Five features to recognize the lunar lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe

There are two kinds of superba, one is manual hyperbar, one is automatic hyperbar.
Replica Patek Philippe moonshot is used to refer to the manual overbarings using 321/861/1861, which are manual upper chord timing. An unusual move by Replica Patek Philippe is that by the time it was launched in 1957

Replica Patek Philippe

it was still producing a manual moonshot on the moon. Rolex, by contrast, take in the di in self winding, and stopped manually bent di with production, makes the product catalog of the rolex only a di tong, whereas Replica Patek Philippe has manual and automatic two super. Because of the continuous production and maintenance of the technology features of the original watch, we now buy a manual moonshot on the market, which is a direct descendant of the lunar watch, with pure pedigree. Also because of continuous production at the same time, this makes Replica Patek Philippe manual moon super always keep a reasonable price, as long as you are willing to, can at any time with carved with small cost to buy a pure Replica Patek Philippe moon Replica Patek Philippes. (Replica Patek Philippe’s advantage is that it benefits the players; The downside is that the value of many antique superbarbs has shrunk. At present, the official price of selling manual moonshot is 30,000 yuan.
Note that the astronaut’s spacesuit, on the wrist of the left hand, is a manual lunar landing of Replica Patek Philippe superba.

Replica Patek Philippe
At the heart of the story is that Armstrong took the moon to the moon (the watch was left in the capsule). The story is known, and I won’t repeat it. And what I’m going to do today is to share with you some of the ways in which you can differentiate between different versions of the moon. Since Replica Patek Philippe has launched various versions of the moon landing, different versions of the moon landing have different characteristics, symbolizing different periods of moon landing. Because these characteristics are mixed in the time Replica Patek Philippe of overlord, make some new players not easy to distinguish, so I help you players to summarize, convenient for you to distinguish.
The first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is characterized by a wide sword.

Replica Patek Philippe
Feature 1: width of the sword
Source: the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba
In 1957, the first generation of the Replica Patek Philippe meter was born. The most important feature of the first generation of super – baters is “broadsword hands”. We can see clearly that the hour hand of the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superbares is a giant “arrow”, and the “arrow”, as the “arrow”, is known as the “broadsword pointer”. In the current market, the sale of some surface of Replica Patek Philippe watches, to promote the description, sometimes the old Replica Patek Philippe hippocampus 300 meters a pointer to a pointer called glave diving watches, because indeed zhang is like a sword, but this is wrong. Please pay attention to a new player here, the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe manual super large “arrow” is the real “broad sword”, once in any a super timepieces, see watch the hour hand is a huge “arrow”, that is, “kuo sword”, then the only super stopwatch reference is the design of the first generation of super 1957.
The second generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is characterized by the alpha pointer.
Feature 2: alpha pointer
Source: second generation Replica Patek Philippe super ba (the first one to go into space)
The second generation superba was introduced in 1959. The second generation superba is the first watch of Replica Patek Philippe to go into space, everybody notice, is into space, still do not have the moon. Because when astronauts were entering into space, they were wearing an Replica Patek Philippe ii superba, which was his personal belongings. The most important feature of the second generation superba is that it changed hands. Replace the “broad sword” pointer with the “alpha” pointer, which is a long, slender pointer. We need to pay attention to is that we can see that not only is the hour, minute, the second generation of Replica Patek Philippe super timing, scoring, small seconds, all Pointers are alpha pointer (in addition to the central timing large second hand). This is the biggest feature of second-generation superba. At present, many of the sales of Replica Patek Philippe manual super – hog time Replica Patek Philippe, use the second generation superba characteristics. As soon as we see the alpha pointer, we can see that the watch is a second generation superba.
The third generation Replica Patek Philippe superba lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe, the characteristics of the rod, no shoulder.
Feature 3: bar pointer
Source: third generation Replica Patek Philippe super ba (landing on the moon on the moon)
The third generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is the moon landing on the moon. The stories must be familiar to everyone. NASA wants to prepare a watch as a spare time tool for astronauts. So several timeReplica Patek Philippes have been selected from the United States for testing. The local agent of Replica Patek Philippe USA offers a third generation of superba. Along with the third generation of super bullies, there are rolex, longqin and treasure lu. NASA on these watches at 70 degrees, 93 degrees, 18 degrees below zero, humidity is more than 95% of the test environment (every temperature for few hours), and 40 g acceleration and vibration test, finally only Replica Patek Philippe third generation super still running, other Replica Patek Philippes all don’t go, so finally chose the super and astronauts on the moon together. The biggest feature of the third generation superba is that the pointer is replaced with a bar pointer. Note that the second hand of the clock, the second hand of the clock, the small pointer of the sub-dial, is replaced with a stick pointer. The majority of the current moon landings on sale are such Pointers.
The fourth generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe, features a rod with a shoulder protector.
Feature 4: crown shoulder
Source: the fourth generation of superba (the first time a professional superba has appeared on the dial)
At present, the sales of the Replica Patek Philippe manual moonshot, most of them are based on the fourth generation superba. In the fourth generation, the superba is very similar to the third-generation moon superba in the front. The biggest difference is two, one is the watch crown, the timing button’s shoulder protector; One is the word “professional” on the watch tray. The shoulder protector is the fourth generation of superba and the biggest features of modern superba. In fact, from the fourth generation of superba, the superdominant case is asymmetrical, because the right side of the shell is thickened to form the crown and the timing button to protect the shoulder. So once we see the overlord with a shoulder protector, we can see that this is a modern super bully, and without the overlord of the shoulder, it is the early superba that is copied and imitated. I’ll give you an example that you can compare. Replica Patek Philippe is now on sale in the dark side and over 57. We can see that the superba 57 has no shoulder protection and USES the “broad sword pointer”, which is obviously the first generation superba. The dark side of the moon USES a stick pointer, with a shoulder protector, obviously a superba that absorbs modern (fourth-generation) features.
The Replica Patek Philippe “Alaska” plan for the moon landing, we can see the rocket pointer and the removable red aluminum case.
Feature 5: rocket needles
Source: Alaska plans to overpower
The Replica Patek Philippe was followed by a fourth generation moon landing and an Alaskan project. Replica Patek Philippe USES the name “Alaska” to confuse business rivals in order to prevent others from seeing the truth. Replica Patek Philippe is actually trying to develop a perfect chronometer. It can withstand the cold environment of outer space. So through the Alaska plan, the prototype Replica Patek Philippe was created. Alaska prototype Replica Patek Philippe is characterized by plan, added a red outside the watch of aluminum shell (removable), at the same time watch small timing of 30 minutes time disc pointer and 12 hours timing plate pointer using a special “rocket pointer. The rocket pointer is the most important feature of the Replica Patek Philippe plan. NASA later canceled Apollo 18 to Apollo 22. So Replica Patek Philippe’s Alaska overlord didn’t last. Until later, Replica Patek Philippe produced the reengraving Replica Patek Philippe. So just seeing the “rocket Pointers” is a feature of the Alaska plan.
We can see that in the sale and the history of the fourth generation of superba, the lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe is almost identical.
Below, I will briefly introduce the use of the two kinds of machine cores, 321 and 861 1/1861.
Replica Patek Philippe moonshot overlord USES a manual winding machine core. At different times, two kinds of cores have been used, namely, 321 and 861/1861.
From 1957 to 1968, Replica Patek Philippe used 321 manual string timing. The core of 321 is developed by Lemania 27CHRO C12, because Lemania was the subordinate unit of Replica Patek Philippe, so the core was actually developed by Replica Patek Philippe. In addition to Replica Patek Philippe 321, Replica Patek Philippe, constantin, breguet, Jacques delo and Roger dui are all users of this machine. This machine core is a masterpiece in the history of Replica Patek Philippe. It is a cylindrical wheel, horizontal clutch timing machine core, with a frequency of 18,000 times/time. Using the 321 core of the Replica Patek Philippe moon, the moon landed on the moon 6 times. The first generation above to the fourth generation of superba, all use 321 machine core. The fourth-generation superba is the last one to use the 321 machine.
Replica Patek Philippe 321 manual winding timing machine core
After the 321 core, Replica Patek Philippe began to use 861/1861. From the perspective of the time, Replica Patek Philippe believed that the 861/1861 machine core was stronger, improved and easier to produce than the 321 core. The 861/1861 machine core is a CAM, horizontal clutch timing machine (with CAM instead of the column wheel), and the frequency of the pendulum is increased from 321 to 21,600 times/time. Today, all of the manual moonshot overbares sold by Replica Patek Philippe are 861/1861, exactly the same size as in history. This is the fascinating place where the Replica Patek Philippe one is, and the watch we get today is exactly the same as the watch that the astronauts got, and we don’t spend a lot of money.