Patek Philippe – a New Year, when uncovered the “core” chapter

Every late, there will be a look forward to working with delight who wear Replica Patek Philippe  watches, stirs deep in the bottom of my heart. Not just because of the holiday to follow, but because of the New Year is coming, may and hope everything will be as the New Year bell opened a new chapter. The expectation, also let countless people took to the streets, before the New Year’s night together last ten seconds count.

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In every second so shining moment, not only your hand fingers clasped the TA with you always, wrist precision operating hour meter, opened a new chapter with you together. This New Year, with more than 150 years of tabulation legendary Swiss advanced TAB when brand really force with remarkable wrist – the classic design, Patek Philippe when El Primero flagship series to a whole new face in due course, for the coming New Year.
Since 1969, the legendary timing code machine core El Primero star speed has been a true force watches factory unique creativity best spokesperson. The name originated in esperanto “first”, now it has been a real force history the important part of wealth. Unique “happy” Windows design idea came out in 2003 – in the 10 o ‘clock position of the dial, Patek Philippe is unique to a window when the clouds in the shape of a window also reveal in one hundred to operate the restless spirit of the brand. Once the design is to launch soon became Patek Philippe factory of one of the iconic symbol.

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Now that will have a new atmosphere of the New Year, this time really force for men to build a true force of the flagship El Primero 1969 wrist watch has a new face, Replica Patek Philippe overturns the Patek Philippe in 1969 when the legendary watches design, and adopt new blue dial, all show the unique but not make public the remarkable quality, the quality pursuit of more joint light ripe man. 42 mm diameter of the vigorous atmosphere, full of retro gentleman unique masculine aura. Dial 10 point location, reveals the true “core” window, not only a more rugged metal frame, more application of blue steel bolt to be fixed, and from the perspective of blue dial mutual echo. Twelve time scale and two Pointers facets rhodium plating is used to design respectively, coated with Superluminova luminescent material, let time more marked clearly.