Blancpain and patek philippe watches: fight nationality is the top watch “face”

`We spoke to Chinese officials, U.S. officials and business leaders to wear any Replica patek philippe watches, but it seems not talked Russian officials wear what kind of watches. We often with rich or wear a populist politicians wrist watch for virtue, but combat ethnic style is not like that, like treasure pearl and Replica patek philippe watches price brand in Russia politician’s wrist is a very common thing, domineering, noble, model… No matter what kind of adjectives, the choice of the combat national total convincing. For what are the brand of the primary watches of the world’s top watch friends, look at Russian officials put watches also know the answer.

Replica patek philippe watches price

If putin’s treasure pearl and patek philippe watches, maybe we are familiar. President vladimir putin is a typical Swiss senior watch enthusiasts, patek philippe watches and pearl is the most common putin to attend the activities of two top watch brand. He is said to have at least 11 pieces of world top watches, with most of them are a precious pearl brand LeMAN series of AQUA lung (commonly known as scuba) patek philippe watches replica, worth about $10500, it is said that this watch with 18 k platinum wire drawing processing, equipped with treasure pearl self-help r&d 6950 automatic chain machine, power storage of up to 70 hours, the wearer can through more blue and transparent crystal watches bottom appreciate the decoration on the reverse of the master mind, every details shows the treasure pearl concise excellent taste and aesthetics.

Replica patek philippe watches price

About Mr Putin’s watch even have “watches give civilians” story. In August 2009, Mr Putin had about $10500 worth of treasure pearl scuba as a gift to the son of a shepherd. After that, he again when during a visit to Arsenal will hand precious pearl watches for a commemorative gift of workers. Really is worthy of the name of “international cousin” foreign politics, what are the brand of the world’s top watch gleaned from putin here we can. watches we are going to talk about Russian officials today, however, that may not be Mr Putin’s patek philippe watches, Blancpain twice or even four times as expensive, but also is common to identify the top level of the watch.

Sergey Lavrov and treasure
Like Dai Baopo mentioned before Mr Putin, it is interesting to note that several Russian deputy President and government officials in the mood, also rushed to wear treasure pearl watch, Sergey Lavrov is one of them. In the past few years, Sergey Lavrov is apart from Mr Putin’s most popular Russian officials. Their eyes seem very much alike, putin abro pearl, as you know, he has at least three pieces of treasure pearl watches, and Sergey Lavrov also chose the treasure. He chose the treasure pearl leader (LeMAN) series of another watches, classic and low-key, although is stainless steel material, but the price is in 100000 yuan of above.

Replica patek philippe watches price

Anton Siluanov and treasure ji
Anton Siluanov is Russia’s finance minister. He wore a watch of wrist of breguet Classique series power storage, platinum materials. The watch embody a concentrated reflection of breguet watch main characteristic: the typical classic series Classique watchcase, side have COINS, simple watches ears, and a lovely machine used in twisted rope dial. Dial is asymmetrical, respectively, with date display, the moon and store display function, sells for about $35000. Treasure ji classical temperament with Anton Siluanov dark blue suit and fastens with color plaid tie, taste good.

Vladimir gleb Yakunin and lundgren
President Vladimir gleb Yakunin is Russian railway co. LTD. (now the former President) is worn by the Germany brand of top class watch lundgren Lange 1 the tourbillon watches, rose gold material. Asymmetric distribution of simple but elegant white dial with big tuo flywheel, calendar and storage, and other functions, harmonious and not messy. Wear COSte. HTML “target =” _blank “> alligator strap not only wear comforwatches, still appear elegant and formal. Watch for $180000, but the price is actually Vladimir gleb Yakunin months salary. His salary is $100000.

Mulan Ramzan Kadyrov and method
Ramzan Kadyrov is President of the Russian republic of chechnya, and his love autodyne, claiming to be powder, putin and his hao watches and Mr Putin. In the figure above you can see him wearing the mulan is a method of Franck Muller complex tourbillon watch, as we all know, method of mulan watches is expensive and high profile. Guo degang has worn this brand watch. In addition, Ramzan has worn a brand from independent tabulation Gao Po fuss Tourbillon 24 Seconds ContempoRain wrist watch, global set limit to 33, priced at $500000.

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Dmitry Peskov, and Richard mills
Another and Ramzan Kadyrov like Russian officials is a independent tabulation, Dmitry Peskov, he was Mr Putin’s spokesman. Dmitry Peskov is Richard mills (principle of Richard miller, now translation changes) powder of true love, devotion to Richard Mille watch of wrist of skull – RM52. In both his wedding, and gardening at ordinary times, he chose to Richard mills. Price, than I in detail, we should also know that Richard Mille watches is the average price in the world’s most expensive watches, just can millions (RMB).

What are the brand of the world’s top watch? Despite some independent tabulation brand, Blancpain, and patek philippe watches brand of top class watch the top three in watchmaking are respected. Look at above the Russian officials wear watches, the cheapest price is in 100000 yuan of above, some even reached millions of yuan, can only sigh again: not the kui is a combat national seed!

Patek Philippe watch alex’s new advanced tabulation technology

Replica Patek Philippe watches at the beginning of the BR – X1 series, marks a new legend brand a page, it sends out a sports watch and complicated high-tech production timing clock, represents the birth of a brand new watch series. BR – X1 series design innovation, inspiration drawn from the aviation flight instruments, and that the new members of the series – the tourbillon watch has appeared in 2015.

replica-patek-philippe-watches swiss

Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
This BR – X1 tourbillon timing clock set Bell & Ross Patek Philippe aesthetic elements and alex’s top tabulation technology at a suit, but surprise place more than that; Because of the brand is committed to the pursuit of top performance function, to strive for perfection in everything, in a hollow out movement already amazing BR – X1 wrist up to a higher realm.

Timer function, complex machinery, forward-looking ideas
BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE, as the name implies, transparent crystal glass case full perspective movement flying the TOURBILLON and elegant single according to the timing system, two complex meter function is driven by workmanship ring of hollow out movement.

Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
Connect the watch case and dial as an exclusive perspective window, will be full of details and complex timing system show: under scrutiny, visible below 12 when the position of guide pin wheel, second timer and half instantaneous jump pointer (usually traditional sliding pointer), and 9 when the position of 100 hours (at least 4 days) power reserve display.
Everywhere shows masculine temperament, meticulous avant-garde movement structure, floor pillar and composed of a piece of metal cutting, hollow out built nearly perfect, timing system start, stop, and zero program panoramic view.

10 when a timer is 30 minutes, 2 when a timer is 60 seconds; 2 game position side bar type single button is responsible for the manipulation of the timing function of start, stop, and return to zero, so subtle make sure to get watches fan here.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE bones jing, appear a skeleton will show internal structure, turning watches back to differential dynamic reserves, and the spiral drum, and from different angles can enjoy flying & word mark the TOURBILLON framework and the beauty of dynamic, is undoubtedly the best visual enjoyment.

Glittering and translucent treasure
Nature’s amazing treasure, sapphire (sapphire) is a rare gem in the category of representative. The scientific point of view, the mineral name for sapphire corundum, is the second high hardness material, position is second only to diamond, almost difficult to wear. Clock and watch industry will also be called Sapphire (Sapphire) synthetic crystal glass, the new BR – X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON Sapphire crystal glass casing, filled with Bell & Ross watchmakers wear fascinating process.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
Glittering and translucent get rid of crystal glass case perspective the movement structure and different parts operation; Casing composed of a single piece of crystal glass cutting, process is very complex, making a case to take a long time cutting and polishing. Watchcase with nine crystal components, including watches, watches, watches, watches, mirror back and four shockproof circle, again by the screw with dense; Such a complex case structure is the challenge to a factory production technology, also present its exclusivity, watches.
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BR – X1 TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE limited release 5 pieces
Patek Philippe, alex’s new advanced tabulation technology
BRX1 CHTB – Obama
Recommended for: 3681000 selections
Technical specifications
Movement: movement BR – CAL. 28. Manual winding the tourbillon of flight. Single button guide pin wheel timing clock. 282 parts, 35 gem, 282 times per hour. 4 days of dynamic storage.
Dial: hollow out. Metal with time scale, with insert Superluminova luminescent materials. Metal ornamental engraving Superluminova luminous materials the hour and minute hand.

Function: the hour and minute hand. Timing function: 11 o ‘clock position of 30 minutes timer, 60 seconds timer 1 point location. Set power storage at 9 o ‘clock position indicator. At 6 o ‘clock position of the tourbillon of flight.
Band: translucent material.
Atlas: diameter of 45 mm. Sapphire crystal glass.
Watch button clasp: pin type. Polished stainless steel

Patek philippe Twenty ~ 4 gentle touch of twenty-four hours

Referred to  Replica patek philippe watches, Twenty ~ 4 the name almost no one knows all. Her elegant appearance, swatches walking, the characteristics of convenient wearing, made her a woman when choosing patek philippe watch of choice. In recent years, the Ladies of complex mechanical watch more and more keen, patek appeared a series of complex function Ladies First female watches for Twenty ~ 4 series gradually fade out the line of sight of people. On the choice of lady’s wrist watch today, more and more rich, it is time to revisit Twenty ~ 4 contracted exquisite beauty.

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The company of 24 hours
Patek philippe’s history is designed for women when meter works, such as queen Elizabeth I of England in London photogenic patek philippe in the open face of the world’s fair supe; Hungary duchess Koscowicz entrust patek philippe custom first square bracelet type wrist watch; Or a 1916 time watch the women’s five points. Most of them is designed for female customers create custom work. And first designed for ms regular cheap replica Patek Philippe watches series, is introduced in 1999 from Twenty to four.

Replica patek philippe nautilus


Lady’s wrist was named this series Twenty ~ 4, are reflected the patek philippe’s high hopes to its: can adapt to the modern women in different identity, different occasions, the needs of different modelling, moment show individual character elegant demeanour, at any time convenient to gain time. In other words, she is lady’s company 24 hours a day.
Elegant thin, convenient accurate
Twenty ~ 4 shapes from patek philippe the non-circular geometric modelling of classic watch Gondolo inspiration in the series, especially small rectangle watchcase, deduce beautiful line of art deco. Soft bangle bracelet, foil those who give women fine elegant wrist. In addition, the watches mirror, platinum and replica Replica patek philippe nautilus adopt surface design, and women’s gentle wrist radian perfect echo, make Twenty ~ 4 watches with the wrist as a whole.

replica Replica patek philippe nautilus

In addition to the fine design, Twenty ~ four series also adopted the diamonds. Simple dial, watchcase each double row diamond Mosaic, low-key implicative, elegant and do not break is nifty and lovely, have classic black dial color, bright white, sedate color, the dark grey of contemporary feeling, the mystery of the midnight blue, with stainless steel, gold, rose gold watch chain, or all sorts of color of spun silk strap, can shape and varied style; Process more complex with drilling watches, in the dial, bracelet diamond-studded, or a snowflake Mosaic, casual romantic style, or elongated diamonds, elegant, luxurious distinguished.

Meanwhile, patek philippe also starting from the actual needs of modern women, for Twenty ~ 4 series selection Caliber E 15 quartz movement. Quartz movement of this kind of special high precision, lower power, to satisfy the modern women walking for precision and dynamic storage requirements. If ms prefer mechanical watch, can also be found in the Twenty – four series with sophisticated mechanical movement full of drill design, manual winding design, adding fun to wear.