The combination of bright and elegant appreciation patek philippe

For modern women, the significance of a wrist chronometer is no longer as simple as a timing tool. It is more about the wearer’s unique charm and taste. And this kind of wrist Replica Patek Philippe also produces change in the design, abandoned the traditional non-gold namely the piling up that drill, pay more attention to on practical function, exclusive style to present thereby. Top Swiss tabulation brand patek philippe is in this way, on the basis of the traditional classical tabulation aesthetics, will be in addition to the time display and simple date of complex functions into the new ms chronometer, again with the luxury of precious metals and dazzling diamonds that act the role ofing, build modern urban elegant lady wrist. 2017, patek philippe in the annual Basel, Replica Patek Philippees and clocks jewelry fair complex function meter series world do wrist gold, with high cold platinum case embedded on bright shining diamond, more features into the world, and with blue grey hand carved lines deck, under the shining diamond blossom elegant tonal, impressive. Let’s take a look at this Replica Patek Philippe: (Replica Patek Philippe model: 7130 7130g-014)
A combination of 24-hour universal time and day and night display

Patek philippe’s world time Replica Patek Philippe, also known to collectors as Heure Universelles (world time), is one of the brand’s most popular complicated Replica Patek Philippees. In addition, the Replica Patek Philippemaker brand more join think of opportunely, in this day and night will display dial into the world, through a simple observation, the users can directly determine the location and the time and day of the rest two ShiSanShi area, make the world a world is in our hands.
Real wrist Replica Patek Philippe display

The diameter of the platinum case with diamond insert is 36 mm

This time, set 62 diamond Replica Patek Philippe case with 18 k platinum materials, and through grinding polishing process, not only shine bright, more endowed with the beauty of the consummate and facile lines, more show high cold, the feeling of luxury, very beautiful.

From the side of the wrist Replica Patek Philippe, the 18K platinum Replica Patek Philippe case is more plump and delicate, perfectly integrated with the Replica Patek Philippe ear and full of visual sense. Platinum crown engraved with patek philippe “Calatrava cross star” classic logo, to show the beauty of brand recognition. It is made with anti-skid texture all around, with first-rate hand feel, making time adjustment more convenient.

On the mature and elegant blue and gray dial, the two needles in the center and the three dimensional gold time mark set off each other, making the time indicator of the first zone more clear and intuitive. The central plate is decorated with hand-carved patterns, which are quite ornamental. Only through 10 point single bond city button simple debugging, day and night time of 2 ShiSiShi zone, and the local conditions can show clearly, simplifies the complex world sort of operation, the world time be clear at a glance at the moment.

Through the sapphire crystal transparent cover, patek philippe Cal. 240 HU, automatic chain machine appearance was present in the eyes, like a gold pearl of flexible pendulum tuo, engraved patek philippe “Calatrava cross” classic logo, show the unique identification of beauty. It tends to live in a corner, not too noisy to dominate, and is complementary to other parts of the world. Splint engraved with the patek philippe mark, to ensure the excellent performance of the wrist Replica Patek Philippe. The Replica Patek Philippe has a 48-hour power reserve and a daily waterproof rating of 30 meters.