Patek philippe launched a new super complex function time series wrist watch

Replica Patek philippe 2017 new wrist watch, super complex function time Canon. In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, including the super complicated function time series that set off the clock again. Super function of complex time series platinum watches is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, classic blue day across half the gold dial luxury honourable, blocks of solid the material for the dial, 18 k gold dial square scale grain pure handmade crocodile leather strap.

replica Patek philippe

Patek philippe is the world’s leading wrist watch brand, its table altar hegemony is unshakable. As a famous Swiss watch brand, patek philippe has a number of patents on the manufacturing process of clocks and watches, and each craftsmanship is worth more than $13,000.
Which is in patek philippe watch history, had sold a price as high as 11 million yuan HenryGraves pocket watch, this watch has up to 41 countries and regions of the world time, set the world record for the watch industry. Patek philippe has been insisting on the perfect clock, exquisite carving skill has conquered countless people, has become the immortal classics.

replica Patek philippe watches

In 2017, patek philippe launched a number of watches, among which the super complex function time series set off the clock again. The platinum watch machine core USES is manual winding way, is a double seconds after needle single button timing clock, with calendar, the date can be achieved by pointer, according to the function of complex timing is reflected in the watch to accumulate timing 60 minutes, strong internal timer function also contains the dial at the bottom of the small second hand dial.

From Replica patek philippe to the rudder: the history of enamel

The flow of time, the vicissitudes of the world, a lot of  Replica patek philippe in the history of the flood and the people gradually go away from the people, only leave that unique trace in the heart reverberate!

Enamel is a unique watch design field, it was the royal nobles to value the process, but by making skill is more complex, combined with modern technology constantly, now that engages in the production of enamel design and process people less and less. Every time a watch brand launches an enamel watch, there is always a buzz, or a gorgeous color, or an amazing craft. The lack of this technique means that the enamel is becoming more and more valuable.
As early as the 18th century, the “painted enamel” was fully performed on the enamel watch. Painting directly painted enamel, just as its name implies is to use colored enamel, characters, animals, landscapes subject all can draw on the dial, match again with pearl inlaid rim, or to chisel gold craft, makes enamel table more rich flavor. Miniature painting enamel is one of the seven major Geneva tabulation process, the end of the 18th century, Geneva enamel masters created under “colorless transparent glazes in the painting”, because of its artistic creation of precise and steady charming looks amazing in all.
Enamel table is the existence of a noble and mysterious, it is because of enamel enduring, won’t fade the oxide is famous for its unique properties, even after hundreds of years, the bright color will not fade, like to escape the law of the time, stay young forever.

Because of the complexity of the process of making the silk enamel, there have been only a handful of top-tier watchmakers since the 1950s. “The blue blood aristocracy in the watch” — Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe — combines the elegance of the top watch with the artistic temperament, creating a number of enamel boutiques. Launched in 2008, Replica patek philippe Replica patek philippe enamel table series of 5077 bird of paradise, exquisite silk draws the outline of the lifelike birds of paradise, the sky of blue highlights the bird of paradise Ming yan’s feathers, rich delicate color changes to surface present a noble and elegant temperament. Exquisite craftsmanship, design and colour display the elegance and the spirit fully display its deep artistic value.
The enamel form was introduced to China in the late Ming dynasty, and was popular with emperor yongzheng of the qing dynasty and emperor qianlong. At that time, the western clock manufacturer to cater to the tastes of Chinese design watches and clocks, the qing dynasty artisans began to be developed and therefore clocks and watches, figures, flowers, birds and animals on the draw some in case such as enamel paint, and with pearls and diamonds. Enameled products have reached the peak in the qing dynasty, and then the war of the republic of China and the republic of China have become less and less.
Hand-painted “map of the wide world”

Due to historical increasingly, the Chinese people for the enamel has high enthusiasm, hand in hand to the world’s top 2016 Swiss brand DUFOUR rudder peak enamel painted micro master launched Duke711 chart, with reference to the famous “wide wheel figure in xinjiang, in 40 mm in diameter of about 600 names on hand painted dial down the map, how amazing.
Duke711 design classic elegance, aka, zheng he’s voyage not only expressed the highest respect and identification of the Chinese history and culture, will also be enamel advanced skills show incisively and vividly, the launch was widely sought after by the market.
Rudder peak Duke711
In the long river of time, the enamel has become an accepted classic. It is a kind of art, and a historical witness through the circulation of the rings.

In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful replica patek philippe watch

Replica Patek philippe‘s classic list goes on and on, with a long history and brilliant achievements. Patek philippe has a good tradition and innovative thinking, and it is perfected to make a special watch. Today, it has become an inevitable choice for wristwatch collectors. A patek philippe watch is not only a good thing, but also a piece of art of the century-old process of the process.

Replica patek philippe watch

Hong Kong sotheby’s first watch online auction special “precious hour” is in progress, the following is the introduction of five beautiful patek philippe watches!
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 5396g-001

Platinum is automatically linked to the calendar and 24 hours
Estimate: 180,000 to 260,000 Hong Kong dollars
The model 5396 was launched in 2006 and paired with a 40-50-year-old dial design. The 5396 models are powered by the latest generation of auto-chain CAL. 324 series.

Patek philippe women’s fine gold, lapis and diamond-encrusted diamonds are estimated at $55,000 to 80,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3727 model with the gold stone dial is excellent, one of the antique forms of the collection value of patek philippe.

Patek philippe 5015 is a fine gold automatic bracelet with a monthly and dynamic storage display estimate: 120,000 to 160,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 5015 model was introduced in 1994. This model is the only one of the patek philippe not only showing the phases of the moon but also showing the monthly age.
In 2017, sotheby’s has launched a beautiful patek philippe watch
Patek philippe 3998P “CALATRAVA” is a beautiful platinum automatic bracelet with a date that displays the estimate: 80,000 to 140,000 Hong Kong dollars
The 3998 model was produced between 1989 and 2005, and was the first automatic chain preparation date from patek philippe to display the waterproof Calatrava wristwatch. This is a collection of patek philippe’s original factory certificate and watch box, which makes the wrist watch more valuable.

Patek philippe 3881/003 type “ELLIPSE” gold oval hollow out wrist valuation: hk $195000-300000
The hollowed-out forms are extremely elaborate and have been popular with collectors in recent years. According to the research, the 3881 models produce only about 200 pieces, each of which is unique.

Why Replica patek philippe is so hot?

Today I will talk to you about why Replica patek philippe is so hot. In addition to rolex, patek philippe is known to be another king of the secondary market, with many collectors. What is the charm of patek philippe that makes these collectors so obsessed with it?

Replica patek philippe
Production is less
We all know that patek philippe is a brand that is scarce. Since 1839, patek philippe made less than 1 million pieces of watches, and rolex, omega compared to producing millions of brands, may is not as good as they are a year of production (and therefore, rolex in the secondary market performance is more like a miracle). Patek philippe is less production, in addition to control production reasons, but because of its wrist watch exquisite detail, the basic design also take nine months to complete, the precision design more takes more than two years. Production and demand less than itself, if encounter some popular new style, buyers may need to submit an application, to prove he is senior collectors, can buy treasures.

Replica patek philippe watch
Outstanding design
Patek philippe’s design stands out in every detail, such as the faceted buttons on the dial and the craft of the hand. In addition, some of the features that highlight the difference between patek philippe and others are too subtle to be perceived by the wearer. This “beauty that is seen, not seen” is also the charm of patek philippe. Not only look, the extraordinary charm of patek philippe is more in the core. Every part of the wristwatch is also made of human hands, the details are exquisite, the ability to appreciate the beauty of various kinds, and the lack of understanding will be deeply attracted to the beautiful state.

Can appreciate
A lot of collectors collect watches, but they also have a lot to invest in, and patek philippe is definitely one of the most deserving wristwatch brands. The resale price of patek philippe watches is also a force for other brands, whether it’s vintage or new designs. It is said that the patek philippe, which was completed and delivered several months ago, is now trading at high prices in the secondary market. Patek philippe was born in the millennium devil rays Ref. 5100 (pictured above) that have shut down the table, is even more precious, more limited, like the devil rays table (3000), the price also from 10 tens of thousands of price at that time to now on the second-hand market of around 500000 (on May 29th on delicate watch auction at Christie’s Hong Kong, a Ref. The price of 5100 p devil rays patted HKD 525000, about 500000 yuan). As for the classic watch, the Nautilus, which was launched in the 1970s, initially sold for less than $3, 000, now more than $50,000.

Replica patek philippe watches outlet

Record clear
Patek philippe will be compiled for each wrist and save the product summary, convenient tracking, to ensure that each published after 1839, wrist watch, can also track the production date and the original release date. No matter how many years later, when the owner of this watch will it back to the factory for maintenance or repair, can search to the corresponding historical records and inventory of replacement parts, etc. As a result, patek philippe said, “no one can really own patek philippe just for the next generation.” Patek philippe’s filing system may seem simple, but it is actually a huge project, and only patek philippe can do it all in the industry.

Patek philippe wrist watch is a combination of excellent design, extraordinary craft and artistic aesthetic, unique. It has many of its own classic features, such as the case. Patek philippe’s case structure looks simple, but is absolutely meticulous in making. Part of the watch brand will entrust other factory machinery casting and polishing casing, but most patek philippe adhere to watch case also by our own craftsmen with gold or platinum and other precious metals. More importantly, patek philippe has been using traditional shell making techniques from the 1800s, and only a handful of watchmakers now know the technology.
Although many brands are self-proclaimed king, it is believed that many of my friends and I first thought about patek philippe. It is its unique charm that has made many collectors go for it.

History says replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch

Swiss watches are able to dominate the altar watches. In addition to the quality of the Swiss watch making, another reason is that they provide the clock very rich category. Dozens of function, technology and design watches, readily available, including a very interesting category – Travel Time to Watch. Replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch just as its name implies is Travel clock.

Replica patek philippe

In the first half of the last century, Travel or Travel clock is very popular. The clock has a characteristic. It is very porwatches, and generally has a protective shell. Some of the shell design is very interesting, flip. It also has the “slide”, the pocket watch it and still prevalent at the Time and is completely different. Becoming popular as the watch and across time zones of the world business increasingly prosperous. Time zone watches became a kind of new demand.

replica Patek philippe watches
In the 1930 s, the Swiss watchmaker, Louis Cottier, invented a kind of structure can make the world all the time appear within one clock, later, patek philippe and cooperation, the development of the first world wrist watch, but it’s a bit complicated, a lot of people don’t need to really know each time zones, 1958, patek philippe has developed brand first dual time zone wrist Ref. 2597, specially designed for travelers. Thanks to Louis Cottier for time zone clocks seminal design of mechanical structure, 2597 has a very good time zone time performance, its characteristic lies in the design of the casing on the left side of the two shoulder buttons, can in hours, independent advance or retreat clockwise on the dial, when the main watches go beyond the city, just according to the time difference easy set-up. The original design, founded in 1959 by Louis Cottier representative patek philippe patented. Today, a lot of dual time zone wrist watch, still use this convenient set-up time zone design.

Replica Patek Philippe watches

Ref. 2597
The first generation of 2597 look today still have a lot of features, though as a replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch have the function of the Time watches, but only three hands – clockwise dial small second hand, minute hand and 6 o ‘clock position, and appears to have two versions, one is the dial of the scale are all solid gold standard, one kind is 3/6/9/12 o ‘clock position to the gold standard, the rest of the position for a black act the role of scale (say for enamel material). Internal carry manual movement 12-400, using bimetallic screw temperature compensation balance wheel, 5 azimuth calibration, double Geneva seal, gooseneck fine-tuning, configuration is very high.

As previously mentioned, the first generation of 2597 only a clockwise, unable to display home time and local time at the same time, there would be an inconvenience, is whether to go to any time zone (even if only to return), all want to manually adjust time, and frequently use the button to substantially increase the watch failure rate. Based on the shortcomings, soon (around 1960), patek philippe introduced the second generation 2597 wrist watch, on the basis of original increased by a blue pointer, disk into four hands, watchcase lateral button, can separate calibration for the unit with the hour the blue pointer, and keep the original hour hand did not move. The changes, great convenience for the practicability of time watches. Carry the same total of 12-400 HS machine core, the HS is French Heures Sautantes abbreviations, meaning “jump”, namely wrist clockwise can be regulated by the hour as the unit.

Ref. 3619
However, the classic of the time zone production only a decade or so of time, after 1970 s patek philippe trip watchess, in 3619 as the leading factor, the same is 12-3619 carrying 400 HS machine core, but in view of shell mold is different, use the hidden adjustment knob, this wrist watch and 2597 is completely different, it carry woven style metal chains, fangyuan syncretic watchcase, apparently adornment feels a strong ability to watch.

Ref. 5134
The emergence of the modern watches patek philippe dual time zone, launched in 5034 led by the 1990 s, compared with 2597 different is that change with the 215 movement, the dial increase for 24 hours, according to still continue to use single pointer, the second time zone and the set-up of 8, 10 point button. 5034, however, soon there will be a replacement – 5134513 4 have Calatrava range is very classic gentleman type design style, use and 5034 different shell mold, become a patek philippe modern replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch the main models. 5134 5034 functions and disk design completely, but more symmetrical and elegant watch case to make it more popular, fin, the second time zone adjustment knob and the integration of crust arc, very natural, at the same time and the crown shoulder photograph echo, shell mold more symmetrical, the gold standard when polishing the Arabic numeral is very beautiful, also carry 215/156 movement.
In the auction market, as a patek philippe watches the first generation product, dual time zone has high value in 2597 has been, the purchase price to hk $500000 or more, and patek philippe double the most valuable model travel time zones in the watches, the second is the latest generation of 5134, basic can get ten Hong Kong dollars, the overall value of the model 5034, lower than the two models. It is obvious that a is the first generation product, historical value, and only a limited, price high quality good nature, and 5134 is to be able to buy the latest Calatrava travel watches model, the quality will be good, nature is more popular than in 5034.
Travel today, patek Calatrava range of watches, has been launched in Basel flight by a 2015 home replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch Ref. 5524 relay, was dubbed “patek philippe out when a real force”. 5524 is a homage to flying pioneer wrist watch, its design inspiration comes from the 1930 s, patek philippe for pilots when a corner watches, its characteristic is with introduction of the patek philippe Angle plate, can help the pilot for navigation. The concept of Angle of the system, is by a U.S. navy officer at that time, Philip van Horn Weems (Philip van Horn Weems), proposed by Charles Lindbergh after on the basis of the transformation, introduced the sextant and the way of the combination of radio signals, can be used to determine the longitude, thus to locate. Use 5524 C 5524 FUS automatic chain machine, using 1996 patek philippe in the original structure of dual time zone on improving the structure of new patented dual time zone when the set-up in the second time zones, isolated drive system structure, system will be the time zone and thus does not affect the normal walking. At the same time, the time zone with patent adjusting button to safety switch, need to unscrew a quarter circle before operation, adjusted to reverse screw up again.

Ref. 5990
Besides Calatrava pilots travel wrist, patek philippe in the nautilus and Aquanaut series also introduced a traveler wrist watch, of which 2014 Basel show during the launch of the representative models for 5990, is a double time zone and time together the complex function of wrist watch, is also a nautilus series is very popular in the time zone watches model. Same with local time and home, according to the time of day and night and patent time zone structure and calibration device.
Ref. 5650
In addition, the Basel show 2017, patek philippe tribute Aquanaut the 20th anniversary of the series, to launch a replica patek philippe Travel Time Watch of wrist of 5650 g. This watch has two new technology, and a very important meaning, can also be interpreted as “one center, two basic points”. Two technologies: use Silinvar ® is qualitative, the end use of flange Spiromax ® balance wheel balance spring, another is to switch to cross spring replacing the original rod type fast adjuswatches structure, number of parts from 37 down to 12 pieces. A sense: the precision of 1 + 2 seconds/every day, is unprecedented.

Obviously, dual time zone is more and more become a kind of practical function, patek philippe will this function gradually shifted to instrumental watch money, even in the most classic Calatrava range, also chose the pilot watches as carrier, and at the beginning of 2597 and 5134 the typical design, now has no inheritance model, say that because this model already has more than ten years, 5134 have already shut down, but the patek philippe the original dual time zone, is in here, so there will be in the future? Next year’s travel patek philippe watches available 60 years, plus 5650 two new technologies, Calatrava series 5134 relay may be on the road.

Patek philippe: independent brand of “maverick”

Replica Patek Philippe household slogan, “no one can really have a Patek Philippe, is only for the next generation custody.” Pathfinder mission practice generation, if not, the slogan of the arbitrary confidence at best is just another kind of advertisement gimmick.

Replica Patek Philippe

To test whether the brand’s commitment to watch life exaggerated, had a delegation in person to the Patek Philippe company to visit, want to find out how the brand management of the after-sales service. Results the delegation surprised all arrived.

patek philippe Replica

“Since the brand was founded in 1839, with a Patek & Cie, Fabricants a Geneve, Philippe & Cie or Patek Philippe sign product, we have promised to you, we will bear all after-sales, you heard me, all.” In 1964 to join our company guide, Jan – Philip Senger said, “all series of after-sales maintenance work by the after-sale service department is responsible for processing, relatively long is passed on to the rest of the s reform department is responsible for”.
Professional team lineup including the watchmaker, XiuBiaoJiang, escapements technicians, timing, and pivot technicians, the clockmaker, grinder, small operation watchcase of technicians, assemblers and inspector, cooperatively in order. The products produced by each department in the work together, cooperation in teams. Here is not only a Patek Philippe manufacturing workshop, a knowledge base is watch-making industry. It is sometimes said that ye valley cemetery dusty with those who have not known watchmaking secret. Here, however, these commercial secrets up proudly. There is no nc machine tools to repair or rebuild in the brand establishment at the beginning of the gear shaft by hand cut.

Dial the old parts inventory round billet
Axis control wheel pivot manufacturing pivot balance control
A pair of ear bian time opportunely, skillful craftsman skills more

Patek philippe new calendar 5320

See  many Replica patek philippe the shadow of the past model, such as 3449 phases of the moon calendar 1591 a luminous timing calendar, etc

Patek philippe new calendar 5320

Number: 5320 g – 001
324 S Q automatic winding machine, equipped with three needle surface devices and new calendar
40 mm diameter:
30 meters waterproof:
Reference price: $82800
Rolex Sky Dweller
In 2012 introduced Oyster Perpetual Sky – Dwelle r collected 14 patents, is a rolex watch of wrist of the most innovative series in recent years. 2017 Basel show, rolex launch five years later, in the series launched Sky – Dweller half gold style, with platinum + stainless steel or gold + 2 stainless steel with three new colors, including white gold + steel design is also introduced in recent years, super hot blue face and brown design style, as the Sky – Dweller to add “color”, also look younger, and the price also is almost all gold one half to one-third of the price. In addition to launch a half gold material, this year’s Sky – Dweller will originally Roman time scale for rectangular time scale, make the dial looks more clear, clean, whole looks relaxed many, a few old feeling.
Number: M326934-0001 / / M326934 M326934-0003-0003
Rolex 9001 type automatic chain machine perpetual motion machine, dual time zone and calendar display
Waterproof: 100 meters
42 mm diameter:
Reference price: $14400
Rolex Sea Dweller
Rolex in view of the Sea – Sea Dweller make this year the 50th anniversary of the launch of the new Sea – Dweller Ref. 126600, the biggest characteristic is to face plate on the Sea – Dweller in red font, repeat the first generation of Sea make the classic type. And the position of the date window at three o ‘clock to join a magnifying glass, it is Sea – Dweller became the first to see style, George Pearson’s expert in Basel get news is that due to the application of new material makes the date window is able to adapt to the deep Sea, a change is very nowatches.
Number: M126600-0001
Rolex 3235 type automatic chain machine perpetual motion machine, just switch instantaneous jump calendar
Waterproof: 1220 meters
43 mm diameter:
Reference price: $11350

Vacheron constantin Traditionnelle preach on series world time enamel disc limited wrist watch

Vacheron constantin Replica new Traditionnelle preach on series world time watch of wrist of enamel disc (number: 86060/000 p – 9772). The wrist watch case with 950 platinum, size is 42.5 mm x 42.5 mm, with sapphirine crystal, waterproof up to 30 meters, limited release 10.


Vacheron constantin replica
Vacheron constantin replica

Swiss-made vacheron constantin independent carrying 2460 WT automatic winding machine, gem number 27, vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), can provide 40 hours power reserve. The machine is equipped with 22 k gold put tuo, after Geneva mark certification, has a split second, when the central world time (37 cities) and the display function, day and night all functions are available through the crown and convenient adjustment.

Vacheron constantin replica watches
Vacheron constantin replica watches

18 k white gold dial with silver central at the second hand, a triple type structure, the inner gold enamel disc decoration maps and city name, the middle is equipped with 24 hours day and night time scale and display (18:30 to 6:30 for dark blue background), the outer decorative type minutes orbit.
The watch with dark blue crocodile leather strap, Mississippi hand-made, with a crocodile leather lining, square scale lines and 950 platinum folding clasp.

Vacheron constantin replica shop
Vacheron constantin replica shop

The wrist watch only in vacheron constantin boutique on sale.

Is it reasonable for the price of swiss watches

In an Aesop’s fable, the frog tried to cattle than large, finally burst belly. This parable warnings to tabulation industry has practical significance. Manufacturers took it for granted that the market can grow indefinitely, but if the supply is far greater than the demand. It is a good product can only be lousy in the hand, in addition to the destruction of backlog of inventory, have no choice for replica Patek Philippe.

cheap patek philippe replica

In the brand strategy, driven by speculative push new paraphernalia, which inevitably leads to product development in the direction of more delicate and complicated. May be technology, design, may also have a bit of both, causing the price has risen in a spiral. Consumers who wear replica Vacheron Constantin see the price soaring. It will be only lucky start at an early date to be wise. However, quality and price out of line, when the illusion is broken.

Replcia vacheron-constantin-watches
Ignored by high profits cover the eyes, some tabulation brand products, blindly cater to the market demand, to wake up everything is too late. The watchmaker sell soul to the devil? Compared to, of course, wearing a inch, and micro lens, operators are more likely to heart in wishful thinking. The other end of the industrial chain, retailers and restorer are devoured by spreading of independent stores. When the winds in winter to eventually. They began to feel cold, the only option at this time are clearing inventory, at a discount and sometimes as high as 80%.

The IWC universal expression Vinci automatic watch 36 (IW458307)
Cartier Panthere DE Cartier cheetah wrist watch, medium, fine steel
Kerry’s club to celebrities series men’s wrist watch (10338).
Experience requirements
Luxury concept based on less solid, but the fundamental reason of whether this is questioned? “Within easy reach of luxury” corresponding to the middle class, “intermediate” luxury fashion gurus, corresponding “unreachable luxury” corresponding to a rich family, obviously have not listened to eliminate the difference between calls.

Replica Vacheron Constantin watches
In this case, no matter what belong to categories, brands must bear in mind that you have a signature, and closely connected with signature, to defend the reputation. The brand is far more important than products can provide function any more. In fact, the value of the product depends on the quality of the intangible quantifiable characteristics) (more than nature, history, culture connotation, the external perception, as well as the product’s ability to evoke emotion. On these, the person in charge of marketing and communications to understand but again.
Now under the background of these features is no longer enough to adequately measure of luxury. Society should not overlook the importance of reference groups, because individual purchasing behavior is often influenced by common wishes. Similarly, the product must give the personal experience, attract the senses, and communicate personality. In addition to the part determines the quality of price, eager to show off, compared to product value more from personal needs. Experience more than have, design services, an example of apple and samsung is to comply with this trend.Product family rendez-vous Moon Medium dating series phases of the Moon watches Medium model (Q3578420)
Montblanc date time traveler series automatic wrist watch (116059).

Girard-perregaux Laureato series of 34 mm watch d11a231 (80189-11 a)
The primary measures
As evidence, Geneva international senior clock salon in January (SIHH) on a trend that is pushed “within easy reach of luxury” category product development. For example:
, almost all series contains pure steel, introduction to product price is in line with the brand positioning. The IWC IWC watches under 15000 Swiss francs, Cartier lowest price 3200 Swiss francs, celebrities published watches under 1000 Swiss francs.
Product family and montblanc, introduction to continue to cut product pricing, the former is 4900 to 8100 Swiss francs (according to different series), the latter for 3000 francs.
Excellence, as a corollary, complex function wrist watch production is very limited, in some cases, to launch in the singular.
, in addition to girard-perregaux Laureato 34 mm watch series, each model has also sharply reduce the number of variations.
Recall the customer by reducing prices can only go so far. No matter which belongs to the category, product quality is not compromised. In a sense, the lower price means that the popularization of luxury goods, with the characteristics of the content with rare for expensive luxury goods contradict each other. Young consumers, meanwhile, hopes to since the price rationality, brand and brand will be more willing to hide himself in the mystery. Don’t forget that they are “hyperlink generation” (attention easily, no patience, willing to accept new things), the price is high or low, they didn’t need their parents cherished wrist watch. At the end of the day, Swiss watch pricing should be attributed to a much broader problem, this problem is closely related to the concept of luxury goods.

Replica Patek philippe5200 vs AP AM00233

Although 50 and 31 days long power wrist watch is very enviable, after all too high, and our life the most close to 8 genera chains. Here we recommend two chain wrist watch is the hottest 8, the two watches from Replica Patek Philippe  in 5200 and 26510ST.OO.1220ST.01 (AP). Due to the overall introduction about the two table before have a dime a dozen, so today we from the Angle of the movement to a thorough analysis of the two watches.


The overall structure
People most concerned about is grinding modification technology of plywood. A good board road design can make people feast for the eyes, a rigid design can let a person feel horrible. Replica Patek philippe28-20 REC article 8 C J J PS IRM machine plate shape of clouds is very restore ancient ways, splint has elegant shape. The whole machine is made up of 211 parts. Abnormal movement on the lettering neatly. Name, model, serial number correction of recorded one by one. Gem shaft eye did super polishing processing, flashing dazzling visual impact. The splint made on traditional Geneva stripe. The edge of the plywood are made perfect chamfering. Abnormal movement on the back of the shining pearl grain grinding, this square movement inherits the Replica Patek philippeaesthetic tradition which same as replica Vacheron Constantin.

Replica patek philippe sale
AP p. 2002 movement was the first fully in tai AP is located in Switzerland, sand (Neuchatel) workshop made movement, is a extraordinary creative idea out of the AP and nothing that craft to the results of the giants of the Swiss watch. AP p. 2002 (in the birth of the movement, shows the AP through its own technology and technical ability, show the performance of the traditional complex. In the early 1940 s, AP power of the eight days, have been trying to use storage performance. This new machine adopts three large pieces of plywood layout, appears contracted and fashionable. Is composed of 245 parts, lettering, clear gem abnormal shaft eye light, plywood does not use Geneva stripe for modification, but using the traditional drawing polishing process. Cooperate with chamfer of light is complementary to each other. Main base board still continue to use the pearl grain grinding, double side fixed splint also has the obvious characteristics of modern design. Side of the main substrate under the pendulum splint, carved with AP traditional lightning type Logo.

Power structure
Wrist watch if you want to have an ideal state, machine core to the quality of the output power is very important. Replica Patek philippein order to make the movement to maintain the best operation, ensure that every moment can be with the best state to supply energy. Through unremitting efforts, finally found the effective way to optimize the energy storage device. Previous series model is that the first clockwork spring inside the box after its power to be released in full, the second box spring to continue to work. And although the new machine is equipped with two series of clockwork box, but after a watchmaker, precise to calculate the size of the box spring, torsion requirements, box spring article on or release the power, in turn make the second box spring in the first box spring torsion on the release before the completion of the start bar.
Thus, two clockwork box not only maintain the momentum of the eight days, also ensure in eight days, able to output energy is relatively stable, to maintain consistent accuracy. But this does not mean that after the eighth day of this form will no longer move, but that box spring power reserve enough to ensure the accuracy of the wrist to stabilize amplitude and traveltime operation for eight days, as we know, the movement of the predecessor is a Replica Patek philippe10 chains, the less is two days in order to give way to display instantaneous jump calendar week.
Today, AP in order to have such a long time power storage performance, also contains three box spring replaced with the new movement. But more specifically, the new p. 2002, and adopted the AP movement patents, is composed of two parallel box spring, an article on the box series connection mode. Do both overcomes the drawback of series, and overcome the disadvantages of parallel, thus greatly improving the work efficiency. On the issue of power output, long power clockwork spring inside the box there are serious syllogism, the strength of the first paragraph, the stability of the middle, the weakness of the end. In order to solve this problem, AP for p. 2002 machine with three different gear ratio to box spring. In the three sections of different power output, have the most suitable for the gear ratio. In order to make up the clockwork box power output gap and cause error, so can not waste the wound itself has all the power, and can extend the power. To be AP to sell how well-meaning movement!

Escapement structure
Has long been escapement is the core of the movement, not only can also be appropriate to extend wrist power, so the Replica Patek philippein the new 28-20 REC 8 C J J PS IRM movement with the latest silicon tackled on longitudinal system namely Spiromax balance spring and Pulsomax escapement devices (escapement wheel and longitudinal and cross), these three components are all silicon material, even if don’t need lubricating oil also won’t produce friction, greatly reduces the escapement fork and the energy loss during the escapement wheel contact. As we know, only eight days, when the escapement fork in contact with the escapement wheel is a staggering 5.53 million times.
In addition, because the physical properties of silicon unique, its degree of hardness, magnetic resistance, corrosion resistance are perfect, and the weight is lighter than pure steel two-thirds, so after intimate contact 553 times, save considerable loss.

Material only on the one hand, of course, it’s also important to the shape of the parts, Replica Patek philippewith its one hundred thousandth of a millimeter level of machining accuracy, the escapement fork fork lever and escape wheel with the geometric structure of patents, so that further enhance the precision walking.
Escapement parts, and we talk about hair, Replica Patek philippepatent Spiromax balance spring in this same revolutionary materials. We know, the heart of the balance wheel is hair, hair of the heart is the end of the curve, and the balance spring end of the application of the calculation precision curve geometric structure, abnormal light not only, and can have completely symmetrical scalability, the isochronous improved significantly. In addition, the pendulum plate size, bold, shape is also very strong, not only is the force behind balance wheel, so to speak.
We know that many of the mechanical movement is used (fine-tuning mechanism, controlling torsion pendulum balance spring balance wheel to adjust the length of the oscillation, the speed of some brands also use gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism, in the same fine-tuning pendulum principle. And Replica Patek philippehas been adopt to improve precision balance wheel weights and fine tuning screw fine-tuning mechanism, using the balance wheel at the top of the adjustable weight adjustment pendulum, and other fine tuning mechanism compared with farmar of balance wheel fine-tuning can save space. Also don’t have to worry about (or gooseneck fine-tuning dislocation due to the impact, and affect the precision watches when walking. In addition, it also has a advantage, that is, the fine-tuning of high efficiency, does not need to have experience can through screw tightness and farmar balance wheel to adjust the position of the pendulum.

AP P2002 movement using the traditional Glucydur balance balance wheel, vibration of 28800 times per hour, has provided the safeguard for the accuracy of travel time. Because of p. 2002 device is not affected by regulator hairspring balance wheel, so don’t use the usual fine-tuning. But adopts the advanced innovation and internal rotation of the screw precision trimming device, control of motor speed is by adjusting the screw on the balance wheel directly to achieve precise school. Unlike treasure pearl, AP in order to make the escapement is more durable, enabled across type watch-balance enhances bridge plate structure, this structure can be placed in the expanding space, on the basis of the balance wheel can still maintained a stable and efficient operation, at the same time, the pendulum splint withstand external shocks confrontational also increased significantly. Strong powerful, efficacy significantly. Not only that, but its bridge plate is adjustable, regardless of the degree of beautiful appearance, or craft level is superb. In addition, Kif suspension device and two adjustment screws for the ornament of plywood in Geneva is also in place. Send a modern aesthetic feeling.
Movement characteristics
Replica Patek philippe28-20 REC 8 C J J PS IRM movement in characteristic, is based on the previous 5100 increased the function of instantaneous jump calendar and week display module, and the instantaneous jump it consumes a lot of power, but particularly good visual effect, the instantaneous jump agency can instantly make week and calendar display in the middle of the synchronous switching, the whole process lasts less than three milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye! At the same time, the display week large disk must move forward at the same time a case. So Replica Patek philippefor the wrist watch more reliable performance, in the measure power reserve one switching cycle when allowance, although the movement to increase the function of the module, but still only 5.05 mm thickness, and dynamic storage “10” 5100 wrist watch is the same.

Second hand zero device is designed to achieve the purpose of more accurate school time, it can quickly stop the movement of the balance wheel, which AP p. 2002 the timing of the movement system, has adopted a “zero” device, second hand to zero, namely, pull out the crown can make the pointer stop operations and the small second hand to zero, the users can accurate calibration watches. Has the advanced tabulation technology used in the structure of this kind of movement. The second time zone to another feature, which USES two indicators in 12 hours and 24 hours on the ring of show time. For a friend who travel on business, provides a great convenience. , of course, the most special, or in the design of new ideas with parallel lines of power reserve indicator, simple and fashion!

Replica Patek philippetraditional Swiss watchmaking worthy champions! No matter what s movement, movement adornment style is always the taste, the taste of that continues today from 1839, Replica Patek philippecan win respect, is that it never complacent, always learning, always in progress, the innovation forever! Of the AP p. 2002 basic movement, has very important significance for AP, based on the Angelus machine, pioneered in the 1940 s and a continuation of the AP collection of Italian design and Swiss tabulation technology perfect combination of tradition. Whether three box spring, second hand zero power reserve display device, horizontal, or special balance wheel height adjustment design, all show the organization, reAPrch and development capabilities of the AP. To the extent of the AP welcome, homemade machine core is a collection of hot spots. Overall, 28-20 REC 8 C J J PS IRM movement feeling giving a person a classic opera, no matter who sang must be the smell; And p. 2002 design is composed of massiness, passes the temperament of a soldier and a steely domineering.