This year’s patek philippe new product which you choose

The nautilus, with its perpetual calendar, is one of the most controversial Replica Patek Philippee of this year by patek philippe. Is it too “unnecessary” to add a calendar to your sports series? Many people began to discuss the topic. This year, patek philippe not only brought us this brand new nautilus, but also brought us what kind of surprise or accident? Below these patek philippe new products, which do you choose?

Patek philippe sports series 5740/1g-001
Product model: 5740/1g-001

Domestic public price: RMB 896700

Wrist Replica Patek Philippe diameter :40 mm

Shell thickness :8.42 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Core model :240 Q

Case material :18k platinum

Waterproof depth :60 m
Replica Patek Philippe details: “Nautilus” is actually a name for the patek philippe Nautilus series (sports series). It’s a collection of patek philippe Replica Patek Philippees that dominate the casual sport Replica Patek Philippe market. Patek philippe added in this sport series wrist Replica Patek Philippe, including the calendar, the phase of the moon, using Caliber 240 ultra-thin automatic winding machine core. Even the 8.32mm case has been called into question “whether it is practical to wear on a daily basis”. I don’t care. After all, it’s a trend to add complex features to a sports Replica Patek Philippe, isn’t it?
Patek philippe AQUANAUT series 5968a-001

Product model: 5968a-001

Domestic public price: RMB 329700

Wrist Replica Patek Philippe diameter :42.2 mm

Shell thickness :11.9 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Core model :CH 28-520 C

Case material: stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 120m
Details of the Replica Patek Philippe: “the most coquettish hand grenade” is your comment on this brand new AQUANAUT series wrist Replica Patek Philippe. The Aquanaut, which was released in 1997, was a blockbuster with its round octagonal case and was inspired by Nautilus. In color, the black and orange band also echoes the black and orange elements in the dial. This 5968a-001 wristReplica Patek Philippe is made of a new type of composite material with the unique “Tropical” band, which is durable and can resist the damage caused by the daily ultraviolet radiation from the sea.
Patek philippe complex function timing series 5524r-001

Product model: 5524r-001

Domestic public price: RMB 358700

Wrist Replica Patek Philippe diameter :42 mm

Shell thickness :10.78 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Model number :324 S C FUS

Case material :18k rose gold

Waterproof depth :60 m

Replica Patek Philippe a detailed account: 100 da feili is in horological bound to have now build a tree and status, military gong zhang must have the brand complex function time series half. Complex function timing series will be almost 100 da feili most refined tabulation technology, tabulation level presented in front of us. This year, the 5524r-001 wristReplica Patek Philippe, a new rose gold model, has a brown dial and a black gradient. At 6 o ‘clock, the orange “1” in the pointer date of the position assist dial is also a minor change.