Traditional spirit combined with intelligent Audemars Piguet Audemars new objects will be in Shanghai

Peninsula hotel in Shanghai in Audemars Piguet, and 2016 new objects at spirit, spirit exhibited the event in Audemars Piguet in 2016.The Basel new wrist watch in international horologe exhibition, has loved by flight enthusiasts air time series, in China the popular Audemars Piguet series and spirit the avengers is inheriting classic and super ocean series with the function of professional diving watches, and in Audemars Piguet the first spirit intelligent interactive wrist watch, and most innovative a wrist watch.

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The event in Shanghai peninsula hotel in Shanghai Rosamonde le wen hall, is on display at the spirit of 2016 Audemars Piguet new wristwatch, personally think that’s most distinctive wrist watch is in Audemars Piguet the spirit of the first intelligent interactive wrist watch, the first watch of wrist of interaction of posters at the scene of the activity can be seen everywhere, which is the most attractive a wrist watch.

The new product preview will specially arrange the peninsula hotel in Shanghai Rosamonde le wen hall, LeShiWen hall with China aviation history as the theme, site of some of the Air China historic moment solidification on the wall, elaborate display of precious aviation physical and aircraft model gives basins LeShiWen hall “flight” feelings, strong aviation theme and spirit of the brand DNA in Audemars Piguet the perfect fit.


Spirit in Audemars Piguet the first intelligent interactive timing wrist watch, combining traditional wrist watch and smart phone functions and operating experience and improved in order to achieve. Audemars Piguet spirit space timing B55 wrist watch is a specially designed for aviation professionals, belongs to the wrist instruments of the “future”, has once again proven the vanguard of the brand in the field of electronic timing. The watch is still shows excellent timing function. Have a number of tailor-made for pilot innovation function, such as electronic speed meter, as much as 50 times of piecewise continuous timing records, bottom/positive timing system and so on.

New AP watches ® materials (global debut) make the case of firm and extraordinary light; Spirit in Audemars Piguet iconic yellow tones and molded the digital mark, the appearance of the whole black more cool. Audemars Piguet spirit homemade B12 time automatic winding machine core, for 24 hours when the system of military display to provide a steady stream of power. Their novel and original strap by rubber and ultra durable military fiber fabrics. Set a bold, original novel and superior performance at a suit, no matter when and where all not afraid the challenge!



After polishing treatment of texture with attractive luster, dark grey dial with black cumulative timer is tie-in bring out the best in each other, and presents a unique, high-tech, strength of wrist watch. Spirit through the transparent sapphire, the bottom of the watches, Audemars Piguet homemade 01 movement and black put tuo take in everything in a glance, all show the brand in the field of mechanical timer machine core expertise. Limited to 1000 around the world.

Satin brushed stainless steel watch case and engraved watches, wrapped in by high strength carbon black coat, with a rare yellow dial strong bold color contrast. Has 3000 meters of waterproof performance, is a professional spirit in Audemars Piguet super diving watches. With a black rubber strap, strap, he was a Military rubber strap he Military fiber to choose from. Limited to 1000 around the world.

As a veriwatches “sea flight home”, the ocean 44 special edition watch with the black and white dial, have excellent readability. Unusual solid black stainless steel watch case with satin grind arenaceous processing, with high-tech ceramics rotating bezel, waterproof performance of up to 1000 meters (3300 feet). Coated luminous coating large pointer, Numbers, and time scale, make sure that the dial even in dark boundless thousands of feet deep, still clear and readable. This special edition wrist watch case size is 44 mm and is equipped with safety relief valve, showing the spirit brand original style and technology in Audemars Piguet, with 17 type machine core spirit in Audemars Piguet.

Conclusion: watch of wrist of more than a century of innovation, the eternal classic styling, as well as for aviation constant dedication to witness the spirit forward in Audemars Piguet, whether the use of new materials, new machine development, or new technology innovation, these all reflect the spirit of Audemars Piguet endless pioneering spirit, and fight for the “points” duo “seconds” work force. At present some spirit new fund has entered the Chinese market in Audemars Piguet, interested friends can be directly to shops try.

One hundred spirit two all-new Chronomat jet airmen in the line of special limited wrist watch

Chronomat spirit 4400 jet airmen in the wrist watch, set limit to 500


The watch set limit to issues 500. The wrist watch equipped with glossy black stainless steel casing, onyx black dial and unique yellow details, corresponding spirit jet airmen in one hundred L – 39 C albatross jet color matching. “Chronomat spirit jet 4400 airmen in the line of watches is very special, because it reflects the spirit the value pursuit of jet airmen in one hundred: precision, speed and passion.” Spirit in one hundred the United States President Thierry Prissert said: “the Chronomat is one of the most popular series in one hundred, the spirit, is also the brand’s first with independent movement model, thus creating a Chronomat for jet airmen in the wrist watch is a natural choice, the former embodies the spirit of one hundred fearless spirit of adventure, as well as the brand for aviation sincere enthusiasm.”


Wrist watch dial decorated one hundred spirit jets airmen in logo, the bottom of the watches of engraving in one hundred jet airmen in the line design and unique spirit limited number. The fashionable and dynamic wrist watch carry through certification of observatory spirit independent Caliber one hundred 01 machine core, with five years warranty service. Buy a wrist watch, will also be given a limited edition of one hundred spirit jet airmen in American COINS. “One hundred jet airmen in very happy can fly with north American audience share enthusiasm,” the spirit of one hundred jet aerobatic squad captain Jacques Bothelin said, “for us, every performance must convey for precise and flight and style of the control, have to be exciting.”

Chronomat GMT one hundred spirit jet airmen in the wrist watch, set limit to 250

One hundred spirit in bell helicopter fort worth alliance air show announced that in order to celebrate the success of the jet airmen in north American tour for the first time, the brand spirit will launch Chronomat readily GMT one hundred jet airmen in the wrist watch. The watch set limit to issues 250. The wrist watch equipped with glossy black stainless steel casing, onyx black dial and unique yellow details, corresponding spirit jet airmen in one hundred L – 39 C albatross jet color matching.

Wrist watch dial decorated one hundred spirit jets airmen in logo, the bottom of the watches of engraving in one hundred jet airmen in the line design and unique spirit limited number. Spirit Chronomat GMT one hundred jet line airmen in the wrist watch is a real traveler wrist watch, watch case 47 mm in diameter, carrying Caliber B04 movement, and is equipped with a second time zone crown calibration system. Buy a wrist watch, will also be given a limited edition of one hundred spirit jet airmen in American COINS.

Vacheron constantin Overseas new world series wrist watch Shanghai

Top Swiss watch brand Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) in Shanghai center building new Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch.The attention Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) watch friends must remember Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch in Tokyo, Japan in June, so this is the first time Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch is in China.Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch will land China market in September.vacheron constantin watches online

To celebrate the Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series, constantin held celebrations, with more than 200 guests and Chinese media friends to spend the night of the bright. Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series in China’s tallest building, unveiled the world’s tallest building – Shanghai tower, from a new Angle of view in the city of Shanghai.
Field shows the vacheron constantin hand in hand to the legendary photographer Steve McCurry palm mirror globetrotting researchers-and trip photos, rendering the artist journey first six locations of the work, including China, New York, Geneva, Mexico, India, Japan and vacheron constantin tabulation factory.

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Vacheron constantin Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time 37 time zones can be shown, including differ with the world standard time (UTC) half an hour or 15 minutes of time zones. Display area consists of three parts. Central “Lambert projection method is used to land (Lambert) painted with burnish of sun wen satin drawing () and Marine (velvet smooth grinding), match with the name of the city of translucent light lacquer face plate. The third sapphire covering on the map, through clever bituminous coal gray gradient synchronization with 24-hour dial, day and night to provide instructions. Finally, translucent bright paint velvet texture outer ring indicate hours and minutes.

Vacheron constantin Overseas globetrotting researchers-and new series 4500 v / 110 a – B126 wrist, pick up new Cal. 5100 movement, double box (to keep a stable speed regulation institutions to receive power output) to ensure power reserve of more than 60 hours. Change before the generation of dense bottom design, can catch a glimpse emblazoned with a picture of the wind rose a compass of 22 k gold put effort.


That night, constantin brand invited Chinese contemporary the most outstanding singer sound NaYingXian dinner will ceremony to a climax. She is famous for its cheerful forthright personality, her album accumulative total sales have more breakthroughs. That night she wore vacheron constantin Overseas globetrotting researchers-and wrist watch to watch blue plate, stainless steel and laughed to vacheron constantin brand praise continuously, through which we also wish in China in September a new Overseas globetrotting researchers-and series wrist watch is able to get good grades.

Vacheron constantin new Traditionnelle timing calendar watch series

Classic round watchcase, constantin Traditionnelle series wrist watch the integration of traditional and elegant and exquisite craft.It show the value concept of brand value. New Traditionnelle timing calendar watch of wrist of p – 9510 (47292/000) series on every detail reflects the unique design specification: decoration unique groove design stepped on the back of platinum ring, toffee pointer and orbital minutes. Surrounded by white speed dial scale highlights the technical characteristics of the watch.

vacheron constantin watches

In order to improve the readability of information, grey dial varies according to different function tonal and retouching, reminiscent of the 1940 s time vacheron constantin watches the disk layout. Small circle seconds and 30 minutes of lap peripheral grinding ring and the volute patterns, especially sharp. Phases of the moon and display panel with 22 k white material, and rely on by hand, with the passage of time, the moon also fluctuates between smile and melancholy.
Delicate appearance aesthetics has its own advanced machine core technology to match. New Traditionnelle time series calendar watch Caliber carrying 1142 QP movement, the movement by vacheron constantin completely independent research and development design, replaced the previous Caliber 1141 QP movement. Caliber 1142 QP machine equipped with calendar function – including the date, week, month, a leap year, and the moon and display – and timing function. Regular small second hand and timed lap 30 minutes at 9 o ‘clock and 3 o ‘clock position.

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In the research and development of Caliber 1142 QP machine, constantin watchmaker and development focus on saving energy, minimize the timing function the influence of the dynamic storage for 48 hours. Balance wheel vibration frequency from 2.5 MHZ up to 3 hz (21600 times/h), in order to improve the reliability of movement and resistance to impact.
Vacheron constantin Traditionnelle series new timing calendar watch with a handmade crocodile leather strap, Mississippi and tie-in 950 platinum folding clasp. It is understood that the watch is priced at $150000.

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The inside of the Patek Philippe watches a few bargains

The patek philippe, a wrist watch brand, “river lake status” is no doubt, but this does not mean that the replica patek philippe watches “willing” self-serious, traditional classical route, in design, patek philippe bold fashion design, advancing with The Times, it is also a watches Wang Fengfan, that is why, although its price is prohibitive, but can not hold up against more and more people like it, chase it.

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Sort out below is a small make up of three patek philippe bargains, priced at about or so, the sale price maybe lower oh, if you like this brand, can consider to start:
1, patek philippe AQUANAUT series 5167 a – 001 wrist watch
This men’s watch with observatory, carrying C as precise automatic mechanical movement of the 324 S, 120 m depth of waterproof, suiwatches for more life scenes, it has 45 hours power reserve, need not worry too much about wearing a day, the problem of insufficient power, its design is Geneva seal, diamond-encrusted trainspotter, hollow out noctilucent, etc., 40 mm Swiss patek philippe watches replica mirror for more temperament men to wear, this watch is using a rubber belt, is increased in the wrist watch composed temperament somewhat younger rocks.

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Aquanaut new activity series, it USES the screw-plug crown design, there are 120 m deep waterproof function, designed for people love water activities (but not when diving watches), Aquanaut series not only with modern fashion watches the movement of the breath, also receives the patek philippe plan the product is fine tradition: is accurate, reliable and excellent craftsmanship. As a starter patek philippe watches, 5167 is a good choice.

2, patek philippe classical watches series 7119 j – 012 gold wrist watch
Patek Calatrava range 7119 j – 012 wrist watch as a elegant lady wrist watch, with its small gauge diameter and feminine appearance person eyeball, absorption on the function, it is a place for only a small second dish, but it is already elegant appearance adds a bit of classical elements, reflect culture lasting appeal. In addition, 7119 j – 012 watches have adjusted when the second hand stagnation function, reduces unnecessary friction gear. At the bottom of the movement of the fine tradition of Geneva grain, like a sparkling lake, quiet and elegant. KIF shockproof system is used, compared with the traditional recorded by gabriel shock is more swatches and reliable, can all-around protection from external shocks system replica patek-philippe

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Patek philippe are printed on the escape wheel clamp, enough to prove that the high quality and value of the movement, also said the wrist watch is higher than all the other wrist. 2.55 mm of movement than the world’s thinnest thickness movement (vacheron constantin history masterpiece series) less than 1 mm thick. 18 gem layers of Mosaic, covering the entire movement. 28800 VPH (4 hz) balance wheel frequency, walking to ensure accurate and at the same time, to avoid the high frequency loss of parts, is currently the most ideal frequency. Chain on the manual machine, power reserve can reach 44 hours, said the wearer almost every other day will be on the watch chain, to prevent the power run out and stop walking.

Movement as a wrist watch “heart”, is the core, watch of wrist of 7119 j – 012 USES a patek philippe homemade Cal. 215 PS movement, at the foot of the watches disk movement to carry on the very detailed pearl fritillaria lines by handwork, although hidden under the dial, but patek philippe is still on the very detailed manual processing, represents the “quality” and “aesthetics” unremitting pursuit, with quiet inside collect, eternal grace show the unique style of the brand value.

3, patek philippe Golden Ellipse series gold blue men’s watch
Launched in 1968, patek philippe designed by Swiss master Gerald Genta Golden Ellipse wrist watch, in a model 3548, all watch this series adopts the oval watch body design, and according to the geometry on the rule of “Golden mean” (= 1.61803399…). Carefully made, is the brand was the most creative and style characteristic of one of the hour meter series.
Patek philippe Golden Ellipse series of men’s watches, 18 k gold, Cal. 240 automatic machine core, blue sun grain surface, gold dauphine sword shape when the minute hand and the three-dimensional cylindrical time scale, the oval watch body, sapphirine crystal, Bai Jinmi bottom cover, blue lizard leather strap, even the Golden Ellipse special yellow gold clasp.

The watch body design, patek philippe to complex function to paraphrase in Golden Ellipse series, so often reflect is not too good, also led to his price is cheaper, of course, have a preference for the brand, like this design can consider oh.
Patek philippe is that many friends heart love, and now to attend important occasions, one of essential identity ornaments, fashion ornament, if you love to watch the king economic fair, considering of a famous brand watch, then you can choose these a few more “cheap” patek philippe oh.

Yes! You need to know about replica Patek philippe

Main job is to watch maintenance department, but after the 1990 s brand sales, and countless people suddenly seem to realize that they are wearing old grandfather Patek Philippe watches may be some value, began to inundated with work. Therefore, when they put the split into two parts, one of the main workshop is responsible for the product series from 1839 to 1970, the other is responsible for product line since 1971. Replica Patek philippe check from parts cleaning, decomposition, retain as many components as possible, to assess what save, what to replace, the draft evaluation report at the same time.

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Once received the package, the department will reshape the gear, for parts to add to bush, and then to a watchmaker assembly, second hand polishing of steel components, lubrication, in order to prevent the balance wheel/fine spring out of order in the manufacturing process, and make adjustments. Similarly, to replace the crown, refresh or remake again dial, polishing and then all parts before into the movement before and after repeated examination, inspection work alone for up to 36 days… ”

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Hand axis manufacturing manual polishing clockwork arbor
Spring adjustment oxidation movement manual polishing
The deceased Ruth, intravenous drip in my mind
And building, clock and watch repair view the collision, some people think that it is best to keep the trace of time on the clock, while someone want their watches can look brand-new. Patek Philippe’s objective is to minimize components replaced, to retain the original of the clock, historic and in good condition.

Twenty years ago, a lot of collectors are dismissed, the clock and then polishing is a normal thing. Nowadays, collectors seem more inclined to keep the trace of time on the clock. But no matter how change of aesthetic trend, Patek Philippe still adhere to keep watch as much as possible the original status of belief. Pinion shaft, for example, is the first element to retain. In general, with a large number of inventory, the watchmaker people in the workshop to semi-finished products made pinion shaft ware. If some parts is missing, they will redesign, and embed it in the original chain gear.

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Franck Pernet is replica Patek Philippe workshop star, may be the world’s only workman. While at work to have like the buddhists, high concentration, but he described his own work, the whole people are very happy, happy, contagious.
All tabs work started in gear transmission chain, this is the basic of moving parts, which is the most easy to wear and oxidation. Before the start of industrialization, in fact every watch is unique. The standardization of the watch is only then gradually formed.

“Sometimes in order to repair or rebuild a clock, to a certain extent have to trace back to one hundred years ago, or longer clockmaker footprint.” Franck Pernet explained, then immediately return to the workbench, show bow specific usage. Skilful operation of a lathe to take a decade or longer, the lathe was founded in 1300 BC, is accurate to the precision of the width of the hair. But no matter how long history, it is never out of date. As long as the bow or the motor and the operation of can are invisible to the naked eye. These fine Ruth operation, only with the aid of artisans sensitive ears and sharp eyes (with the help of a small magnifying glass) and sensitive hands can be captured.

Master these skills now, I’m afraid I have a few? Franck Pernet thinks, 22 years ago he came to the patek philippe, there are two generations can learn these skills, he would only a generation now. At present, although he is responsible for training two young lathe worker, but also just do their work in accordance with the company discipline.
Balance set balance adjustment balance pivot pin into the tool
Gear control toothing machine manual system
One hundred and fifty years history, small spare parts also have big use

Depth positioning is known about the use of the compass, its main functions are: measuring the gear and the distance between adjacent pinion and operating spindle lathe (this lathe although looks simple, but it can enhance installation gear and small gear in three-dimensional space, and the precision of the detent); Also very few people know how to go to Angle of oblique cutting, using what kind of wooden or metal file, how to cut the plate slab hypotenuse and polishing processing, and how to make flat or round polished, there are other hao stars such as technical method, and some of them even have no trace to be found.
Here, they carefully handle with these tools and techniques, regard it as treasure in the world. And the other a treasure hidden in the cupboard, cabinet and wooden around small drawer.

Since its inception, Patek Philippe has been conscientious, adhering to the enterprise culture belief, consistent, and this is our big advantage. Company’s cupboard filled up with parts manufactured by different period, over the past few decades is specially produced more machine, now became a company used in finish machining of parts. This means that the company can meet the demand of 90% – 90% of the maintenance work, once the lack of what kind of parts and can timely supply. Be worth what carry is, Patek Philippe make each of the watches are collected in the company’s files, by serial number and movement, can trace the history of each watches. According to the “health manual” or “healthy” file. Company reserves the six to eight million parts, has 150 years of history value. Maintain the inventory level is only need a lot of cost, not to mention all the maintenance tools, but that is a priceless treasure!

“Inheritance” is one of the key words for patek philippe watches

As it is now one of a few independent family business, Replcia patek philippe in the management of stearns family has “heritage” in the fourth generation. But the original, stearns family is not
patek philippe’s founder, the development of early patek
philippe is not as it is now well.

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As everybody knows, patek philippe is actually the combination
of the two last names. In the 1840 s, met Mr Pictet exhibition
in France France watchmaker, Mr Fei li, and invited Mr Fei li
to join his watch company, has opened up two people’s
cooperation ever since. But before that, Mr Pictet is actually
a watchmaker and Mr Czapek some six years cooperation contract
first, in 1839 founded the patek philippe predecessor of the

Replica patek philippe watches

On October 29, 1929, Wall Street almost all of the stock price
fell to the bottom in one day, it has sparked a global
economic crisis. This day is also known as “black Tuesday”.
Even patek philippe has not survived the crisis, the company
encountered the unprecedented financial pressure during this
time, largely because many customers cannot afford to pay. To
avoid a buyout by rivals or destroyed, the company director
contacted Mr Charles stearns and jean Mr Stearns two brothers,
the two brothers runs a company called “Cadrans Stern Freres”

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It specialize in the production of the dial, patek philippe is
one of the preferred supplier. Relations between the two
companies are very close, deep-pocketed stearns brothers help
patek philippe life not only, also purchase the company’s
stake in 1932, and within a year to buy the whole patek
philippe company.

From then on, patek philippe began in the hands of stearns
family inheritance, and continues today.Patek philippe salon – buy it watches, anyway, is a magical place worth going
Patek philippe Geneva salon located in Geneva.

It is one of the most famous Geneva patek philippe Geneva salon is located on the Banks of the city’s most famous bank in Geneva in GenevaWhere to buy a patek philippe? Patek philippe with more than 440 outlets worldwide, including dealer stores, salon and
source. The patek philippe salon only three, located in
Geneva, London and Paris, are all in the most of the local
gold section or the historical and cultural center; Source
mansion two and exclusive to China, Shanghai and Beijing have
their own family. If you want to enjoy the most complete patek
philippe watch series, salon in Geneva is a place where have
to go to.

Patek philippe in Geneva salon can see big fountain of
Geneva’s most famous patek philippe Geneva salon you can see
in Geneva’s most famous big fountain
Patek philippe Geneva salon is located in the side of the
city’s most famous Geneva, Geneva is a 6 floor building, its
history can be traced back to the 19th century, experienced
many times during the renovation and decoration. Recently a
massive renovation project in 2004 to 2006, and in 2006
officially unveiled to November. Salon layer 1 and layer 2 for
patek philippe wrist watch display and sales areas,
respectively, showing a patek philippe watch of wrist of
paragraphs based and complex, guests can also see here at
ordinary times see complicated series or limited works; Layer
2 and at the same time the customer service center,
maintenance division after transparent glass into the guest’s
wrist watch for repair or maintenance; 3 layer for office
area; 4 and 5 layer usually there will be some thematic
exhibition; Is 6 layer a VIP salon, a patek philippe VIP
dinner and other activities.

The first layer of the patek philippe Geneva salon sales areas
recovered the adornment style of “napoleon iii salon”, whole
space 300 square meters. The first layer of the patek philippe
Geneva salon sales areas recovered the adornment style of
“napoleon iii salon”, whole space 300 square meters.
To look at the first floor of patek philippe Geneva salon
sales areas, this area is recovered the adornment style of
“napoleon iii salon”, whole space 300 square meters, the
cortex of metope adornment from a French leather workshop,
these leather decorative sheet is covered with metope spent
six months. Patek philippe salon in design team, another who
participated in the Versailles crystalline light repair work
of cultural relics restoration experts, and salon we can see a
few natural crystal droplight, also made crystal chandelier
manufacturer for Versailles Bagues for special order patek
philippe. Visible, in patek philippe salon, and are well by

Patek philippe in Geneva in the salon, whether visible or
invisible, well, very exquisite. Patek philippe in Geneva in
the salon, whether visible or invisible, well, very exquisite.
But do you really think only can see? Little imagine, patek
philippe was even invited to graduate from college
professional perfume of famous perfume masters in Geneva for
the building system of incense! I heard that, are you
surprised to, isn’t it just to smell the fragrance of the
special salon would also like to see?
In addition to the three in the world, patek philippe salon in
China, the display and sale patek philippe watch where is
known as the “source mansion”, in Shanghai and Beijing
respectively. Don’t think “source mansion” less than “salon”,
in China’s two patek philippe source mansion but than patek
philippe salon in Paris and London area is big! The two source
also continued the interior of the house decorate and decorate
the patek philippe Geneva salon style and good taste, is
exquisite, the display of wrist watch is also the most can
reflect the style of Chinese or Asian preferences. The
establishment of source mansion is undoubtedly patek philippe
watch aficionados to China to bring the greatest benefits.
Patek philippe museum, clocks and watches of the most
important history museum

Patek philippe patek philippe museum building museum building
Patek philippe museum interior patek philippe museum interior
In Geneva, equally important for patek philippe in addition to
the salon, and patek philippe museum. Patek philippe museum is
located in a thoroughly repaired, full of art deco building.
Clocks and watches say it is one of the most important history
museum, the reason is exhibited at the museum exhibits more
than 2000 clocks and watches, these exhibits on the time span
of more than 500 years, mainly divides into two parts, part
includes a variety of 16th century classic special antique
clocks and mechanical device, which has the world’s first
clocks meter; The other part is patek philippe since its
creation in 1839 meter works, including the most complex ever
hour meter Caliber 89.

8900 da feili Caliber Caliber 89
Since mentioned patek philippe the most complex Caliber 89, it
is simple also said the “sacred”. In 1989, to celebrate the
150th birthday and patek philippe’s Caliber has 33 89 complex
functions, including rare astronomical, according to the
stars, the jet lag, sunrise and sunset time, season, half 2 to
display, the zodiac and rotating sphere figure; Any song
indicator functions include size and asked three time, four
spring time song and spring unfretted alarm; And a number of
unique institutions, including patented Easter indicator
system, and several hundred year calendar. Saying this complex
pocket watch run to 28 centuries without any adjustments. This
pocket watch auction for 2004 antiquorum has sold for $5.12
million. For countless to patek philippe watch the friends of
the museum, Caliber 89 is undoubtedly one of the biggest
attraction for them, and even embrace the heart of the
“pilgrimage” to see it as everybody hardcore clock “pilgrims”.
Patek philippe museum of a layer of a small workshop for
watchmaker, this workshop is great in the head the patek
philippe museum of a layer of a small workshop for the
watchmaker, the workshop but I highly recommend it
Museum on the first floor is patek philippe again early
tabulation workshop scene museum on the first floor again
patek philippe early tabulation workshop

In addition, a layer of a museum for watchmaker work of small
workshop, the workshop is the head, however, it also and
Geneva local history are inseparable. In the 16th and 17th
centuries, the rest of Europe because of the protestant
reformation, many “refugees” have to grasp the excellent arts
and crafts with their stunts flight to Geneva. This period due
to a large number of the arrival of the “refugees”, let the
Geneva local housing also nervous, each in its own housing
top-level build attic cabin, the existence of the attic to the
downstairs space is not very good illumination, and the attic
itself became light, suiwatches for craftsmen work space. So,
these craftsmen here life and creation, the loft mate is the
patek philippe museum the prototype of the small workshop.
When we saw the watchmaker work in this workshop, seem to also
can feel the story took place in Geneva.

Is it right for a quartz movement watch factory does mechanical movement

Swiss Replica Patek Philippe movement by a third party supplier company announced Basel table during the exhibition. Automatic mechanical movement will appear R150, Patek Philippe in recent decades.

Replica Patek Philippe
Replica Patek Philippe

It has been one of the largest Swiss quartz movement by a third party suppliers. In addition to the swatch group ETA quartz movement for their brands, most Swiss parity brand quartz watch. The dependence of Patek Philippe about Patek Philippe movement, because it provides group installed and finished product. After so many company procurement Patek Philippe movement, simple processing, printed label your own brand logo, or use directly. It has produced quartz movement Patek Philippe, aggressive into mechanical movement began last year, at least you can see, in the industry very upstream participants, confidence in the prospect of the mechanical tabs a reliable.

Replica Patek Philippe picture
Replica Patek Philippe picture

Patek Philippe company was founded in 1946, initially to each machine factory and factory to provide spare parts for the main business, in the mid – 70 – s, due to the quartz storm caused the explosive growth of quartz watches, Patek Philippe company began to purchase equipment production quartz movement, but also retain part of the business of mechanical movement, but in the 80 s, mechanical watches all have no back to the past glory, Patek Philippe company completely from a moratorium on the production of the mechanical movement. Nearly thirty years later, the mechanical watch is already firmly established in the industry, more and more brands, have mechanical and quartz eclecticism, this movement for any third party suppliers to create a chance to enter.

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In Switzerland, the movement of a third party suppliers and component suppliers are not a few, most of the brands do not completely all parts required for the production of watches, the fact is also not necessary, in the history of Swiss watchmakers, is always crowdsourcing the subcontract, shall be formulated by the brand standards and assembly, and then to play on the brand trademark, is the brand of products. Patek Philippe company in crowded supplier of mechanical movement, in the outside world seems to be some surprise, because in addition to providing the ETA in movement, the foundation of the largest Sellita is another big supplier mechanical movement, in the field of basic movement, the two dominant firmly grasp the customer resources, Patek Philippe was started in 2011, interested in investment and development of mechanical movement.

R150 movement 26 mm in diameter, the thickness is 4.4 mm, 40 hours store, average error 12 s/d, three needles and calendar functions, single from the data, flat, size is bigger than ETA two basic movement, the thickness is closer to 2824, but is hidden within, or at a lower price cut into the market, is unknown.

Patek Philippe, in my opinion, is very similar to the citizen Miyota, in their respective tabulation camp, has a huge market, because of its high xingjiebi, let many brands do not have machine production capacity, through the design and supply chain, channel, marketing advantages, can gain a foothold in the low-end market. Miyota than even Patek Philippe size bigger, it not only provides the quartz movement, also provide rich category of mechanical movement, in terms of daily use, it is enough to cope with.

Defiant, there is no ETA high Miyota movement level, of course, also have no Sellita level is high, this level reflected in such aspects as product quality, precision, but it can reduce the purchase threshold of mechanical watches, in spite of the bad quality, but one thousand dollars can buy a mechanical watch, would have been unthinkable in the Swiss brand.

In Switzerland, the most basic movement suppliers have ETA and Sellita, high-end soprod and vaucher, there are many more advanced, and the supplier has a stable customer resources, and component suppliers has a price advantage, therefore Patek Philippe back into mechanical movement, the red sea, will be on how to win the market, the differentiation of worthy of attention.

Patek philippe Twenty ~ 4 gentle touch of twenty-four hours

Referred to  Replica patek philippe watches, Twenty ~ 4 the name almost no one knows all. Her elegant appearance, swatches walking, the characteristics of convenient wearing, made her a woman when choosing patek philippe watch of choice. In recent years, the Ladies of complex mechanical watch more and more keen, patek appeared a series of complex function Ladies First female watches for Twenty ~ 4 series gradually fade out the line of sight of people. On the choice of lady’s wrist watch today, more and more rich, it is time to revisit Twenty ~ 4 contracted exquisite beauty.

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The company of 24 hours
Patek philippe’s history is designed for women when meter works, such as queen Elizabeth I of England in London photogenic patek philippe in the open face of the world’s fair supe; Hungary duchess Koscowicz entrust patek philippe custom first square bracelet type wrist watch; Or a 1916 time watch the women’s five points. Most of them is designed for female customers create custom work. And first designed for ms regular cheap replica Patek Philippe watches series, is introduced in 1999 from Twenty to four.

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Lady’s wrist was named this series Twenty ~ 4, are reflected the patek philippe’s high hopes to its: can adapt to the modern women in different identity, different occasions, the needs of different modelling, moment show individual character elegant demeanour, at any time convenient to gain time. In other words, she is lady’s company 24 hours a day.
Elegant thin, convenient accurate
Twenty ~ 4 shapes from patek philippe the non-circular geometric modelling of classic watch Gondolo inspiration in the series, especially small rectangle watchcase, deduce beautiful line of art deco. Soft bangle bracelet, foil those who give women fine elegant wrist. In addition, the watches mirror, platinum and replica Replica patek philippe nautilus adopt surface design, and women’s gentle wrist radian perfect echo, make Twenty ~ 4 watches with the wrist as a whole.

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In addition to the fine design, Twenty ~ four series also adopted the diamonds. Simple dial, watchcase each double row diamond Mosaic, low-key implicative, elegant and do not break is nifty and lovely, have classic black dial color, bright white, sedate color, the dark grey of contemporary feeling, the mystery of the midnight blue, with stainless steel, gold, rose gold watch chain, or all sorts of color of spun silk strap, can shape and varied style; Process more complex with drilling watches, in the dial, bracelet diamond-studded, or a snowflake Mosaic, casual romantic style, or elongated diamonds, elegant, luxurious distinguished.

Meanwhile, patek philippe also starting from the actual needs of modern women, for Twenty ~ 4 series selection Caliber E 15 quartz movement. Quartz movement of this kind of special high precision, lower power, to satisfy the modern women walking for precision and dynamic storage requirements. If ms prefer mechanical watch, can also be found in the Twenty – four series with sophisticated mechanical movement full of drill design, manual winding design, adding fun to wear.