The big fly can see narrow Replica Patek Philippe ring from this Angle

The easiest place to hit a Replica Patek Philippe watch is the ring. The underwater watch is good, especially now the high-end diving watches are ceramic circles, not too afraid to knock. But the general steel shell, the golden shell watch will not. Many watch glass and watch circles are basically flat, so they must be knocked to the watch ring first. The steel ring and the golden circle are soft, and it is easy to leave a cut.Replica Patek Philippe and circle the watches above the glass, ke will be into the glass, so we won’t be able to upon a watches circle (of course, in addition to the Replica Patek Philippe several watches also is such, I getReplica Patek Philippe a representative).
Some people will say, “don’t you get a glass?” Really, glass is really “not afraid to knock”. Because everybody knows, the watches mirror glass of high-grade watch now is sapphire glass, it is artificial sapphire. Diamond is the highest hardness, diamond mohs hardness is 10, sapphire row 2 mohs hardness is 9, steel’s mohs hardness is around 6 (because different steel will be a little different).
Replica Patek Philippe raised glass can protect watch rings, especially dog teeth.And some people think, well, that’s not a bad number, right? In fact, the hardness gap between each number is quite large, for example, the diamond is 10, the sapphire is 9, the gap in the middle is that the diamond is 100 times as hard as the sapphire. The gap between each level is a huge amount. So sapphire glass is harder than steel shell.Replica Patek Philippe usually hit the sapphire glass, and it didn’t leave a trace. Here’s a lot about dog teeth. Because the dog tooth ring is golden ring, itself is soft, and the Angle is sharp, the cut is a mouth. Sapphire glass, which is above the watches ring, protects the dog’s teeth very well and does not easily get on the dog’s teeth.
Replica Patek Philippe’s watch glass is also higher than one.
Is it OK to have glass protection? That’s not it.
The sapphire glass, which is more than a piece of sapphire (including other watches that use it), usually looks good, but the most tragic thing is to knock the glass down. And the fraternity said, don’t you say sapphire glass isn’t afraid to crack? Usually small bump does not have a problem, but sometimes it is such an inch, do not know when to hit the heavy, sapphire glass also can knock out. Because of this situation, I’ve done it twice. One watches was knocked to six points, one of which was knocked to two points, and all of them were knocked out of the mouth.
Replica Patek Philippe glass that has been knocked down a number of times. The glass had been knocked and had to be changed.
The steel shell, the gold shell and the basic can be repaired, or you grind a mill can make it not so obvious. It’s really heavy, it’s glass, it’s glass, it’s not fixed. Is more expensive, the official actually a glass don’t have much money, more than 1000 pieces (green glass a glass is about more than 3000), but the authorities need to put the machine together to do maintenance in glass, because in the glass, machine core out, if you don’t wash oil is likely to be because into such reasons are not up to the standard of the original ash (is this kind of reason). If you do that, you can add a glass and a wick to wash the oil, which is more than 4, 000 (the green glass is more expensive).
We can see the prominent part of the green glass, which is more expensive. The price is very high.
In recent months, I have felt that I have been repairing my watch, not that there is something wrong with this list, that there is something wrong with that watch, and that there is still one that has not been repaired. Fortunately, the recent two watches are still in the insurance. So the brothers, no matter what watch, wear on hand can not be too “wayward”.

Why is the Replica Patek Philippe glass taller than the watch?

Home type of wrist watch: original author: Replica Patek Philippe is not too late to get straight to the point. Brothers, if you look atReplica Patek Philippe in your hands, you will find that the Replica Patek Philippe watch glass is a bit above the watch watches. Many years ago, when I first started buying my watch, I found that Replica Patek Philippe’s glass was different from other watches, and I was curious to see that Replica Patek Philippe glass was a bit taller. But after all, it’s just a glass, a look, a word passed.
I think many brothers have noticed thatReplica Patek Philippe’s glass is a bit higher than the watch
Until then, I finally knew whyReplica Patek Philippe had made the glass a bit higher.
Rolex glass watches above circle, at first I wondered, also told friends thatReplica Patek Philippe don’t know why the glass is higher, the design is reasonable, easy cracking ah. Then one day, I wore a iwc (now think, all the nations back and forth I also bought several only, I really liked the look of the iwc), I didn’t notice it when I was walking, coupled with the nations of the watchess are big, put on the watches to watches. The watches was made of tempered glass, and it was not too heavy to be felt. When looking at the watches, the watches was knocked out of several holes. In order to make the watches big, the watch circle is very narrow and sharp, and the finished circle is like a hole in the knife. I think the brothers in the world will know what it is like. I can’t fix it myself, and I’m in a bad mood.
The world is very large because it is very narrow.
My friends around me also told me that his watch was also easy to crack and leave a hole in his watch. I later learned a little more, and found that I was a little bit weak, but a breach. There is a brother dai 7, the weight of the impact, all affect the dial. Because the watch coil was knocked into the dial, the dial was broken.
The flight meter is also very narrow
I thought to myself, before I felt that theReplica Patek Philippe also felt very often, why did not leave the mouth? I looked at the work in my hand and found that there were few scratches except the circle. Before seems to hear people say,Replica Patek Philippe watch mirror is used to protect watches circle, I also don’t understand at the time, I really believe,Replica Patek Philippe watches circle, higher than that of glass mirror is used to protect watches circle.

Five features to recognize the lunar lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe

There are two kinds of superba, one is manual hyperbar, one is automatic hyperbar.
Replica Patek Philippe moonshot is used to refer to the manual overbarings using 321/861/1861, which are manual upper chord timing. An unusual move by Replica Patek Philippe is that by the time it was launched in 1957

Replica Patek Philippe

it was still producing a manual moonshot on the moon. Rolex, by contrast, take in the di in self winding, and stopped manually bent di with production, makes the product catalog of the rolex only a di tong, whereas Replica Patek Philippe has manual and automatic two super. Because of the continuous production and maintenance of the technology features of the original watch, we now buy a manual moonshot on the market, which is a direct descendant of the lunar watch, with pure pedigree. Also because of continuous production at the same time, this makes Replica Patek Philippe manual moon super always keep a reasonable price, as long as you are willing to, can at any time with carved with small cost to buy a pure Replica Patek Philippe moon Replica Patek Philippes. (Replica Patek Philippe’s advantage is that it benefits the players; The downside is that the value of many antique superbarbs has shrunk. At present, the official price of selling manual moonshot is 30,000 yuan.
Note that the astronaut’s spacesuit, on the wrist of the left hand, is a manual lunar landing of Replica Patek Philippe superba.

Replica Patek Philippe
At the heart of the story is that Armstrong took the moon to the moon (the watch was left in the capsule). The story is known, and I won’t repeat it. And what I’m going to do today is to share with you some of the ways in which you can differentiate between different versions of the moon. Since Replica Patek Philippe has launched various versions of the moon landing, different versions of the moon landing have different characteristics, symbolizing different periods of moon landing. Because these characteristics are mixed in the time Replica Patek Philippe of overlord, make some new players not easy to distinguish, so I help you players to summarize, convenient for you to distinguish.
The first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is characterized by a wide sword.

Replica Patek Philippe
Feature 1: width of the sword
Source: the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba
In 1957, the first generation of the Replica Patek Philippe meter was born. The most important feature of the first generation of super – baters is “broadsword hands”. We can see clearly that the hour hand of the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe superbares is a giant “arrow”, and the “arrow”, as the “arrow”, is known as the “broadsword pointer”. In the current market, the sale of some surface of Replica Patek Philippe watches, to promote the description, sometimes the old Replica Patek Philippe hippocampus 300 meters a pointer to a pointer called glave diving watches, because indeed zhang is like a sword, but this is wrong. Please pay attention to a new player here, the first generation of Replica Patek Philippe manual super large “arrow” is the real “broad sword”, once in any a super timepieces, see watch the hour hand is a huge “arrow”, that is, “kuo sword”, then the only super stopwatch reference is the design of the first generation of super 1957.
The second generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is characterized by the alpha pointer.
Feature 2: alpha pointer
Source: second generation Replica Patek Philippe super ba (the first one to go into space)
The second generation superba was introduced in 1959. The second generation superba is the first watch of Replica Patek Philippe to go into space, everybody notice, is into space, still do not have the moon. Because when astronauts were entering into space, they were wearing an Replica Patek Philippe ii superba, which was his personal belongings. The most important feature of the second generation superba is that it changed hands. Replace the “broad sword” pointer with the “alpha” pointer, which is a long, slender pointer. We need to pay attention to is that we can see that not only is the hour, minute, the second generation of Replica Patek Philippe super timing, scoring, small seconds, all Pointers are alpha pointer (in addition to the central timing large second hand). This is the biggest feature of second-generation superba. At present, many of the sales of Replica Patek Philippe manual super – hog time Replica Patek Philippe, use the second generation superba characteristics. As soon as we see the alpha pointer, we can see that the watch is a second generation superba.
The third generation Replica Patek Philippe superba lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe, the characteristics of the rod, no shoulder.
Feature 3: bar pointer
Source: third generation Replica Patek Philippe super ba (landing on the moon on the moon)
The third generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba is the moon landing on the moon. The stories must be familiar to everyone. NASA wants to prepare a watch as a spare time tool for astronauts. So several timeReplica Patek Philippes have been selected from the United States for testing. The local agent of Replica Patek Philippe USA offers a third generation of superba. Along with the third generation of super bullies, there are rolex, longqin and treasure lu. NASA on these watches at 70 degrees, 93 degrees, 18 degrees below zero, humidity is more than 95% of the test environment (every temperature for few hours), and 40 g acceleration and vibration test, finally only Replica Patek Philippe third generation super still running, other Replica Patek Philippes all don’t go, so finally chose the super and astronauts on the moon together. The biggest feature of the third generation superba is that the pointer is replaced with a bar pointer. Note that the second hand of the clock, the second hand of the clock, the small pointer of the sub-dial, is replaced with a stick pointer. The majority of the current moon landings on sale are such Pointers.
The fourth generation of Replica Patek Philippe superba lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe, features a rod with a shoulder protector.
Feature 4: crown shoulder
Source: the fourth generation of superba (the first time a professional superba has appeared on the dial)
At present, the sales of the Replica Patek Philippe manual moonshot, most of them are based on the fourth generation superba. In the fourth generation, the superba is very similar to the third-generation moon superba in the front. The biggest difference is two, one is the watch crown, the timing button’s shoulder protector; One is the word “professional” on the watch tray. The shoulder protector is the fourth generation of superba and the biggest features of modern superba. In fact, from the fourth generation of superba, the superdominant case is asymmetrical, because the right side of the shell is thickened to form the crown and the timing button to protect the shoulder. So once we see the overlord with a shoulder protector, we can see that this is a modern super bully, and without the overlord of the shoulder, it is the early superba that is copied and imitated. I’ll give you an example that you can compare. Replica Patek Philippe is now on sale in the dark side and over 57. We can see that the superba 57 has no shoulder protection and USES the “broad sword pointer”, which is obviously the first generation superba. The dark side of the moon USES a stick pointer, with a shoulder protector, obviously a superba that absorbs modern (fourth-generation) features.
The Replica Patek Philippe “Alaska” plan for the moon landing, we can see the rocket pointer and the removable red aluminum case.
Feature 5: rocket needles
Source: Alaska plans to overpower
The Replica Patek Philippe was followed by a fourth generation moon landing and an Alaskan project. Replica Patek Philippe USES the name “Alaska” to confuse business rivals in order to prevent others from seeing the truth. Replica Patek Philippe is actually trying to develop a perfect chronometer. It can withstand the cold environment of outer space. So through the Alaska plan, the prototype Replica Patek Philippe was created. Alaska prototype Replica Patek Philippe is characterized by plan, added a red outside the watch of aluminum shell (removable), at the same time watch small timing of 30 minutes time disc pointer and 12 hours timing plate pointer using a special “rocket pointer. The rocket pointer is the most important feature of the Replica Patek Philippe plan. NASA later canceled Apollo 18 to Apollo 22. So Replica Patek Philippe’s Alaska overlord didn’t last. Until later, Replica Patek Philippe produced the reengraving Replica Patek Philippe. So just seeing the “rocket Pointers” is a feature of the Alaska plan.
We can see that in the sale and the history of the fourth generation of superba, the lunar landing Replica Patek Philippe is almost identical.
Below, I will briefly introduce the use of the two kinds of machine cores, 321 and 861 1/1861.
Replica Patek Philippe moonshot overlord USES a manual winding machine core. At different times, two kinds of cores have been used, namely, 321 and 861/1861.
From 1957 to 1968, Replica Patek Philippe used 321 manual string timing. The core of 321 is developed by Lemania 27CHRO C12, because Lemania was the subordinate unit of Replica Patek Philippe, so the core was actually developed by Replica Patek Philippe. In addition to Replica Patek Philippe 321, Replica Patek Philippe, constantin, breguet, Jacques delo and Roger dui are all users of this machine. This machine core is a masterpiece in the history of Replica Patek Philippe. It is a cylindrical wheel, horizontal clutch timing machine core, with a frequency of 18,000 times/time. Using the 321 core of the Replica Patek Philippe moon, the moon landed on the moon 6 times. The first generation above to the fourth generation of superba, all use 321 machine core. The fourth-generation superba is the last one to use the 321 machine.
Replica Patek Philippe 321 manual winding timing machine core
After the 321 core, Replica Patek Philippe began to use 861/1861. From the perspective of the time, Replica Patek Philippe believed that the 861/1861 machine core was stronger, improved and easier to produce than the 321 core. The 861/1861 machine core is a CAM, horizontal clutch timing machine (with CAM instead of the column wheel), and the frequency of the pendulum is increased from 321 to 21,600 times/time. Today, all of the manual moonshot overbares sold by Replica Patek Philippe are 861/1861, exactly the same size as in history. This is the fascinating place where the Replica Patek Philippe one is, and the watch we get today is exactly the same as the watch that the astronauts got, and we don’t spend a lot of money.

Replica Patek Philippe was used for 40 years, with a detailed solution of the Replica Patek Philippe 240

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the 240-core 240. So I’d like to share with you some stories about 240 cores.Replica Patek Philippe in the mainstream models at present, using the movement of species actually not much.

Replica Patek Philippe

mainly is the following kinds: 324 automatic winding machine, 240 automatic winding machine, 215 manual winding machine, automatic CH28 timing stopwatch, CH29 manual timing. Most watches and complex functions are based on these cores. 240 is one of the more special automatic machine core, because 240 machine core is a “pearl tuo” automatic winding machine core, which is also one of the few pearl tuo cores in the world of watches.

Replica Patek Philippe

Amazingly, 240 was launched in 1977.
Brothers familiar with the world of watches know that the 1970s and 1980s were in the midst of a “quartz crisis”. The precise quartz movement captured the watch market at a low price. Many brands and factories that do mechanical watches, machinery and machinery have failed. In this environment, Replica Patek Philippe decided to invest in a new type of machine (I don’t know what Replica Patek Philippe was thinking), which is today’s 240 pearl tuo machine.

Replica Patek Philippe
The 240 machine core is designed to be a super thin automatic winding machine using the pearl tuo. Replica Patek Philippe’s positioning for the core is a classic, elegant style of watch. From this watch, we can also see the positioning of Replica Patek Philippe for 240 cores in 1977, when the first 240-piece wristwatch was 3738 (which is the Ellipse series pillow). 240 movement away from the environment, and quartz movement precision than walking, as the price is low, Replica Patek Philippe instead to highlight the 240 movement of exquisite, burnish, intrinsic value as well as the mechanical movement eternal, for a long time, because as long as in good maintenance, the mechanical movement can always fresh).
Replica Patek Philippe 240 the place is very strong is, although is an automatic upper string machine core, but very thin. Replica Patek Philippe 215 ultra thin manual upper chord with a thickness of 2.55mm, 240mm thickness is only 2.53mm, and the automatic 240 is thinner than the manual 215. The same is automatic, the rolex 3135 is 6 mm thick, and two 240 piles are thinner than 3135.
Because Replica Patek Philippe, 240 by the small size, not the center of automatic tuo, 240 design team is clear that the benefits of this design is thin, but the problem is that the automatic small tuo, low efficiency of top chord (240 by Gerard Berret design). An actual example, often said that one of my brothers he Cartier is easy to stop, because some types of Cartier with small size ETA2671 automatic winding machine, 2671 can be regarded as a small version of the 2824, though it is a full-sized central automatic tuo, but because the automatic is small, light weight, so the string efficiency is not enough, if one day sit office activity is not enough, motivation can only support 1 day. So for this problem, the 240 core USES a 22K gold mini automatic tuo to add weight. Bent at the same time, using 240 one-way, on the one hand, in order to reduce the thickness of the automatic gear train (to reduce the reversing gear), at the same time in order to increase the effective stroke of winding process, because the two-way winding, automatic tuo reversing stage within the rotating Angle, bent in this Angle is invalid. Replica Patek Philippe another “black technology” is to optimize the shape of gear tooth, improve the power efficiency by modifying the shape of the gear tooth, reduce the power loss, and maintain torque stability. Because of mechanical watch from spring to the escapement wheel transmission is essentially a 4th level speed device, through the four gear with acceleration, a gear is a gear spin faster, a little more than a gear, gear so dramatic loss of torque in the process of the transmission, Replica Patek Philippe by changing the gear tooth shape, try to reduce the torque. The information I know is that the power loss is 20 percent less than that of the normal 28800 pendulum with the optimization of tooth teeth and the 240th time/time 240.
During these 40 years, 240 of the cores have also undergone some changes, and different models have been developed.
Replica Patek Philippe 3940
In 1985, Replica Patek Philippe developed 240Q on the basis of 240. I think many of us should have no sense of the 240Q number, but the core of this machine is very familiar to all of you, which is the core of the 394m calendar (Q stands for the perpetual calendar). Because 240 is itself very thin, the thickness is only 3.75 mm (think rolex 3135 is 6 mm thick). 3940 is one of Replica Patek Philippe’s most famous perpetual calendar, the size of 36 millimeter matches the small dial on the disk, the proportion is very harmonious, very beautiful.
Replica Patek Philippe 5015
Replica Patek Philippe 5712
In 1994, Replica Patek Philippe launched 240PS on the basis of 240. Again, you may not have any sense of Numbers, but this is a very familiar version. Replica Patek Philippe used 240PS for the first time on 5015, and 240PS on the top left of the disk has the power to show that there is a moonlight on the bottom left, and a small second hand at 5 points (PS stands for small second hand). That’s right. It’s now the nautilus’s 5712. The 5712 of the steel shell is now one of the hottest and most overpriced watches of Replica Patek Philippe.
Replica Patek Philippe 5130
In 2000, Replica Patek Philippe launched 240HU on 240 basis. For the first time, 240HU was used on 5110. This machine core is familiar, actually is now 5130, 5131, 5230 of the machine core (HU is representing the world). Replica Patek Philippe has installed the universal time module on 240HU, which is the city outer ring with the distinctive features of Replica Patek Philippe, which we are all familiar with. After installing the universal time module, the thickness of 240HU is only 3.88mm thick.
Replica Patek Philippe 5102
In front of these very common 240 versions, there are some special versions of 240. The first is 240LU CL C although this model is more complicated, but I would like to use the watch of this machine core, many players will know, 5102. This is the Replica Patek Philippe in the starry sky and the Milky Way. I remember that David Beckham also wore this watch. Because the 240 machine itself is automatic and very thin, it is very suiReplica Replica Patek Philippe for adding various complex functions. So we can see that a lot of complicated PP is 240.
Replica Patek Philippe 5550
Another special 240 is the Replica Patek Philippe “advanced research series” for 240 on 5550. The 5550 is a calendar in the advanced research series, which is based on 5940. The original 240 core was transformed. The main line is the rotation of Spiromax silicon on 240, Pulsomax silicon escapement (including silicon capture wheel, escapement fork) and very special GyromaxSi wheel. The 5550 is mainly about the nature of the new technology. The power went from 48 hours to 70 hours, with an improved 240 core
Replica Patek Philippe 6006
At present, Replica Patek Philippe is used in each type of watch 240 machine core, already USES silicon to swim silk. In this year’s Replica Patek Philippe’s new watch, the most important watch, using 240, is 6000 replacement model 6006.

Notice that patek philippe will no longer deliver packing cartons and sealing bags to guests

According to the patek philippe officials two weeks ago, the latest information to the global retailers, patek philippe will never took patek philippe watch brown plastic bag packaging cartons, and watch to buy table guests. Replica Patek philippe retailers should leave and destroy the watch box and plastic bag.

Replica Patek Philippe

Patek philippe’s brown packing paper box and plastic sealing bag commonly known as “double seal”.

Patek Philippe wrote the original mail for global retailers “ensure no Patek Philippe timepiece leaves your point of sale before it has had seems out of its brown cardboard box and had its plastic bag in the cut open. Indeed, these boxes were never meant to be given to clients. Both Please hold on to them and destroy them.” (make sure you place sales Patek Philippe watches before unpacking brown packing paper box and plastic bags, not to sell to the guest, and to ensure that in sell watches to guests at the same time, the brown packing paper box and plastic bags were destroyed.)

replica patek philippe watches

Patek philippe’s brown packing paper box.
Rolex had changed the way the card was used, and rolex’s magnetic strip was activated after swiping the card. Patek philippe also destroyed the packaging box and the bag, no longer provide the way to the customer, prevent patek philippe new watch in the second-hand market circulation.

Because before this, patek philippe on watches, sold in the brown boxes and plastic bags without strict rules, lead to some patek philippe watches in the case of complete with boxes and bags for sale. The well-packed watches will be changed hands immediately, into the secondary market and in circulation. The patek philippe watches are often viewed as “investment” because of its strong storage capacity.
Patek philippe 5077 in plastic bag.

Globall unique limited edition wristwatch: Patek Philippe

Limited edition watches are not unusual, for various reasons, many wristwatch brands will launch special limited edition replica Patek Philippe. Because of the limited reason, the collection value of wrist watch is high, willing to pay a lot of. The limited edition is usually more than one, but there are also a number of brands that have launched unique, limited-edition editions of the world. Some of these watches are the name of charity, some are limited to process or raw materials, while others are products of cultural opportunities, which have special meanings.

replica Patek Philippe

For charity
Charity is one of the most obvious opportunities for watchmakers to contribute to unique timetables. The “Only Watch” was launched by Luc Pettavino to support the study of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been supported by the world’s leading watch manufacturers and Monaco’s royal family. As an auction object, it is held every two years at the yacht show in Monaco. Many top brands offer special products, including Replica patek philippe and breguet.

replica Patek Philippe

Replica patek philippe star table 5106R
Replica patek philippe has contributed more than one time to the Only Watch, and the 5106R star table in 2009 made a deep impression on everyone. Using complex technology, imitate the blue sky in addition to the basic time and date on the dial, according to include the phases of profit and loss, the moon’s orbit, planets, and the trajectory of the time the moon through the meridian complex function of astronomical science.

Breguet platinum Reveil Musical watches
The Only Watch auction in 2011, bao ji launched the same impressive list. The creation of the watch dial is very important, carving a child’s hand, turning the shell around, and the child’s hand will touch the hand of the adult depicted on the flange. The wrist watch, music, is awarded a patent for a unique melody, “city of the sky”, and can be played at preset times as needed.
Breguet platinum Reveil Musical watches

The Patrimony watch of the constantan
In addition to the complex technique, the ultra-thin hollow is also a difficult wrist watch technology. The earl and constantin have a lot of ultra-thin designs, and jiang shidan has produced one of the world’s only wristwatches: the Patrimony watch. The wristwatch, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Action Innocence, is a charity dedicated to protecting children’s rights on the Internet. This traditional Patrimony form USES Vacheroncaliber1003SQ, the thinnest of the Vacheroncaliber1003SQ of the river, which is exquisitely carved with a carved Turkish pattern.

The Patrimony watch of the constantan
In honor of
Some limited-edition watches are meant to commemorate a particular event, or a particular memory. To mark the 100th anniversary of the 1911 revolution, it is also on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the company, which has launched the Reverso large scale ultrathin wristwatch in Taiwan. The wristwatch is designed by the integrator Taiwan and Swiss general plant. The sculptor has carved the map of Taiwan into the watch case. With the reversible mechanism, the case can be moved to the left or right, the surface and the back can be interchangeable.
The company Reverso large ultrathin wristwatch
For art
It’s not surprising that the tabulation industry and the art world’s celebrity partners have come up with new design ideas that make the watches look more alive. Pooper teamed up with top jewelry designer jin zeyyu to launch the “Vileret” series of ultra-thin ladybug watches, 18K platinum and red gold. He is famous for his work as a printing and dyeing embroidery artist, and has been designing and making jewelry since 1994. In the dial of the bauble’s ultra-thin watch, a ladybug pattern made by Mr. Kanazawa is embedded in delicate and delicate gems.
Pooper teamed up with top jewelry designer jin zeyu to launch the “Vileret” series of ultra-thin ladybug watches

Due to technical
Mechanical watch making process is very complicated, if it is the women’s wear mechanical watch, and the requirement for decoration, the production cost is higher. The gafc DecorMakis advanced gem table incorporates the essence of jewelry and watch making, platinum jewellery bracelets, diamond-studded diamonds, sapphire, pink gems and onyx. White gold diamond case, pearl shell dial. Each gem used in the jewelry list conforms to the strict standard set by the brand jeweler. The shape of the flower in the center of the wristwatch can be opened or closed, and the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, with only one world.

Patek philippe launched a new super complex function time series wrist watch

Replica Patek philippe 2017 new wrist watch, super complex function time Canon. In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, including the super complicated function time series that set off the clock again. Super function of complex time series platinum watches is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, classic blue day across half the gold dial luxury honourable, blocks of solid the material for the dial, 18 k gold dial square scale grain pure handmade crocodile leather strap.

replica Patek philippe

Patek philippe is the world’s leading wrist watch brand, its table altar hegemony is unshakable. As a famous Swiss watch brand, patek philippe has a number of patents on the manufacturing process of clocks and watches, and each craftsmanship is worth more than $13,000.
Which is in patek philippe watch history, had sold a price as high as 11 million yuan HenryGraves pocket watch, this watch has up to 41 countries and regions of the world time, set the world record for the watch industry. Patek philippe has been insisting on the perfect clock, exquisite carving skill has conquered countless people, has become the immortal classics.

replica Patek philippe watches

In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, among which the super complex function time series set off the clock again. The platinum watch machine core USES is manual winding way, is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, with calendar, the date can be achieved by pointer, according to the function of complex timing is reflected in the watch to accumulate timing 60 minutes, strong internal timer function also contains the dial at the bottom of the small second hand dial.

From Replica patek philippe to the rudder: the history of enamel

The flow of time, the vicissitudes of the world, a lot of  Replica patek philippe in the history of the flood and the people gradually go away from the people, only leave that unique trace in the heart reverberate!

Enamel is a unique watch design field, it was the royal nobles to value the process, but by making skill is more complex, combined with modern technology constantly, now that engages in the production of enamel design and process people less and less. Every time a watch brand launches an enamel watch, there is always a buzz, or a gorgeous color, or an amazing craft. The lack of this technique means that the enamel is becoming more and more valuable.
As early as the 18th century, the “painted enamel” was fully performed on the enamel watch. Painting directly painted enamel, just as its name implies is to use colored enamel, characters, animals, landscapes subject all can draw on the dial, match again with pearl inlaid rim, or to chisel gold craft, makes enamel table more rich flavor. Miniature painting enamel is one of the seven major Geneva tabulation process, the end of the 18th century, Geneva enamel masters created under “colorless transparent glazes in the painting”, because of its artistic creation of precise and steady charming looks amazing in all.
Enamel table is the existence of a noble and mysterious, it is because of enamel enduring, won’t fade the oxide is famous for its unique properties, even after hundreds of years, the bright color will not fade, like to escape the law of the time, stay young forever.

Because of the complexity of the process of making the silk enamel, there have been only a handful of top-tier watchmakers since the 1950s. “The blue blood aristocracy in the watch” — Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe — combines the elegance of the top watch with the artistic temperament, creating a number of enamel boutiques. Launched in 2008, Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe enamel table series of 5077 bird of paradise, exquisite silk draws the outline of the lifelike birds of paradise, the sky of blue highlights the bird of paradise Ming yan’s feathers, rich delicate color changes to surface present a noble and elegant temperament. Exquisite craftsmanship, design and colour display the elegance and the spirit fully display its deep artistic value.
The enamel form was introduced to China in the late Ming dynasty, and was popular with emperor yongzheng of the qing dynasty and emperor qianlong. At that time, the western clock manufacturer to cater to the tastes of Chinese design watches and clocks, the qing dynasty artisans began to be developed and therefore clocks and watches, figures, flowers, birds and animals on the draw some in case such as enamel paint, and with pearls and diamonds. Enameled products have reached the peak in the qing dynasty, and then the war of the republic of China and the republic of China have become less and less.
Hand-painted “map of the wide world”

Due to historical increasingly, the Chinese people for the enamel has high enthusiasm, hand in hand to the world’s top 2016 Swiss brand DUFOUR rudder peak enamel painted micro master launched Duke711 chart, with reference to the famous “wide wheel figure in xinjiang, in 40 mm in diameter of about 600 names on hand painted dial down the map, how amazing.
Duke711 design classic elegance, aka, zheng he’s voyage not only expressed the highest respect and identification of the Chinese history and culture, will also be enamel advanced skills show incisively and vividly, the launch was widely sought after by the market.
Rudder peak Duke711
In the long river of time, the enamel has become an accepted classic. It is a kind of art, and a historical witness through the circulation of the rings.

In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful replica patek philippe watch

Replica Patek philippe‘s classic list goes on and on, with a long history and brilliant achievements. Patek philippe has a good tradition and innovative thinking, and it is perfected to make a special watch. Today, it has become an inevitable choice for wristwatch collectors. A patek philippe watch is not only a good thing, but also a piece of art of the century-old process of the process.

Replica patek philippe watch

Hong Kong sotheby’s first watch online auction special “precious hour” is in progress, the following is the introduction of five beautiful patek philippe watches!
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 5396g-001

Platinum is automatically linked to the calendar and 24 hours
Estimate: 180,000 to 260,000 Hong Kong dollars
The model 5396 was launched in 2006 and paired with a 40-50-year-old dial design. The 5396 models are powered by the latest generation of auto-chain CAL. 324 series.

Patek philippe women’s fine gold, lapis and diamond-encrusted diamonds are estimated at $55,000 to 80,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3727 model with the gold stone dial is excellent, one of the antique forms of the collection value of patek philippe.

Patek philippe 5015 is a fine gold automatic bracelet with a monthly and dynamic storage display estimate: 120,000 to 160,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 5015 model was introduced in 1994. This model is the only one of the patek philippe not only showing the phases of the moon but also showing the monthly age.
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 3998P “CALATRAVA” is a beautiful platinum automatic bracelet with a date that displays the estimate: 80,000 to 140,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3998 model was produced between 1989 and 2005, and was the first automatic chain preparation date from patek philippe to display the waterproof Calatrava wristwatch. This is a collection of patek philippe’s original factory certificate and watch box, which makes the wrist watch more valuable.

Patek philippe 3881/003 type “ELLIPSE” gold oval hollow out wrist valuation: hk $195000-300000
The hollowed-out forms are extremely elaborate and have been popular with collectors in recent years. According to the research, the 3881 models produce only about 200 pieces, each of which is unique.

Why Replica patek philippe is so hot?

Today I will talk to you about why Replica patek philippe is so hot. In addition to rolex, patek philippe is known to be another king of the secondary market, with many collectors. What is the charm of patek philippe that makes these collectors so obsessed with it?

Replica patek philippe
Production is less
We all know that patek philippe is a brand that is scarce. Since 1839, patek philippe made less than 1 million pieces of watches, and rolex, omega compared to producing millions of brands, may is not as good as they are a year of production (and therefore, rolex in the secondary market performance is more like a miracle). Patek philippe is less production, in addition to control production reasons, but because of its wrist watch exquisite detail, the basic design also take nine months to complete, the precision design more takes more than two years. Production and demand less than itself, if encounter some popular new style, buyers may need to submit an application, to prove he is senior collectors, can buy treasures.

Replica patek philippe watch
Outstanding design
Patek philippe’s design stands out in every detail, such as the faceted buttons on the dial and the craft of the hand. In addition, some of the features that highlight the difference between patek philippe and others are too subtle to be perceived by the wearer. This “beauty that is seen, not seen” is also the charm of patek philippe. Not only look, the extraordinary charm of patek philippe is more in the core. Every part of the wristwatch is also made of human hands, the details are exquisite, the ability to appreciate the beauty of various kinds, and the lack of understanding will be deeply attracted to the beautiful state.

Can appreciate
A lot of collectors collect watches, but they also have a lot to invest in, and patek philippe is definitely one of the most deserving wristwatch brands. The resale price of patek philippe watches is also a force for other brands, whether it’s vintage or new designs. It is said that the patek philippe, which was completed and delivered several months ago, is now trading at high prices in the secondary market. Patek philippe was born in the millennium devil rays Ref. 5100 (pictured above) that have shut down the table, is even more precious, more limited, like the devil rays table (3000), the price also from 10 tens of thousands of price at that time to now on the second-hand market of around 500000 (on May 29th on delicate watch auction at Christie’s Hong Kong, a Ref. The price of 5100 p devil rays patted HKD 525000, about 500000 yuan). As for the classic watch, the Nautilus, which was launched in the 1970s, initially sold for less than $3, 000, now more than $50,000.

Replica patek philippe watches outlet

Record clear
Patek philippe will be compiled for each wrist and save the product summary, convenient tracking, to ensure that each published after 1839, wrist watch, can also track the production date and the original release date. No matter how many years later, when the owner of this watch will it back to the factory for maintenance or repair, can search to the corresponding historical records and inventory of replacement parts, etc. As a result, patek philippe said, “no one can really own patek philippe just for the next generation.” Patek philippe’s filing system may seem simple, but it is actually a huge project, and only patek philippe can do it all in the industry.

Patek philippe wrist watch is a combination of excellent design, extraordinary craft and artistic aesthetic, unique. It has many of its own classic features, such as the case. Patek philippe’s case structure looks simple, but is absolutely meticulous in making. Part of the watch brand will entrust other factory machinery casting and polishing casing, but most patek philippe adhere to watch case also by our own craftsmen with gold or platinum and other precious metals. More importantly, patek philippe has been using traditional shell making techniques from the 1800s, and only a handful of watchmakers now know the technology.
Although many brands are self-proclaimed king, it is believed that many of my friends and I first thought about patek philippe. It is its unique charm that has made many collectors go for it.