Patek philippe cuff links open a new way of life for men

Eileen chang once said that “the cufflinks of men are like delicate earrings for women”, which are exclusive jewelry for noble gentlemen. It first appeared in the 17th century, but it was not really popular until the 19th century that cuff links the development of men’s shirts.
Close-up details of the portrait (illustration) show the attached buttons hanging from the open shirt collar.
More than 300 years ago, the French bourbon dynasty had a great king, Louis xiv, he not only makes France at that time Europe’s most powerful nation, will also be the French society culture and fashion art reached unprecedented heights. As usual, the king and his guests wore lavish costumes and held lavish court balls at the palace of Versailles. During this time, the royal aristocracy used ribbons and satin to tie delicate lace around the neck, chest and wrist areas. The aim is to prevent dust and cold wind from entering the sleeve, while also having decorative effects. But for the aristocratic gentlemen of the time when the art of French living was in vogue, the ribbon clearly did not reveal their noble status. In the last years of Louis xiv’s reign, the problem was solved. Some fashion gentlemen have invented a metal disc with two ends, with a chain attached to the middle of the “sleeve chain” instead of ribbon, satin tied to their dress lace. The decoration soon became popular with royalty and the rich. Because of the use of precious metal on the material, even inlaid various precious stones, so from birth put on the noble aura, “sleeve chain” also became the symbol of noble status and wealth.
Cufflinks painted on the surface

Along with the industrial revolution in the late 18th century and the impact of the machine age and romanticism, a great revolution took place in the “cuff links”. The “industrial revolution” is like an experienced craftsman reinterpreting the decorative masterpieces of the Renaissance with a mechanized technique and unconventional approach. Replace the chain with the link of the rod and clip to facilitate wearing with one hand. Under the craftsman’s interpretation, the “cuff links” developed into the “cuff links” that are now commonly seen with a stick on the back.
Although cuff links have been around for a long time, cuff designs for cufflinks were not created until the mid-19th century. It is said that the French tailor, on the basis of the alexandre dumas novel “the count of monte cristo” described in “a, wearing a shirt cuff wear shining diamond” for design inspiration, invented the “musketeers cuff” (also known as the French cuffs) shirt. The length of the sleeve is twice that of the ordinary shirt, and there is no button, the upper and lower symmetry has buttonholes, which can be fixed through the buttonholes after folding. The appearance of armband of musket hand makes cufflinks become a tide of luxuriant adornment truly, and paved the way for the development of cufflinks.
Today, cufflinks are more versatile. Cufflinks of all kinds of materials and styles are sui Replica Patek Philippe for different occasions and reflect different life personalities of the wearer. The wearing and collocation of cuff links is also a compulsory course for modern gentlemen.
How to wear the cuff
Unlike other accessories, cufflinks are usually paired with French double-sleeved shirts. French shirt above cuffs, pay attention to when using cufflinks will be double cuffs fold together, cufflinks handle through the first French shirt cuff button hole, then put the shirt cuff end to tidy, finally spinning cufflinks, button get stuck. The wearer’s other accessories should also be fitted with cufflinks to keep color as uniform as possible. If cannot unify really, let belt buckle, collar clip and sleeve buckle are the same color. For the low-key, introverted men, metal material modeling simple cufflinks, is a good choice. The sleeve fastener that enchased colour gem, hollow-out spends more suit character extrovert man. The sleeve buckles of current all sorts of styles, let a man have rich choice, and its also become the sheet that measures a man’s grade is tasted.
French cuffs
The birth of cufflinks and evolution, providing is not only the royal noble and elegant gentlemen culture symbol of the eternal in the heart, also change, affect the global elite lifestyle and ideology. However, in the history of the rings, there are also as cuff links general treasures, after years of precipitation more and more precious, patek philippe brand is such. Since its creation in 1839, patek philippe has been exploring and pursuing the strictest standards of craftsmanship. From queen Victoria gift husband prince Albert gift to for Hungary Kocewicz countess made the first Swiss Replica Patek Philippe, which embody the patek philippe unchallenged exalted status in the world famous. In order to continue the reputation and status of this heritage, patek philippe launched cufflinks, for the contemporary noble gentleman to bring sincere work. At the same time, women’s accessories are popular, creating a number of brilliant products for men, bringing a different modern style, opening a new lifestyle for elite men.
5740 / lG – 001

In 2018, the new

205.9057 G – 013

Nautilus series cuff links adopt the round and smooth octagonal design style, which integrates multiple different materials skillfully. The extraordinary design is amazing, and it is undoubtedly the best partner of the Nautilus series wrist Replica Patek Philippe by patek philippe. Nautilus series new calendar wrist Replica Patek Philippe, the precise and complex technology into the leisure sports style, with blue sunray cuff links, vitality. Cufflinks and wrist Replica Patek Philippe reflect each other, with unparalleled elegant taste to show the most dynamic life style of men.
205.9083 R5-001

Calatrava cross star cuff button, rose gold style.
Patek philippe’s men’s life delicate and diverse, with an eclectic contemporary style. In addition to the dynamic design style, the Calatrava series of cufflinks with the iconic cross star design as the main creative element show the brave and independent side of contemporary men’s life. The spirit of chivalry is praised with the rich texture.

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