Replica Patek Philippe Miniature pendulums are endless possibilities

Although compact, Replica Patek Philippe is widely used. Micro-rotor is enjoying a boom, and the watchmaking industry has focused its spotlight on its excellence.

As with traditional Replica Patek Philippe pendulums, miniature pendulums are used for automatic core strings, but their size, shape and position are distinct. The conventional pendula is a flat, half plate placed at the top of the core. Miniature pendulum is a small and slightly thick half plate, fully integrated into the core. In 1957, the miniature pendulum was invented at the same time as the earl of Buren and the earl of Piaget, and popularized by Universal Geneve. It represents the industry’s relentless pursuit of technical performance, and of course in order to make the core and wrist watch thin and elegant. Replica Patek Philippetwo goals are still there, but more strongly. The first three companies, only the earl of Piaget, continued to use the miniature pendula, which proved to be a decisive factor in the second ultra-thin tabulation competition in 2000. It should also be noted that the fourth player who plays a key role in this area: Replica Patek Philippe. In 1977, in the quartz crisis, Replica Patek Philippe developed the Caliber 240 super thin automatic winding machine core. To this end, Replica Patek Philippe has recruited the creator of the Universal Geneve machine core, which provides a vivid and important experience for the construction of a unique miniature pendulum.
Replica Patek Philippe Calibre 240 ultra thin automatic upper string machine core
In the 2000s, the pursuit of perfection and diversity was part of the great Renaissance of mechanical watchmaking. To stand out, many brands have chosen to apply micro-pendulums, even though there are inherent flaws in these pendulums. Compared with the conventional large-sized pendulums, miniature pendulums have low inertia and low winding efficiency. For example, the same simulation of everyday wear, montblanc’s new miniature pendulums are 11 hours full on the Cyclotest machine and only eight hours for a conventional wheel. To make up for this, miniature pendulums are usually made of high density materials, which are more affordable and have tungsten, while the luxury ones are 22K gold or platinum, so that the standard is even more efficient. Some of Roger dupey’s core, the Vaucher Caliber 5401, used by hermes, RICHARD MILLE Richards and palmer, and the Caliber 1.98 of Chopard Chopin’s app, are all so. The Caliber 1.98 core can provide up to 65 hours of power reserve.
In 2002, GP chipper developed a variation of the three-jinqiao flywheel, placed miniature pendulums under the box, and the string was undetected. MCT, based on the Peseux 7001 machine core, creates the autonomous machine core, which is still in use today. And then Laurent Ferrier. The elegant technology and unique scheme of miniature pendulums is still prevalent, with at least three brands making the choice in 2017: Romain Gauthier, Peter Speake- Marin, and Bell & Ross (via the chip supplier MHC). The big brands are still exploring the optimization techniques of miniature pendulums, ergonomics and the best fiber ratio, and the technology choices of the panahai and Carl f. Bucherer are representatives of current trends. The heavier the material and the bigger the size, the higher the efficiency. With the development of The Times, the size of the wrist watch and the core of the machine is getting bigger and bigger. The diameter of the Replica Patek Philippe is 27.5 mm in diameter and the diameter of BVLGARI bulgari’s BVL138 is 36.6mm in diameter. From the simplest to the most complex (such as the Grande do DE Cartier), the concept has become more flexible and more applicable.

In general, miniature pendulum is a kind of economical core thickness, which makes the ultra-thin core. Release the spare space and present a good scheme of exquisite hollow-out. But the miniature pendulum is not cheap, with only a few brands offering a miniature scale with a price below 10,000 francs, Replica Patek Philippe is still the exclusive preserve of high-end watches and connoisseurs

The big fly can see narrow Replica Patek Philippe ring from this Angle

The easiest place to hit a Replica Patek Philippe watch is the ring. The underwater watch is good, especially now the high-end diving watches are ceramic circles, not too afraid to knock. But the general steel shell, the golden shell watch will not. Many watch glass and watch circles are basically flat, so they must be knocked to the watch ring first. The steel ring and the golden circle are soft, and it is easy to leave a cut.Replica Patek Philippe and circle the watches above the glass, ke will be into the glass, so we won’t be able to upon a watches circle (of course, in addition to the Replica Patek Philippe several watches also is such, I getReplica Patek Philippe a representative).
Some people will say, “don’t you get a glass?” Really, glass is really “not afraid to knock”. Because everybody knows, the watches mirror glass of high-grade watch now is sapphire glass, it is artificial sapphire. Diamond is the highest hardness, diamond mohs hardness is 10, sapphire row 2 mohs hardness is 9, steel’s mohs hardness is around 6 (because different steel will be a little different).
Replica Patek Philippe raised glass can protect watch rings, especially dog teeth.And some people think, well, that’s not a bad number, right? In fact, the hardness gap between each number is quite large, for example, the diamond is 10, the sapphire is 9, the gap in the middle is that the diamond is 100 times as hard as the sapphire. The gap between each level is a huge amount. So sapphire glass is harder than steel shell.Replica Patek Philippe usually hit the sapphire glass, and it didn’t leave a trace. Here’s a lot about dog teeth. Because the dog tooth ring is golden ring, itself is soft, and the Angle is sharp, the cut is a mouth. Sapphire glass, which is above the watches ring, protects the dog’s teeth very well and does not easily get on the dog’s teeth.
Replica Patek Philippe’s watch glass is also higher than one.
Is it OK to have glass protection? That’s not it.
The sapphire glass, which is more than a piece of sapphire (including other watches that use it), usually looks good, but the most tragic thing is to knock the glass down. And the fraternity said, don’t you say sapphire glass isn’t afraid to crack? Usually small bump does not have a problem, but sometimes it is such an inch, do not know when to hit the heavy, sapphire glass also can knock out. Because of this situation, I’ve done it twice. One watches was knocked to six points, one of which was knocked to two points, and all of them were knocked out of the mouth.
Replica Patek Philippe glass that has been knocked down a number of times. The glass had been knocked and had to be changed.
The steel shell, the gold shell and the basic can be repaired, or you grind a mill can make it not so obvious. It’s really heavy, it’s glass, it’s glass, it’s not fixed. Is more expensive, the official actually a glass don’t have much money, more than 1000 pieces (green glass a glass is about more than 3000), but the authorities need to put the machine together to do maintenance in glass, because in the glass, machine core out, if you don’t wash oil is likely to be because into such reasons are not up to the standard of the original ash (is this kind of reason). If you do that, you can add a glass and a wick to wash the oil, which is more than 4, 000 (the green glass is more expensive).
We can see the prominent part of the green glass, which is more expensive. The price is very high.
In recent months, I have felt that I have been repairing my watch, not that there is something wrong with this list, that there is something wrong with that watch, and that there is still one that has not been repaired. Fortunately, the recent two watches are still in the insurance. So the brothers, no matter what watch, wear on hand can not be too “wayward”.

Why is the Replica Patek Philippe glass taller than the watch?

Home type of wrist watch: original author: Replica Patek Philippe is not too late to get straight to the point. Brothers, if you look atReplica Patek Philippe in your hands, you will find that the Replica Patek Philippe watch glass is a bit above the watch watches. Many years ago, when I first started buying my watch, I found that Replica Patek Philippe’s glass was different from other watches, and I was curious to see that Replica Patek Philippe glass was a bit taller. But after all, it’s just a glass, a look, a word passed.
I think many brothers have noticed thatReplica Patek Philippe’s glass is a bit higher than the watch
Until then, I finally knew whyReplica Patek Philippe had made the glass a bit higher.
Rolex glass watches above circle, at first I wondered, also told friends thatReplica Patek Philippe don’t know why the glass is higher, the design is reasonable, easy cracking ah. Then one day, I wore a iwc (now think, all the nations back and forth I also bought several only, I really liked the look of the iwc), I didn’t notice it when I was walking, coupled with the nations of the watchess are big, put on the watches to watches. The watches was made of tempered glass, and it was not too heavy to be felt. When looking at the watches, the watches was knocked out of several holes. In order to make the watches big, the watch circle is very narrow and sharp, and the finished circle is like a hole in the knife. I think the brothers in the world will know what it is like. I can’t fix it myself, and I’m in a bad mood.
The world is very large because it is very narrow.
My friends around me also told me that his watch was also easy to crack and leave a hole in his watch. I later learned a little more, and found that I was a little bit weak, but a breach. There is a brother dai 7, the weight of the impact, all affect the dial. Because the watch coil was knocked into the dial, the dial was broken.
The flight meter is also very narrow
I thought to myself, before I felt that theReplica Patek Philippe also felt very often, why did not leave the mouth? I looked at the work in my hand and found that there were few scratches except the circle. Before seems to hear people say,Replica Patek Philippe watch mirror is used to protect watches circle, I also don’t understand at the time, I really believe,Replica Patek Philippe watches circle, higher than that of glass mirror is used to protect watches circle.