickness of the automatic gear train (to reduce the reversing gear), at the same time in order to increase the effective stroke of winding process, because the two-way winding, automatic tuo reversing stage within the rotating Angle, bent in this Angle is invalid. Replica Patek Philippe another “black technology” is to optimize the shape of gear tooth, improve the power efficiency by modifying the shape of the gear tooth, reduce the power loss, and maintain torque stability. Because of mechanical watch from spring to the escapement wheel transmission is essentially a 4th level speed device, through the four gear with acceleration, a gear is a gear spin faster, a little more than a gear, gear so dramatic loss of torque in the process of the transmission, Replica Patek Philippe by changing the gear tooth shape, try to reduce the torque. The information I know is that the power loss is 20 percent less than that of the normal 28800 pendulum with the optimization of tooth teeth and the 240th time/time 240.
During these 40 years, 240 of the cores have also undergone some changes, and different models have been developed.
Replica Patek Philippe 3940
In 1985, Replica Patek Philippe developed 240Q on the basis of 240. I think many of us should have no sense of the 240Q number, but the core of this machine is very familiar to all of you, which is the core of the 394m calendar (Q stands for the perpetual calendar). Because 240 is itself very thin, the thickness is only 3.75 mm (think rolex 3135 is 6 mm thick). 3940 is one of Replica Patek Philippe’s most famous perpetual calendar, the size of 36 millimeter matches the small dial on the disk, the proportion is very harmonious, very beautiful.
Replica Patek Philippe 5015
Replica Patek Philippe 5712
In 1994, Replica Patek Philippe launched 240PS on the basis of 240. Again, you may not have any sense of Numbers, but this is a very familiar version. Replica Patek Philippe used 240PS for the first time on 5015, and 240PS on the top left of the disk has the power to show that there is a moonlight on the bottom left, and a small second hand at 5 points (PS stands for small second hand). That’s right. It’s now the nautilus’s 5712. The 5712 of the steel shell is now one of the hottest and most overpriced watches of Replica Patek Philippe.
Replica Patek Philippe 5130
In 2000, Replica Patek Philippe launched 240HU on 240 basis. For the first time, 240HU was used on 5110. This machine core is familiar, actually is now 5130, 5131, 5230 of the machine core (HU is representing the world). Replica Patek Philippe has installed the universal time module on 240HU, which is the city outer ring with the distinctive features of Replica Patek Philippe, which we are all familiar with. After installing the universal time module, the thickness of 240HU is only 3.88mm thick.
Replica Patek Philippe 5102
In front of these very common 240 versions, there are some special versions of 240. The first is 240LU CL C although this model is more complicated, but I would like to use the watch of this machine core, many players will know, 5102. This is the Replica Patek Philippe in the starry sky and the Milky Way. I remember that David Beckham also wore this watch. Because the 240 machine itself is automatic and very thin, it is very suiReplica Replica Patek Philippe for adding various complex functions. So we can see that a lot of complicated PP is 240.
Replica Patek Philippe 5550
Another special 240 is the Replica Patek Philippe “advanced research series” for 240 on 5550. The 5550 is a calendar in the advanced research series, which is based on 5940. The original 240 core was transformed. The main line is the rotation of Spiromax silicon on 240, Pulsomax silicon escapement (including silicon capture wheel, escapement fork) and very special GyromaxSi wheel. The 5550 is mainly about the nature of the new technology. The power went from 48 hours to 70 hours, with an improved 240 core
Replica Patek Philippe 6006
At present, Replica Patek Philippe is used in each type of watch 240 machine core, already USES silicon to swim silk. In this year’s Replica Patek Philippe’s new watch, the most important watch, using 240, is 6000 replacement model 6006.