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In patek philippe replica, 2014 when the 175th anniversary of the founding, entrust international famous brand watch expert Nick fox (Nicholas Foulkes) for its writing an article and brand history, but at that time no one thought that the industry master from start to write the moment will open the floodgates, after finished the number of required length has not finished, but when the headquarters of the people ¬†wear replica patek philippe watches .¬†this manuscript after feel really well written, so stop do it’s a pity, so after Nick took counsel, and decided to write a biogrAudemars Piguethy for brand by him.

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The book tells the story of patek philippe founded in 1839 so far the most detailed history, through to the helm of the company’s stearns family and old craftsmen who work in the da fei and working staff at present stage, including the late master of Swiss watch and jewelry Gerard weighing (Gerald Genta) Mr Widow’s interview, from the original brand founder – polish officers Mr Anthony pictet youth because of the failed uprising was forced into exile, but under Geneva for life, that he and genius watchmaker jean Adrian fei li industrial exhibition in Paris first met again in the later two legendary founder of the story, until stearns family in 1932, members of the family from generation to generation to transmission and development of the brand of…

Besides, tells the story of the brand family, of course, the book also reveals a number of known anecdotes, for the first time and arrange for nearly twenty years has never been made public the patek philippe’s original documents, including a lot of stories and precious photos. For example, queen Victoria for her husband, prince Albert meter when the choose and buy an orphan works. And including one owned by Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii, who lent patek philippe history hour meter.

From patek philippe became legendary Swiss watchmakers industry step by step. To vividly to introduce the patek philippe masterpiece in the history of many hour meter, as well as the achievements patek philippe glorious history of those genius watchmaker, Nick with his brush to write these created the patek philippe glorious achievements of the people and things.

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