Any topic related to similar rankings would be easy to attract attention and spread easily

A few days ago, a picture about the brand’s market share in 2017 was circulated in the circle of friends. Any topic related to similar rankings would be easy to attract attention and spread easily.

 Replica Patek Philippe
Such as “top ten Replica Patek Philippe” said, “a few classes such as” said, these limitations from the region or taxonomy is already unseasonable, there are many media repeatedly to explain its origin and meaning, but against the spread of the masses, effectiveness, however, are still frequently cited.
It was a simple pie chart, and rolex, who made up nearly a fifth of the total population, could see it better. The rest of the pie was smaller, and the more you had to zoom in later. At the bottom of the image is a line in English indicating that the data came from estimates by Morgan Stanley’s luxury consulting division.
Share charts circulated in the circle of friends
The top 10 brands are rolex, omega, rontgen, patek philippe, Cartier, shuttle, ipi, IWC world, teghaoya and jijia.
Rolex, patek philippe and Abby are privately owned family businesses and have no obligation to disclose sales figures. Omega, and Cartier brand, belong to sReplica Patek Philippe and richemont listed companies, but the parent company earnings data usually only revenues and profits of the whole group, there are very few single brand sales, at most emphasize some brand won the alarming rate.
So in the text used the word “estimate”, ever also have financial or consultancy report published a similar market share, they each have each data model, the results generally poor is not poor.
For example, when Apple launched its new product in 2017, cook said that the Apple Replica Patek Philippe has surpassed rolex in sales and become the first brand in the wrist Replica Patek Philippe market. The fans in the audience were jubilant, and we also saw the excitement.
In September 2017, Apple announced that the Apple Replica Patek Philippe was the largest market share
But now this list, let us have an obvious question: how did the Cartier that competes with omega for the position in the list before fall into the fifth place?
Remember 2016, cook announced Replica Patek Philippe Apple sales for the first time, Replica Patek Philippe fans on the list in front of the Replica Patek Philippe and Fossil is not cold, Apple is the omega row against Apple before the Cartier, there is a smile.
In the apple data model, the traditional top three are rolex, omega and Cartier
In recent years, the traditional wrist Replica Patek Philippe brand, rolex market share is the first without dispute, and the second position, omega and Cartier all think that they are the best fit to sit there. One is sReplica Patek Philippe group master flower Dan, the other is rifeng group cash cow, tit-for-tat competition, should be so

If let kadeya see this picture, discover oneself arrange in Europe rice eggplant, wave qin and 100 da feili unexpectedly hind, cannot spirit half dead? If that’s Morgan Stanley’s estimate, it could be the Cartier Replica Patek Philippe.
Perhaps because the emperor’s jeweler was too famous, Cartier’s Replica Patek Philippe looked like a sideline.
In fact, Cartier is a real, time-honored Replica Patek Philippe brand — it was made in 1904 for the explorer Santos to wear a suiReplica Patek Philippe wrist Replica Patek Philippe for pilots. The Tank series, inspired by world war I tanks, also celebrated its centenary. And the Chinese wrist Replica Patek Philippe market flourishes these ten years, mention kadeya blue balloon, the person that loves a Replica Patek Philippe is not unfamiliar.
Jacqueline’s Cartier tank
In order to obtain sales performance of a single brand, it is not possible to find data in public materials except to conduct investment research at the brand headquarters. But Cartier is an exception, and if you read richemont’s results carefully, you can still estimate the size of the Cartier Replica Patek Philippe market.
Rifeng group is divided into three divisions according to the brand: Cartier and van cleef & arpels constitute the jewelry department; Brand names such as John Chiang, runge, jinjia and Roger dupe constitute the professional Replica Patek Philippe department. Other business divisions include montblanc, dunhill and Chloe.
The results of these three departments will be announced, and the jewelry department will naturally include the jewelry products of Cartier and van cleef & arpels, as well as their respective wrist Replica Patek Philippe products.
At the same time, the report will recompile sales data by product category, including jewelry, Replica Patek Philippees, writing tools, fashion leather goods and five other parts.
Cartier jewelry
Because van cleef wrist Replica Patek Philippe business is not large, and the earl jewelry business contribution is low, the scale of general can offset, so you can use richemont jewelry department performance, minus the jewelry products performance, to estimate the Cartier Replica Patek Philippe sales: the 2017 fiscal year the data more than 1.8 billion euros, 2016 fiscal year nearly 2.2 billion euros, and the 2015 fiscal year is more than 2.3 billion euros.
Although the data contains some errors, but basically can evaluate Cartier Replica Patek Philippe the status of the performance, the size of the market, close to 2 billion euros as well as you can see, in recent years, Cartier Replica Patek Philippees sales trend is not so good, and jewelry is sReplica Patek Philippe growth.
Looking back at the market share chart of the brand, Cartier wrist Replica Patek Philippe will exceed 1.8 billion euros in 2017, which should be placed in the same number of shares with omega.
Otherwise to omega, longines, tissot and breguet, calculate their sales scale of nearly 7 billion euros, has converted to the Swiss franc is 8.3 billion, the 8 billion has more income than the sReplica Patek Philippe group, obviously is not reasonable.
Liu shishi wears an omega constellation
/ / /
In addition to Cartier position, if a careful analysis of the image, place and there are many worthy of scrutiny: Chopin and spirit in one hundred, for example, the two well-known brand, large and not on the list; For example, radar and SReplica Patek Philippe, SReplica Patek Philippe group sales performance good low – and medium-end brands did not appear..
But there is a more than a quarter the size of the figure on the “other”, in front of the fan can also explain the problem with the gray, but the Cartier fifth, fall behind patek philippe, this is worth thinking about.
Our observation should be related to the slowing down of Cartier wrist Replica Patek Philippe itself in recent years, as well as the rise of passion of patek philippe brand. This graph data is probably influenced by similar public opinion.
Cartier has been rolling out new Replica Patek Philippe lines in recent years, CLE, DRIVE, PANTHERE, and SANTOS, but it hasn’t yet achieved the brand’s expectations to replace the blue balloon as the next Icon.
But on the other side of the patek philippe, represented by stainless steel nautilus, market heat jumped very fast, a Replica Patek Philippe is hard to find, “the more we get, the more beautiful”, the primary market queuing has been to a year later. Nearly crazy and the secondary market, sotheby’s spring sales in Hong Kong in April 2018, a native to nautilus steel 5711, 2008, nearly 500000 Hong Kong dollars, the currency conversion is close to 400000, is a brand of very very almost twice as much.
Yuan yongyi and wu zhenyu wore nautilus
A senior tabulation brand entry price to 10000 Swiss francs, annual production of nearly 60000, market sales are so, with a term of soil, patek philippe success can only be summed up as “hungry marketing”.
Think carefully, those star that you see in the friend circle wears the photograph of popular model patek philippe, be pure really “flaunt wealth”? This picture says patek philippe market share ranked fourth? Cartier disagrees

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