Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch recommended

Pure bright winter, the cold wind soon fade, colorful neon lights busy crowded streets, and the wide variety of gift shop window full of gorgeous fantasy. Ever thought about to choose their own a piece of dream of Replica Vacheron Constantin watches, with time,, wrist fixed countless good times in life. Epic, the past will turn into a moment of time into eternity. Choose a special gift to the most precious, I hope all the warm dreams can marvel at this point.

Replica Vacheron Constantin watches

Winter celebration Fashionable casual fashion
Neoclassical architecture design inspiration from milan Emmanuel ii arcade beauty degree of belem sai li collection series of ultra-thin men’s watch, closely integrated with baroque style, the perfect interpretation of the traditional architectural style in Italy. Ultra-thin light watches design clever, with a fully automatic mechanical movement, bring light to experience. Work through the transparent sapphire back at the end of the movement of take in everything in a glance. Brown crocodile grain calfskin rolled strap and watch body natural cohesion, make the wearer clear open-minded meticulous attitude to life and the life taste all show wrist.
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended

Replica Vacheron Constantin watches

Chic and stylish men
The locomotive leather infinite love the style of the gentleman, meticulous and rigorous and heart perfect fit and easy appearance, raise your hand is cast sufficient between with special flavor. Collocation of belem sai li collections to commemorate slim men watch of wrist of double circle formed by the perfect arc, create pure and delicate appearance, not only the avant-garde and chic, more the wearer of dashing manners in any occasion, for the long winter into a wisp of the light of new era.

Handsome gentleman
Reveal perfect outline, rigorous and low-key suit style restoring ancient ways collocation a elegant watch of wrist of the send out the charming breath is the nods eyeball pen of winter dress up. Belem sai li collections, to commemorate the slim men wrist watch is tonal wen run is refined, contracted watchcase and agile line be memorable visual enjoyment. Walking in the winter of clearing, a setting sun care, with the wrist of yi yi is unripe brightness, refined charm in casual quietly bloomed.
unruly Really I charm
In Sydney harbour bridge cable for the beauty of inspiration for the degree of pilot series wrist watch will always committed to watch the beautiful sex and function of the practicality of perfect fusion. New pilot series for multi-function timing clock watch surface is 44 mm diameter, watch body by the strong resistance to a variety of collision of PVD plated stainless steel watchcase soot and dial, a symbol of the solid self-confidence and strength. In addition, the degree of learners fully automatic mechanical watch the original texture, and the appearance of the avant-garde design characteristics have also been many tabulation technology enthusiasts.
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended
Most city boy
Along with the gender of fashionable dress up with a travel outdoors, asing if is follow one’s inclinations of youth centre gas reservoir under the mature man appearance, coordination and collision overwhelming sense of charming enough to make men appeal. Swiss beauty watches pilot series for multi-function timing clock appearance composed inside collect, watch body light sensitive. Shades of colour and lustre is embedded with fine quality healthy supplement each other, full of frosted texture of watch case material and composed the design style of thick brings unprecedented sense of security, like the warm winter sun usually bring out the warmth and moved.
Pure and fresh and quiet, reveal savour extremely
Design inspiration comes from the British royal Albert hall in London bruner series of multi-function timing wrist watch, the building charm and tabulation technology perfect union, reflected the delicate extraordinary sense of showily. Travel is undoubtedly necessary joker sheet is tasted in any occasion. With the Caliber of 60 long kinetic energy storage automatic mechanical movement, vibrant young mentality. Dial set each other off becomes an interest in the two small dial, timing is not dazzling, and mercerizing polished 316 l stainless steel watchcase, overall modelling design fully show the Swiss beauty watches design philosophy and brand concept.
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended
Charming men god
The most attractive man in the so-called “work”. Self-confidence and calm low-key man, in place of work or a meeting, will have higher demands on costumes and accessories. Dressed in a tailored suit jacket and profile, with a piece of elegant and stylish watches with slender and fine lines, look be like light, careful observation can feel clear cool taste. Firm and exquisite seriously within man won’t miss any one to savour the moment.
Air travel talent
Can realize multiple functions and USES of a piece of wrist meter in different occasions will bring different fashion inspiration. As a performance with the trend of the travel necessities, a travel into the practical function of wrist watch, more foil a travel avant-garde man style of tension. Whole tonal and pure and fresh and gorgeous, at the same time, bring good mood for each period of travel to record each unique experience and unforgetwatches memories.
Technical data
Switzerland beauty degrees of Baroncelli belem sai li collections, memorial slim man wrist watch
[model M0274073608000]
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended
Movement: the degree of 1192 full automatic mechanical movement (based on the ETA 2892 – A2), 11 1/2 level ‘ ‘ ‘diameter of 25.6 mm, 21, 28800 swing/hour. Excelsior movement with blue screw, automatic pendulum tuo carefully carved Geneva corrugated and MIDO. When a vehicle date display. Four directions to adjust its accuracy as well.
Atlas: mercerizing polished 316 l stainless steel plating rose gold case, 39 mm in diameter, is composed of three parts, double anti glare sapphire mirror; Transparent sapphire back bottom observable carved machine, engraved serial number, waterproof depth of 30 meters.
Band: little brown leather crocodile grain strap, 316 l stainless steel rose gold plated clasp.
Dial: brown, decorative dial engraved a belem sai li sign at 6 o ‘clock position, date window at 3 o ‘clock position.
Hands: the hour and minute hand use double-sided rhodium plated Pointers, one side is sandblasting surface, the other side is a diamond cut surface. The second hand for diamond cut surface.
Swiss beauty watches Multifort pilot series for multi-function timing clock
[models: M0256273606110]
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended
Movement: the degree of 60 Caliber automatic mechanical movement (ETA A05H31 based), 13 quarter of ‘ ‘ ‘, 30.40 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.90 mm, 27, 28800 swing/hour, ANACHRON – ETASwatches hairspring, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring. Excelsior movement with blue screw, automatic pendulum tuo carefully carved Geneva corrugated and MIDO. Five directions to adjust its accuracy as well. Kinetic energy stored up to 60 hours.
Stainless steel watchcase: PVD plated black gray, carving velocimeter bezel, 44 mm in diameter, 3 parts, double blinding sapphire mirror, screw crown, fast date 10 o ‘clock position of the corrector, transparent back bottom observable carved machine, engraved serial number, waterproof depth of 100 meters.
Band: punching brown leather strap and the watch case, equipped with two safety push rod, accord with human body engineering, folding watches button.
Dial: black grey dial, decorated with Geneva corrugated, vertical volute counter, after Super – scale LumiNova ® processing, date window in the 6 o ‘clock position.
Pointer: with Super – LumiNova ® processing brown spot, mercerizing grinding and polishing of the hour hand and the minute hand, also clearly in the night to read.
Switzerland beauty degrees of Belluna bruner series multi-function timing wrist watch
[models: M0244271103100]
Wear a wrist watch N kinds, ever changing wrist amorous feelings Switzerland beauty degrees of year-end selected wrist watch is recommended
Movement: the degree of Caliber 60 automatic mechanical movement (based on the ETA A05H31) quarter of ‘ ‘ ’13, 30.40 mm in diameter, the thickness of 7.90 mm, 25, 28800 swing/hour, NIVACHOC A3 shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, the ANACHEON ETASwatches heat balance spring. Blue screw. Minutes, according to the date when timing function central pointer for 60 seconds time, have a 30 minute timer. Kinetic energy stored up to 60 hours.
Case: mercerizing polished 316 l stainless steel watchcase, 42 mm diameter; Three parts, hemispherical double anti glare sapphire mirror; Transparent back bottom of the movement with considerable work, engraved serial number; Waterproof 50 meters deep.
Band: fully polished 316 l stainless steel strap, can adjust the strap length through the screw.
Dial: silver dial.
Pointer: cant diamond cutting blade pointer.

Patek Philippe watch alex’s new advanced tabulation technology

Replica Patek Philippe watches at the beginning of the BR – X1 series, marks a new legend brand a page, it sends out a sports watch and complicated high-tech production timing clock, represents the birth of a brand new watch series. BR – X1 series design innovation, inspiration drawn from the aviation flight instruments, and that the new members of the series – the tourbillon watch has appeared in 2015.

replica-patek-philippe-watches swiss

Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
This BR – X1 tourbillon timing clock set Bell & Ross Patek Philippe aesthetic elements and alex’s top tabulation technology at a suit, but surprise place more than that; Because of the brand is committed to the pursuit of top performance function, to strive for perfection in everything, in a hollow out movement already amazing BR – X1 wrist up to a higher realm.

Timer function, complex machinery, forward-looking ideas
BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE, as the name implies, transparent crystal glass case full perspective movement flying the TOURBILLON and elegant single according to the timing system, two complex meter function is driven by workmanship ring of hollow out movement.

Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
Connect the watch case and dial as an exclusive perspective window, will be full of details and complex timing system show: under scrutiny, visible below 12 when the position of guide pin wheel, second timer and half instantaneous jump pointer (usually traditional sliding pointer), and 9 when the position of 100 hours (at least 4 days) power reserve display.
Everywhere shows masculine temperament, meticulous avant-garde movement structure, floor pillar and composed of a piece of metal cutting, hollow out built nearly perfect, timing system start, stop, and zero program panoramic view.

10 when a timer is 30 minutes, 2 when a timer is 60 seconds; 2 game position side bar type single button is responsible for the manipulation of the timing function of start, stop, and return to zero, so subtle make sure to get watches fan here.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE bones jing, appear a skeleton will show internal structure, turning watches back to differential dynamic reserves, and the spiral drum, and from different angles can enjoy flying & word mark the TOURBILLON framework and the beauty of dynamic, is undoubtedly the best visual enjoyment.

Glittering and translucent treasure
Nature’s amazing treasure, sapphire (sapphire) is a rare gem in the category of representative. The scientific point of view, the mineral name for sapphire corundum, is the second high hardness material, position is second only to diamond, almost difficult to wear. Clock and watch industry will also be called Sapphire (Sapphire) synthetic crystal glass, the new BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON Sapphire crystal glass casing, filled with Bell & Ross watchmakers wear fascinating process.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
Glittering and translucent get rid of crystal glass case perspective the movement structure and different parts operation; Casing composed of a single piece of crystal glass cutting, process is very complex, making a case to take a long time cutting and polishing. Watchcase with nine crystal components, including watches, watches, watches, watches, mirror back and four shockproof circle, again by the screw with dense; Such a complex case structure is the challenge to a factory production technology, also present its exclusivity, watches.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BR – X1 TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE limited release 5 pieces
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BRX1 CHTB – Obama
Recommended for: 3681000 selections
Technical specifications
Movement: movement BR – CAL. 28. Manual winding the tourbillon of flight. Single button guide pin wheel timing clock. 282 parts, 35 gem, 282 times per hour. 4 days of dynamic storage.
Dial: hollow out. Metal with time scale, with insert Superluminova luminescent materials. Metal ornamental engraving Superluminova luminous materials the hour and minute hand.

Function: the hour and minute hand. Timing function: 11 o ‘clock position of 30 minutes timer, 60 seconds timer 1 point location. Set power storage at 9 o ‘clock position indicator. At 6 o ‘clock position of the tourbillon of flight.
Band: translucent material.
Atlas: diameter of 45 mm. Sapphire crystal glass.
Watch button clasp: pin type. Polished stainless steel

The price of diving watches recommended Patek Philippe comcast L5.641.4.98.8

Replica Patek Philippe watch is in the Chinese market to sell flawed, cost-effective is a very important factor, with the level of the Swiss brand price is higher than the Patek Philippe generally.

Replica patek-philippe-watches-outlet

Such as diving watches class, most of the brand has its own series of diving watches, such as in the diving series, elegant race series of montblanc old sports diving watches, look from the pricing, Patek Philippe although some process or machine core level slightly lower than other brands, but the pricing and market popularity higher relative to other brands, comcast series once considered Patek Philippe watch, most valuable even though I think exaggerated, but also from the side reflects the Cheap Patek Philippe comcast in end user’s location.

discount replica patek-philippe-watches-outlet

L5.641.4.98.8 this diving watches are very typical example, stopwatch from ETA2824-2, 633 as accurate and swatches, while the movement level is not high, and because of diving watches are not gone, so 633 movement also does not have too much decoration burnish, but for consumers it is a veriwatches Swiss core. ETA movement of prices rising in recent years, many domestic brands by buying ETA movement to imitation, dare not flatter the performance of the finished products, the quality is absolutely not as good as native. Comcast diving watches average price around 1 WRMB, even if you get a discount when buying is very low, and should not be less than 7000 yuan, if less than 7000 that you will be very cautious, because the generic ETA2824 Patek Philippe diving watches too much, basic it is fake, it’s hard to tell consumers, must not penny wise, pound foolish. Purchase another comcast diving watches, I suggest if can buy L5.641.4.98.8 err on the side of the choice of the old or the old, the new diving outer ring changed to aluminum, reflect user is easy to scratch, aluminum outer anyway as durable steel. The wrist watch there are some can make people ridicule, of course, any watches on the market the worthy to be fun, says the speech here refers to the brand can again price low higher place, the condition of invariable L5.641.4.98.8 case and strap of the work, even than the recent fire in a great mess of seiko divers watch prospex SRPA21J1, its crust surface is narrow polished surface combined with smooth surface of wire drawing – both fruity transition, diving outer ring in the dentate groove processing relative more delicate, with double calendar shows at the same time, chain part of each section is brushed and polished + mixed arc Angle. These are the Patek Philippe comcast. But L5.641.4.98.8 screw-plug crown measurement with two bridge, can prevent underwater touch by mistake, the diameter of the watch case size is more suiwatches for the Chinese slender wrist weeks.


look from the exterior, diving outer L5.641.4.98.8 blue dial and blue suit the temperament of Patek Philippe more than black, diving watches, after all, not a formal class, don’t need either black or white? Especially in the summer wear more, with luminous blue disk appears more brilliant, look more energetic. 9600 yuan price is suiwatches for beginner in Switzerland, who, after all, money is not to pick up, overall Patek Philippe comcast quality, no big stunt, there are no major defects also belongs to a class of high performance/price ratio, and the doctrine of the mean, recommend to just entering the working class of the society, quality and do not break wind. If comcast on the basis of the price the same process can pay more attention to detail, believe that will be the important choice of entry-level Swiss diving watches.

Patek Philippe – a New Year, when uncovered the “core” chapter

Every late, there will be a look forward to working with delight who wear Replica Patek Philippe  watches, stirs deep in the bottom of my heart. Not just because of the holiday to follow, but because of the New Year is coming, may and hope everything will be as the New Year bell opened a new chapter. The expectation, also let countless people took to the streets, before the New Year’s night together last ten seconds count.

replica Cheap patek-philippe watch


In every second so shining moment, not only your hand fingers clasped the TA with you always, wrist precision operating hour meter, opened a new chapter with you together. This New Year, with more than 150 years of tabulation legendary Swiss advanced TAB when brand really force with remarkable wrist – the classic design, Patek Philippe when El Primero flagship series to a whole new face in due course, for the coming New Year.
Since 1969, the legendary timing code machine core El Primero star speed has been a true force watches factory unique creativity best spokesperson. The name originated in esperanto “first”, now it has been a real force history the important part of wealth. Unique “happy” Windows design idea came out in 2003 – in the 10 o ‘clock position of the dial, Patek Philippe is unique to a window when the clouds in the shape of a window also reveal in one hundred to operate the restless spirit of the brand. Once the design is to launch soon became Patek Philippe factory of one of the iconic symbol.

buy replica patek-philippe-watches-cheap

Now that will have a new atmosphere of the New Year, this time really force for men to build a true force of the flagship El Primero 1969 wrist watch has a new face, Replica Patek Philippe overturns the Patek Philippe in 1969 when the legendary watches design, and adopt new blue dial, all show the unique but not make public the remarkable quality, the quality pursuit of more joint light ripe man. 42 mm diameter of the vigorous atmosphere, full of retro gentleman unique masculine aura. Dial 10 point location, reveals the true “core” window, not only a more rugged metal frame, more application of blue steel bolt to be fixed, and from the perspective of blue dial mutual echo. Twelve time scale and two Pointers facets rhodium plating is used to design respectively, coated with Superluminova luminescent material, let time more marked clearly.

Cheap Patek philippe watch sports series 5712 g – 5712

Basic information about error correction
Number: 5712 g – 001
Brand: Cheap patek philippe watches

Series: sports series
The movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: men
Alias: nautilus
Prices to provide accurate, error correction
Price: 3938002012-10 selections
The euro: no
$: $467002012-05
HK: HK $3259002016-04
Movement models: Cal. 240 PS IRM C LU
Produce vendor: patek philippe
The movement type: automatic machinery
Machine core diameter: 31 mm
Movement: the thickness of 3.98 mm
Balance wheel: Gyromax, with adjusting balance wheel weights
Vibration frequency: 21600 per hour oscillation frequency
Hair: plane balance spring (Flat)
Jewel: 29
Part number: 265
Power reserve: 48 hours
Appearance of error correction
Watches size: 40 mm
Case thickness: no
Case material: 18 k platinum
Dial color: dark grey
Face shape: round
Dial material: phosphor coating gold three-dimensional time scale, the sapphire crystal transparent cover
Watches mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Crown material: 18 k platinum

Band color: black
The strap material: crocodile
Watch button type: folding clasp
Clasp material: 18 k platinum
Back: back through
Weight: no
Waterproof: 60 meters
Date display the moon power reserve


Patek philippe Watches – 2016 Basel international horologe jewellery

Regular Watches add new members, inheriting the written appeal


Replica Patek philippe Watches with five new appearance in 2016 international horologe Basel jewellery. First book combines two popular complex functions in one, will become this year’s first big surprise. Followed by Patek philippe Watches for celebrating the birth of the acclaimed calendar watch the 20th anniversary of special design. Announced by the other three pieces of work: the third for a slender wrists, fourth will comes to classic carve, 5 rings were testified that Patek philippe Watches again the complex function of unrivalled.


Mechanical clock lovers, collectors and connoisseurs will Patek philippe Watches world time timing wrist Ref. 5930 flowers. It USES a Patek philippe Watches world time time patent device and automatic winding machine core, with circular platinum watchcase, blue dial the central decorated with carved lines by hand.

Calendar watch of wrist of Ref. 5396, the 20th anniversary with elegant attitude commemorate the birth of calendar watch (it’s success since 1996, the Basel international horologe jewellery on the launch of the Ref. 5035 calendar watch, a few months later, it was voted the “annual best wrist watch”). Since then, calendar watch launched 21 styles, a variety of dial style of platinum, gold, platinum and rose gold wrist watch, collocation mother-of-pearl dial women’s diamond watch is striking. Now, the new Ref. 5396 wrist watch is the series of 22 members.
SuiWatches for women’s slender wrist Calatrava “white” eternal Ref. 7122 wrist watch for ladies. Diamond white dial reveals the eternal beauty, innovation process for more dazzling white beauty, elegant watch case design is its charm.
For political motivation, the official city’s name changed several of the world area, world time watch time scale also should be adjusted accordingly. Patek philippe Watches to take this opportunity to carve the world time watch dial and case, new Ref. 5230 wrist watch arises at the historic moment, replace all previous world time watch.

Besides, Cheap Patek philippe Watches conventional series wrist watch in the complex Wang Jinnian formally. Appearance is novel and unique master chords wrist Ref. 6300, with containing 5 kinds of time, a total of 20 complex function, become a regular series of the new king. The watchcase decorated with carved by hand nail pattern in Paris, different from the set limit to 7 gold, platinum watchcase manual sculpture all limited edition of the master string sound wrist Ref. 5175).


Patek philippe Watches nautilus never fade icon

Time ruthless, the years have mark, but the time for exercise and elegant Nautilus (Nautilus) never thin cool. In 2016, Cheap Patek philippe Watches nautilus celebrating the 40th anniversary of the series. Since the advent of nautilus almost no change, elegant appearance of restoring ancient ways makes it the design of the enduring classic.


Back in 1976, officially launched Patek philippe Watches nautilus series wrist watch. Nautilus belong to the generation of very special, only few meter that can enjoy this enviable position. The nautilus is not just a Patek philippe Watches’s most movement style of stainless steel sheet; It is also full of elegant charm, sought after by the market and collectors of all ages. At first glance, the nautilus is not distinct classic.


Different from the 1950 s and 1960 s production of watches, the design of the nautilus is very unique. Although in literature (Jules verne novel) named after the most famous of submarine, the nautilus is not diving watches. The original 120 meters of waterproof, not particularly outstanding. Nautilus’s success and reputation, at the end of the day, from its unique personality.

In history, the appearance of the nautilus changes little, and some have few easy the other sign series are quite different. But this is not a style of Patek philippe Watches, nautilus faithful to the industry as a legend, Buddha (Gerald Genta) of the original design, nature essence almost intact, is the main reason. Nautilus watchcase is neither round nor square, but somewhere in between. From the back side of the table, the real contour is obvious: starting from the narrow integrated table ear, table in the middle ring expanding, complex and narrowed to the other side. Equipped with wide bezel, on both sides of the ear, the clamp on the side light reminiscent of naval vessels, on the one hand, can protect the crown, on the other hand can keep watch of wrist of symmetry. If thought that can see the hinge, you’re wrong, its purpose is to enhance navigation image. Bezel is not round, nor a pillow: eight are in perfect round arc the facets.


Initial design, metal bracelet is an organic part of the overall, this is another manifestation of nautilus unique personality. Satin frosted link is broad and generous, the central series and a series of smaller rounded polishing link. Few people can see the chain of internal structure, but the perfect polishing surface reveals its smoothness and flexibility, it can only experience the wearer. When you realize that making a distinctive and joint comfortable metal bracelet how difficult it is, you can do, only to the ingenious design and superb technology heartfelt admiration.
The third is unique in the nautilus accompanying with grooved dial stick when mark level. Black, white, dark blue, and anthracite is the most common color, chocolate color for rose gold. Pointer is rounded bar, profile unique and restore ancient ways, Patek philippe Watches careful in use today, only slightly higher than the standard calibration when assembled. The design make the nautilus with distinct features of The Times. If you feel that he seems to have forgotten, in fact, precisely because it has become so familiar, this also proves that the success of the nautilus design.

In fact, the nautilus was able to get success, also want to thank Patek philippe Watches selected style. Different from other brands, Patek philippe Watches has never apply all movement in all case. Therefore, nautilus complex function table are extremely rare; And also never had a nautilus, the tourbillon wristwatch. Nautilus initially limited to men’s watch, with automatic winding machine, equipped with the minutes three needle and date display function, commonly known as “Jumbo”, in fact, at the time, they are considered to be very big. Today, Ref. 5711 rejected the lure of large specification, diameter 40 mm, both humility is moderate, is a typical Patek philippe Watches design. It is worth mentioning that Ref. 5726 is the characteristic of the brand watch, watch of wrist of calendar.
Ref. 5980 carrying Patek philippe Watches homemade time automatic winding machine, the main characteristic is to fly back timing hour lap of second hand and at 6 o ‘clock position. The newest member of this series, is by far the most complicated watches. In 2014 against the backdrop of Ref. 2014 equipped with Patek philippe Watches two iconic complex function, and this in itself is worthy of attention, because before the nautilus has never had such a complex mechanical system. Ref. 5990 with a self winding fly back timing movement, equipped with a second time zone display and two independent day/night display window, from the left side of the table ring two buttons. Nautilus, Patek philippe Watches watch ring left ear into generous button size, in does not affect the table under the premise of product line, keep its functionality and harmony.
However, the descriptions of the nautilus limitations for men’s wrist watch is not fair. In 1980, women have their own version; In 2013, the latest generation of nautilus ladies’ watches. Nautilus ladies watch of wrist of smaller diameter, 32, 33, or 35 mm, divided into pure gold and steel, equipped with unique exclusive dial, grooved still exists, but had become waves ripple. Rod-shaped pointer is substituted into leaf, but retained the original curve. Because of diamonds, table circle often disappear, diamond shop also can choose set to dial or on the watch chain, thanks to Geneva, Patek philippe Watches jewelry workshop. Now, more and more of the nautilus ladies watch began to pick up mechanical movement, reveal the Patek philippe Watches strategic development direction of the focus on women’s watch, that is very wise

Patek philippe to affection Vacheron Constantin Watches

When Cheap patek philippe watches treasure pearl, is the great met Jane, little imagine jedaiah contains colorful have pets, yet its infinite big Jane.


Back in the history, patek philippe and starting point of the precious pearl, an elegant, an ice
Patek philippe and the birth of precious pearl, is a big event in the history of Switzerland and even the world clock.

Back in 1735, the Jura in western Switzerland valley, a place that was born innumerable outstanding tabulation brand, the birth of precious pearl condemned. As the world’s first registered wrist watch brand, Vacheron Constantin Watches opened an era, marked the Swiss watch industry from “craftsman era” into the “brand era”.

And quartz from the 1970 s after the storm, Vacheron Constantin Watches for the revival of the mechanical watch had a huge contribution to “buttoned” Vacheron Constantin Watches then a 1735 wrist watch “king watches” launched in 1991, is the mechanical watch just resist quartz watch onslaught, beginning a period, Vacheron Constantin Watches 1735 has become the world’s most sophisticated wrist watch, collected almost all complex function: top three ask the time, the tourbillon, perpetual calendar, phases of the moon and double injection timing etc, complex movement to the watchmaker, need more than a year of time to complete the assembly, make treasure pearl river lake status in the field of complex function. Not to mention the celebrities from all walks of life to treasure pearl, political strongman vladimir putin is true love treasure pearl powder, “water lung” is his favorite.


Although for a century later than Vacheron Constantin Watches, also from patek philippe. In 1839, was born in 1839, officially changed its name to “Patek Philippe & Cie”. In the 1851 world expo in London, the British queen Victoria is selected and bought a patek philippe watches. Use only the new screw handle bag watches draped in a set have 13 gold pin, the diamond, gold enamel blue roses cover adorned with diamonds. At that time, the husband of the queen of Herbert prince also opt for a patek philippe a hunting list. Patek philippe has glorious history, a long history of the clock also yi yi is unripe brightness.
Last year 2015 “Only Watch” charity auction, clock patek philippe 5016 a – 101 stainless steel with complicated watches sold at high prices. The watches USES Calatrava style watch case, with the three complex functions of was highly praised by watch aficionados: the tourbillon, 3 q time and with the moon calendar..

Through history, patek philippe and treasure pearl in the movement of the pointed pyramid yi yi is unripe brightness
When it comes to movement, patek philippe and Vacheron Constantin Watches belong to the strong, however, Vacheron Constantin Watches have better.
Patek philippe movement strength have been living on the top of the, swatches movement research and development ability and movement ability is good enough, but strong in their own strong hands, when treasure pearl launch ultra-thin movement Cal. 21, patek philippe will Cal. 21 light set for Gyromax balance wheel, into its own foundation of ultra-thin movement Cal. 175, Cal. 177 series, and use up to now, infinite brilliance. Have to say that the giants are always caring, together create the glories of wrist watch industry.

Treasure pearl in just 10 years can be developed 34 movement, and patek philippe movement burnish is very delicate, deserves to be the world’s top watches. Patek philippe r – 5396 011 phases of the moon watches and Vacheron Constantin Watches 6654 is very exquisite, dial design or place tuo back through the whole piece of 18 k gold, are enough to prove that patek philippe and pearl is the world’s top watches in the boutique.
Actually, Vacheron Constantin Watches not only to Jane, he adds infinite amorous feelings to various scenarios of wrist, and patek philippe rococo doomed their luxurious style. Probably only when to Jane to micro met to complex to yan, patek philippe and Vacheron Constantin Watches for present top watch stars sparkles between industry, various.

SWISS WATCH war – Henry longed for release when the SWISS ALP WATCH S wrist WATCH

SWISS brand of top class TAB for Henry when released in the second paragraph ALP WATCH WATCH is SWISS ALP WATCH S. Remember when released the first generation of WATCH Henry longed for by some media questioned, whether have the opportunity to apple watches the suspicion of hype, after all its consistent, although the ALP production for only 50, symbolic significance is greater than the market.But still caused a shock in the industry, of course, I think the whole slant some negative.


But the first generation of ALP WATCH WATCH light elegant than apple too much on the color. Present electronic screen color is hard to smoke color gradient than when Henry for the dial depth, combined with the color of camel’s hair belt, really nobility in low profile. Apple is believed to be installed with the wrist of the tool, and different mechanical watches, he is the embodiment of the way of life. This is a completely different two concepts.


With the release of the second generation ALP WATCH, we can see more clearly, with the appearance of apple watches, Swiss top movement and midnight blue dial, hides inside this is Swiss watchmaking machinery in declares war on apple, any time they will insist on mechanical TAB. I believe when Henry for this kind of expression, will be more and more get the respect of the industry and even the rivals. From a business perspective, on the contrary maybe you will get great success. I did not mention it. The second generation of the market price of the watch is 195000 Hong Kong dollars, than the previous generation price is a little growth. The biggest characteristics is a manual on this watch chain square HMC 324 movement, power reserve display can see the transparent sump. As for smoked midnight blue dial, a lot of people say dial color than a generation ago, I deeply convinced.


In summary, I think it not be copied, when Henry for alignment with the market hot spots, through comparing the ingenious idea to express their views to the world, the watch itself is still good. Basic is few.


Traditional spirit combined with intelligent Audemars Piguet Audemars new objects will be in Shanghai

Peninsula hotel in Shanghai in Audemars Piguet, and 2016 new objects at spirit, spirit exhibited the event in Audemars Piguet in 2016.The Basel new wrist watch in international horologe exhibition, has loved by flight enthusiasts air time series, in China the popular Audemars Piguet series and spirit the avengers is inheriting classic and super ocean series with the function of professional diving watches, and in Audemars Piguet the first spirit intelligent interactive wrist watch, and most innovative a wrist watch.

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The event in Shanghai peninsula hotel in Shanghai Rosamonde le wen hall, is on display at the spirit of 2016 Audemars Piguet new wristwatch, personally think that’s most distinctive wrist watch is in Audemars Piguet the spirit of the first intelligent interactive wrist watch, the first watch of wrist of interaction of posters at the scene of the activity can be seen everywhere, which is the most attractive a wrist watch.

The new product preview will specially arrange the peninsula hotel in Shanghai Rosamonde le wen hall, LeShiWen hall with China aviation history as the theme, site of some of the Air China historic moment solidification on the wall, elaborate display of precious aviation physical and aircraft model gives basins LeShiWen hall “flight” feelings, strong aviation theme and spirit of the brand DNA in Audemars Piguet the perfect fit.


Spirit in Audemars Piguet the first intelligent interactive timing wrist watch, combining traditional wrist watch and smart phone functions and operating experience and improved in order to achieve. Audemars Piguet spirit space timing B55 wrist watch is a specially designed for aviation professionals, belongs to the wrist instruments of the “future”, has once again proven the vanguard of the brand in the field of electronic timing. The watch is still shows excellent timing function. Have a number of tailor-made for pilot innovation function, such as electronic speed meter, as much as 50 times of piecewise continuous timing records, bottom/positive timing system and so on.

New AP watches ® materials (global debut) make the case of firm and extraordinary light; Spirit in Audemars Piguet iconic yellow tones and molded the digital mark, the appearance of the whole black more cool. Audemars Piguet spirit homemade B12 time automatic winding machine core, for 24 hours when the system of military display to provide a steady stream of power. Their novel and original strap by rubber and ultra durable military fiber fabrics. Set a bold, original novel and superior performance at a suit, no matter when and where all not afraid the challenge!



After polishing treatment of texture with attractive luster, dark grey dial with black cumulative timer is tie-in bring out the best in each other, and presents a unique, high-tech, strength of wrist watch. Spirit through the transparent sapphire, the bottom of the watches, Audemars Piguet homemade 01 movement and black put tuo take in everything in a glance, all show the brand in the field of mechanical timer machine core expertise. Limited to 1000 around the world.

Satin brushed stainless steel watch case and engraved watches, wrapped in by high strength carbon black coat, with a rare yellow dial strong bold color contrast. Has 3000 meters of waterproof performance, is a professional spirit in Audemars Piguet super diving watches. With a black rubber strap, strap, he was a Military rubber strap he Military fiber to choose from. Limited to 1000 around the world.

As a veriwatches “sea flight home”, the ocean 44 special edition watch with the black and white dial, have excellent readability. Unusual solid black stainless steel watch case with satin grind arenaceous processing, with high-tech ceramics rotating bezel, waterproof performance of up to 1000 meters (3300 feet). Coated luminous coating large pointer, Numbers, and time scale, make sure that the dial even in dark boundless thousands of feet deep, still clear and readable. This special edition wrist watch case size is 44 mm and is equipped with safety relief valve, showing the spirit brand original style and technology in Audemars Piguet, with 17 type machine core spirit in Audemars Piguet.

Conclusion: watch of wrist of more than a century of innovation, the eternal classic styling, as well as for aviation constant dedication to witness the spirit forward in Audemars Piguet, whether the use of new materials, new machine development, or new technology innovation, these all reflect the spirit of Audemars Piguet endless pioneering spirit, and fight for the “points” duo “seconds” work force. At present some spirit new fund has entered the Chinese market in Audemars Piguet, interested friends can be directly to shops try.