4.1 million! The most expensive patek philippe ref.2526 Replica Patek Philippees were born

A platinum Replica Patek Philippe by patek philippe ref.2526 was recently sold by Heritage Auctions for a record $642,500, including commission, or about 4.1 million USD.
Ref.2526 was developed in 1953 and was equipped with the Caliber 12-600at, the first automatic winding machine core of patek philippe. The core is rare, has a production life of only eight years and is used to assemble only a handful of models, widely regarded as one of the best auto cores of all time. Among them, the ref.2526 is modern in size, consistent in aesthetics, and low in production. It is one of the most favored and collectible models (equipped with Caliber 12-600at core). As far as we know, no more than 600 ref.2526 Replica Patek Philippees are made from precious metals, of which only 20 are made from platinum.
Previously, only 5 ref.2526 platinum wristbands were known to have enamel dial. It was the sixth and only Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. ‘s signature Patek Philippe ref.2526 enamelled platinum wrist Replica Patek Philippe. In addition, the Replica Patek Philippe comes with Tiffany & Co. ‘s original platinum chain, and the case, dial and mirror are in good condition. It is these factors that make it the most precious patek philippe ref.2526 Replica Patek Philippe to appear in the auction market.

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